Fashionable and beautiful moon manicure 2017 — red and black, with rhinestones and pattern


Lunar manicure 2017

Nail design is one of the main issues that women pay special attention to and follow the latest fashion trends. Lunar manicure 2017 is considered the trend of the current year and is represented by different variations, among which every fashionista will be able to choose the one that suits her taste.

Lunar manicure 2017 — fashion trends

This year, the fair sex is given the opportunity to fully express their imagination when the moon manicure nail design is created. We can highlight the latest trends that it must comply with:

  • combination of matte and glossy varnishes. If earlier it was not recommended to combine them, then this year it is strongly welcomed. This combination looks very unusual and original;
  • the combination of two contrasting tones, which makes nail art bright and memorable;
  • the combination of bright and calm tones is welcome, while they should be similar. For example, light green is best suited to emerald;
  • moon manicure 2017, in which both the “moon” and the jacket are present at the same time, is considered incredibly sophisticated and relevant this year;
  • one of the most popular trends is the moon manicure cover, which contains a hole made in reverse. At the same time, it should be finely dyed, which gives it elegance and sophistication. This execution technique is ideal for short lengths, it helps to visually make it more attractive.

nail design moon manicure

Red moon manicure

This year, the retro style is extremely relevant, which consists in the use of red lacquers. You can use scarlet, burgundy, cherry colors. Classic moon manicure in this case must meet the following requirements:

  • in the trend are not filled holes, combined with the red surface;
  • to get a harmonious style, be sure to choose the color of lipstick to match;
  • in order to recreate naturalness as much as possible, it is necessary that the shape of the “moon” matches the shape of the nail plate as much as possible, therefore it is preferable to choose the oval version, which is the easiest to reproduce.

classic moon manicure

Black moon manicure

Not only soft pastel colors are in fashion, but also those that give clarity to the image. Therefore, the black color is relevant, which is ideal for creating a moon manicure for short nails. In this case, it is recommended to use the following combinations of shades:

  • ideally combined with soft beige;
  • the classic combination is black and white;
  • can be combined with transparent varnish;
  • looks harmonious if black is used with pastel coatings: light pink, mint, delicate blue;
  • a classic that adds brightness will be the moon manicure 2017, in which there is a combination of black and red;
  • black can be used both to draw the «moon» and paint over the nail plate with it.

manicure with holes 2017

Pink moon manicure

For the fair sex, who want to create a gentle and romantic look, a beautiful moon manicure made in pink colors is ideal. A combination with similar pastel shades, snow-white or transparent coating is allowed. All kinds of rhinestones, pebbles, sparkles and sequins can be used as decorative elements.

beautiful moon manicure

Lunar manicure with a pattern

In order to stand out and create an unforgettable look, women apply various moon manicure ideas. The trend is not only calm natural options, but also nail art, decorated with different prints. To make them, it is not necessary to resort to the services of a master, you can apply the image yourself using different stickers. The most popular options include:

  • geometric drawings;
  • animalistic motifs;
  • all sorts of bright flowers;
  • stripe alternation.

moon manicure ideas

Lunar manicure with rhinestones

To create a bright and elegant look that is suitable for holidays and parties, a moon manicure with sparkles will help. It is represented by many variations, for which different materials are used:

  • the effect of sparkles can be obtained using a special foil that covers the «moon»;
  • you can achieve a brilliant look if you apply a shiny coating;
  • nail plates are also covered with special sparkles designed for such decoration.

glitter moon manicure

Matte moon manicure

Matte nail art has been consistently popular for many seasons. This year, it is still relevant, but at the same time, some fresh and original ideas have appeared that characterize the moon manicure 2017. When creating a design, it is recommended to take into account certain nuances, which are as follows:

