Drew Barrymore and her ex-husband Will Kopelman were spotted together for the first time since marriage.

In July of this year, it became known that 41-year-old movie star Drew Barrymore, who many remember from the films «50 First Dates» and «Charlie’s Angels», filed for divorce from Will Kopelman. The couple lived in marriage for 4 years and became the parents of 2 daughters, however, even this fact did not save their relationship. Now a lot has changed and they are more friends than enemies.

Walking tour of New York

Drew and Will were seen yesterday on a street in New York. They had a nice conversation about something and constantly wrote down something on their gadgets. After pictures from this stellar meeting hit the Internet, many fans noted that Barrymore had noticeably prettier. And, truth be told, the 41-year-old actress was very nice to look at. Firstly, she lost 10 kilograms, and secondly, she was quite neatly dressed, and thirdly, she showed fashionable manicure and well-groomed hair. Both Drew and Will chose rather simple clothes for the walk: jeans, comfortable shoes, jackets and hats. As fans of Barrymore noticed, the actress was without make-up during the walk, but this did not spoil her, but gave her some kind of natural charm.

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We remained friends for the sake of our daughters

If you remember how Drew looked at the beginning of summer, then the images before her eyes appear far from rosy. The actress became so stout and stopped taking care of herself that she was credited with a third pregnancy. However, as it turned out later, she was so stressed because of the break in relations with Kopelman. Judging by the fact that now Barrymore looks completely different, she was able to get rid of mental experiences. In her last interview, she commented on her relationship with her ex-husband:

“Now we are not husband and wife, but just friends. We had no other choice but to remain friends. We are the parents of two wonderful girls and every time we must show that they have a mom and dad. Therefore, we constantly plan joint exits, weekends, and even holidays. We are a family. We have many reasons to meet.»

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