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To date, stylish nail-art is an indispensable element of any image — everyday, evening, business. And an indispensable condition is the compliance of manicure with the latest fashion trends. On the eve of the new season, stylists presented the current 2017 nail design, in the review of which every fashionista can find an idea that meets her requirements.

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Nails 2017 — fashion ideas

In the new season, the main ideas of nail concepts are aimed at the naturalness and practicality of manicure. Long nails look feminine and sophisticated, but this is completely inconvenient for today’s active girls. Fashionable nail design for 2017 is due to the maximum natural length of no more than 5 millimeters of the free edge. However, the issue of decor in manicure is revealed by a wide variety of original and unusual ideas. Stylish nails 2017 are a matte and glossy finish, bright and discreet color, an abundance of decor and minimalism, a plain version and patterns.

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Drawings on nails 2017

The trendy nail concept still emphasizes the most beautiful and attractive ideas in manicure with drawings. In the coming year, floral abstractions that emphasize femininity and sophistication remain popular. A universal solution would be a laconic frame in contrasting colors. The fruit theme was replaced by images of insects and sweets. But the most stylish and original were the drawings on the nails for 2017 with the 3D effect. In this case, sculpting, aquarium design, overlay and illusion decor are relevant.

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Nails — geometry 2017

A separate line in the new reviews displays a geometric print. Fashionable nails 2017 are various fragments united by a common feature. A single idea can be in color, size, shape. For lovers of extraordinary creative solutions, stylists offer a separation of different shapes and forms with a colorless line. This includes a trend that is not losing popularity — negative space. This choice also serves to correct the shape.

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Nail design 2017 with rhinestones

If you decide to transform your everyday manicure into an elegant holiday design, then the best way is to add a shiny decor. And rhinestones in this case are beyond competition. Beautiful nails 2017 with sparkling stones are relevant in the autumn-winter season. In the warm season, it is worth minimizing the use of finishes to one or two pieces. Stylists do not recommend decorating short lengths with rhinestones, as bulky stones expand and shorten the shape even more. If you are looking for a laconic alternative to rhinestones, then powder and sparkles are in fashion in the new year.

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Sharp nails 2017

The pointed shape is losing momentum. But if you are an adherent of such a manicure, then get ready to be concise and restrained in your choice. Fashionable nail design 2017 — plain, matte or a combination of varnishes with and without gloss, nature, transparent. Delicate lace has become a popular decoration, with which it is possible to decorate one, maximum two fingers.

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Nails — french 2017

French manicure remains one of the most beloved and versatile solutions. Stylish ideas are represented by the richest choice. The classic version and design with an unusual shape of a smile are in fashion — straight, oblique, triangular, concave, double. French nails for 2017 are pastel colors with a white stripe on the free edge. If you want more saturation, then turn to the inexhaustible classic — black and white design with glitter. But stick to such qualities as tenderness, calmness, sophistication and elegance.

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Nail extension 2017

The upcoming fashion period will further push acrylic forms to the bench. Extended nails 2017 are only gel thin plates. The decor of such a solution can also become acrylic, but only the finish. Considering that naturalness and naturalness are in the trend, you should not get hung up on a long length. The most popular solution in the new season was shellac on natural nail plates.

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Nail Shape 2017

When deciding on a fashionable nail frame, you should know that sharp corners must be avoided. Cat claw lovers need to blunt their weapon, making it as oval as possible. The fashionable form of nails 2017 suggests streamlining and elegance. Popular in recent seasons, square nails are also taking on soft shapes. This solution further emphasizes the naturalness of manicure. This applies to both long and short plates. But it is important not to allow a lack of expressiveness. And if you have a very short length, then draw attention with a color or pattern.

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Trendy nail polish color 2017

The choice of colors for manicure is presented for every taste. But stylists make the main emphasis on discreet, concise solutions. Red nails 2017 remain the lot of celebration and celebration. In everyday mode, replace the feminine saturated shade with alternative pastel tones or deep tones. Nail color 2017 is both monogamous and bichrome. When choosing a multi-color solution, the border should be highlighted with a clear stripe. But in the case of using several shades of the same color, a gradient transition is possible. Based on the popular energetic pace of life of fashionistas and the new trends of the coming period, the trendy nail color 2017 is as follows:

  • colored pastel. Delicate shades of the most popular palettes are a stylish feminine choice, versatile for any look. Such tones as peach, mint, lemon, lilac and rose are in fashion. Beautiful shades are used both for the base and as a decoration. Do not forget about exquisite stones and pearls, which are in perfect harmony with colored pastels;
  • naked. Natural colors still do not give place to black and white. The conciseness and softness of the beige palette has become the main reason why the timeless classic has lost its former glory. However, a combination of a natural background and a black or white finish is not ruled out. In such a manicure, sparkles and metal decor are excluded — casting, glitter, broken mirror;
  • orange red combinations. In fashion reviews, stylists also took into account the current symbolism of the new year — the fiery rooster. But since plain red remained purely festive, then in images for every day it can be diluted with orange or yellow paint. Bright combinations are relevant both for the warm season and during the cold season;
  • emerald. A deep green hue is the perfect touch of mystery and mystery in any look. A fashionable solution with such a deep color is a cat and marble manicure. A popular design has become an ombre on the nails with a transition from dark to light emerald;
  • purple blue. A stylish alternative to the previous choice was a palette of cold saturated tones. A fashionable solution is the use of all shades at the same time — separately on each finger, in a pattern or print, a two-color combination. Beautiful blues and purples are less versatile as they are only popular for fall and winter;
  • metallic. Shades of metals are still at their peak. Mirror manicure in the new season is represented not only by the two most common tones — gold and silver. Purple, blue, green, orange metallic have been added to current reviews. However, the monotony of such a manicure is still unchanged.

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Manicure for short nails 2017

Almost all the ideas of fashionable nail-art are based on the short length of the plate. After all, the main idea of ​​the whole concept is naturalness. The design of short nails 2017 combines conciseness and representativeness, expressiveness and moderation, accuracy and negligence at once. And all these qualities will help to uniquely complete a stylish bow. Stylists offer to cover the nails with a solid color, a bichrome version, or use unusual materials. The most fashionable short length nail design 2017 is:

  • broken glass. The shard effect remains one of the most unimaginable solutions. On a short length, such a manicure looks incomparable, slightly adjusting the shape;
  • peas. The dots must be the same size. But the choice of colors varies from plain to rainbow, which makes such nail-art universal;
  • foil wells. This option is suitable for those who want to visually lengthen their nails. But the moon manicure should be classic without creativity;
  • ombre. Gradient transitions look exceptionally short. In the new season, stylists allow you to make both vertical and horizontal ombre.

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Nails 2017 — trend

In the world of nail art, it is difficult to single out the most current trends of the coming period. This criterion is due not only to fashion trends in style, but also to the personal preferences of each girl. However, the stylish nail design 2017, which is replete with all sorts of shades, complemented by unimaginable decor, is represented by conciseness and restraint, is due to one important rule. It is obligatory to follow the form. Avoid aggressive corners and peaks. Stick to the new fashion trend — almond-shaped nails.

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