extended nails design 2016

In 2016, all fashion trends support natural and natural beauty. That is why nails of short or medium length are in fashion, mainly those that are presented to girls by nature. However, some women of fashion remain true to the tradition of building up nail plates, because they are not satisfied with their natural ones.

In order for artificial nails to look fashionable and stylish, they need to be properly decorated. Fashion trends in 2016 offer various designs of extended nails that will help their owner to remain modern and attractive.

New designs of extended nails in 2016

The newest and most current trends in the world of manicure for extended nails this season are the following:

  • since it’s better not to draw special attention to extended nails in 2016, it comes to the fore the tendency to paint all the nail plates in the same shade. At the same time, stylists recommend using dark colors or nude colors of gel polish or shellac;
  • french design extended nails in 2016 is incredibly relevant, however, as always. Meanwhile, this season, the usual white shade of the tip of the nail has been replaced by brighter colors. So, to decorate the free edge of the nail plate, it is best to give preference to a red, blue or black tint. In addition, in 2016, a very popular trend is to apply glitter, stickers, rhinestones or beads on extended nails decorated in the style of French manicure;
  • moon manicure — Another way to create a beautiful design of extended nails in 2016. In this design option, it is best to cover the hole with nude shades of varnish or leave it untouched altogether, and paint the main surface of the nail with dark varnish, suitable for the whole image of the girl as a whole;
  • in 2016, a new design of extended nails burst into fashion, which was called «frame«. In this case, the nail plate itself is covered with one shade and framed with a bright and fairly thin line of varnish of a color that contrasts with the main one. This nail design gives its owner incredible elegance and sophistication, so it is gaining more and more popularity among modern fashionistas;
  • finally, an unusual technique is also relevant this season «ombre”, based on the fact that one, darker shade of varnish smoothly turns into another, lighter one. The only downside to this design is that it is incredibly difficult to make and girls usually have to turn to professionals to create it.

Of course, you can decorate extended nails in a different way. The main thing is that their design should be liked by the fair sex itself and ideally suited to her image.

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