  • varnish must be applied extremely carefully, since its feature is that it is able to emphasize even the slightest flaws;
  • shades should be selected saturated and juicy, this will help to make the most winning option;
  • blue moon manicure is considered the undoubted hit of the season. Absolutely all colors are relevant: light, bright, dark. It can be azure, cobalt, cornflower blue, sapphire, ultramarine;
  • red in any variation is still in trend and is an unchanging classic;
  • if you use black, you can get the effect of luxurious expensive velvet. It harmonizes especially well with evening dresses;
  • for young ladies who want to get a gentle and romantic style, any pastel coatings are offered; lilac, pink, peach, lavender, mint;
  • warm orange and yellow will help to make a bright manicure with holes in 2017;
  • white and beige can be used as a supplement, but it is not recommended to take them as a basis, because they may look boring;
  • decorating with all sorts of patterns and ornaments is welcome;
  • effective combination of matte and pearlescent coatings. This comes at the expense of contrast, which can look incredibly interesting.

moon manicure cover

Moon manicure «cat’s eye»

Another fashionable and widely used trend of the current year can be called cat-eye nail art. It looks very stylish, thanks to its characteristic overflow effect. Fashionable moon manicure 2017 of this type is distinguished by the following features:

  • dark colors look best. At the same time, it is good if they are close to natural, for example, chestnut, brown gold, dark olive;
  • popular dark green, emerald and marsh;
  • dark blue, purple, burgundy, cherry, plum are also relevant;
  • gray will give a metallic effect, while it goes great with any outfit. This design can be used for going to the office, and for evening events, and for everyday exits;
  • if desired, you can decorate with rhinestones, but the main thing is not to overdo it, since the moon «cat» manicure 2017 is catchy in itself. Therefore, rhinestones should not be glued on everything, but selectively on several fingers;
  • one or two nail plates painted with matte varnish will look good. This will create a beautiful accent. At the same time, magnetic streaks can be drawn on a matte surface. If desired, they can be additionally decorated with rhinestones.

trendy moon manicure 2017

Lunar nude manicure

For girls who want to create a romantic look, a gentle moon manicure made in nude and pastel colors is suitable. Its use on short nails is especially successful, but in order for nail art to look good, you must follow some recommendations:

  • the hole should not be made in the classical way, but with the help of a very thin “reverse” smile;
  • the crescent moon should be painted in nude; for the surface of the nail, you can also pick up some pastel varnish;
  • you can apply a white moon manicure with a crescent moon made in nude tones.

gentle moon manicure

Transparent moon manicure

This year, one of the newest trends has been to use a moon manicure with a transparent hole. Its advantages include the fact that it looks gentle, fresh and original. It can be issued in different variations, the most common of which include:

  • a transparent crescent can be made on all fingers;
  • they can decorate only a few fingers;
  • transparent varnish can be combined with both glossy and matte;
  • if desired, you can use rhinestones as a decor.

moon manicure with a transparent hole

Double moon manicure

A bright moon manicure looks stylish and inimitable, for the creation of which the technique of double drawing the hole is used. Its undoubted advantages include:

  • ease of implementation, if desired, not only an experienced master, but even a beginner can cope with such a technique;
  • easily combined with other types of nail art, you can decorate several fingers with a double one, and use any other design on others;
  • the ability to perform a lunar double manicure 2017 both with the help of the classic drawing of a crescent moon, and the “vice versa” method;
  • ease of design for absolutely any length, but the average is considered the ideal option;
  • any color combinations can be used, also the strips can be transparent;
  • If desired, you can decorate with sparkles or rhinestones.

bright moon manicure

Lunar manicure with monograms

One of the options for creating nail art is drawing drawings. This year, the design of the moon manicure with monograms is extremely popular. If desired, they can be applied independently, the peculiarity of the technique is the interweaving of numerous lines. Among the main types of monograms are the following:

  • French — applied only to the lateral parts of the nail plate, which gives them elegance;
  • original — applied to the entire surface of the nail, the pattern on all fingers should be the same;
  • modern — applied to the entire surface, while the pattern differs on one or another finger. This technique is considered the most difficult;
  • monograms can capture the entire surface, or cover only the main part, leaving the “moon” unpainted.

moon manicure design


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