Fashion jacket

To date, the most popular manicure is French. If earlier such a fashionable design assumed only a light background and a white stripe, today a manicure on French-style nails can be made bright. French manicure is very popular due to its accuracy. Nails in any color look beautiful, but at the same time not catchy. Nevertheless, choosing such a nail design, you need to know which jacket is considered the most fashionable today.

Today, a fashionable French manicure with sparkles is very popular with fashionistas. This is due to the fact that in addition to the beautiful transfusion of sparkles, such a design can be made by yourself at home. At the same time, glitter can decorate both the general background of the nail, and only the marginal strip. Also, the strip may have an uneven shape. However, in this case, it is necessary that the shape of the edge strip be the same on all nails. Often, masters decorate French manicure with glitter patterns on one or all nails.

The most fashionable is the color jacket. You can make a manicure in a similar style, both with the help of several colors of varnishes, and one bright one. Today, the multi-colored design on each nail is the most popular. If you prefer one color of lacquer for French manicure, then choose bright ones such as red, yellow, black, blue, green. Add neat drawings or rhinestones, and your nails will look very stylish.

Also of great relevance is a fashionable jacket, where the strip is made directly in the form of a pattern. However, this design is only suitable for long nails.

Fashionable French nail shape

The most preferred shape of French nails is square. However, many masters also make a fashionable jacket on rounded nails. In any case, the length of the nail should be no higher than average. Otherwise, the manicure will not be neat.

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