Crystal crumb for nails


crystal nail polish

Modern technologies in the fashion world do not stand still. It is the constant dynamics of style trends that allows us, women, to be individual, original, beautiful and different every day. This applies not only to the choice of wardrobe, but also to hair, makeup and nail-art. Today we will pay attention to a fashionable novelty for nails — a crystal crumb.

This type of decor has recently come into fashion and literally with the first ideas of stylists in manicure won the hearts of many girls. A crumb for nails is often also called a diamond. However, this largely depends on the choice of finish color. As the name implies, the decor is small beads that sparkle beautifully in the light. However, unlike powder, the crumb is more voluminous, and unlike rhinestones, it is much smaller. Such nail decorations have become a substitute for broths. The main difference lies in the material itself. Crystal chips are made of small glass pebbles. This decor is available in a standard colorless version, as well as a variety of bright and delicate shades. Today, the most popular and stylish is the nail crumb from the famous Swarovski brand.

Crystal nail design

The originality of the crystal chips is that this decor can be used for any look — both elegant and everyday. The main thing is not to overdo it in finishing ideas. After all, too much crumb on the nails often looks ridiculous and tasteless. Let’s find out what kind of manicure with crystal chips do stylists offer?

Elegant manicure with crystal chips for nails. A beautiful sparkling decor is ideal for an evening look and bows for going out. To add sophistication and sophistication to your pens, stylists offer beautiful designs with a radiant finish. At the same time, the crumb can only complement the pattern or act directly as a flower, heart, abstraction, and so on.

Feng Shui manicure with diamond chips. The most popular design with small pebbles is considered to highlight one or two nails with a sparkling decor. This type of manicure with crumbs is also the easiest to perform.

Manicure for all nails with crumbs. If you want to decorate all the fingers with trim, then you should not completely fill the nail plates with stones. It is better to make an original fan jacket or add abstract nails with crumbs. In addition, the crystal decor goes well with any other false decoration — rhinestones, modeling, crystals, beads and pearls.


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