Confetti manicure - a selection of the best stylish nail art ideas

Hand care is an unshakable ritual of a modern woman, and beautiful nails with a fashionable and neat manicure are the pride of any woman. Of the latest trends in nail art, manicure with confetti is of great interest.

Confetti manicure 2017

In the life of each of us there is a moment when a sense of celebration is necessary. Stylishly decorated nails are not able to replace a full-fledged solemn event. But they can cheer up if you use such a decorative element as confetti. Small flat particles of different sizes, colors resemble an attribute of a fun holiday. They came to us from Japan, where they are called «kamifubuki», which translates as «paper storm». Colorful confetti on the nails are so mesmerizing and enchanting that they fully correspond to the name. In addition to being round, particles come in various shapes:

  • hearts;
  • colors;
  • diamonds;
  • stars.

manicure with confetti 2017

Confetti manicure 2017

confetti on nails

Confetti Manicure Ideas

The novelty, which came to us from the Japanese islands, gives ample opportunities to diversify the nail decor, make it more expressive and bright. The overflow of kamifubuki is beautiful on a dark background — black, dark blue, burgundy, marsh. Although the particles shine incredibly on light gel polish. A flurry of color on nails fits perfectly into a romantic, casual, and even business look, if used carefully.

Effective technique has many variations of use:

  1. For a party or a visit to a club, a catchy and even defiant manicure is vital. Full coverage of kamifubuki nails in this case has no alternatives.
  2. For everyday life, it is better to use a lightweight version, when only one finger on the brush completely adorns the decorative particles.
  3. Confetti manicure is also popular, in which circles are placed on the nail in a certain order: at a distance / randomly / forming a pattern.
  4. A manicure with confetti and sequins can be one-color or multi-color.
  5. The variant of the location of the particles on the transparent camouflage is relevant.

confetti manicure ideas

Beautiful manicure with confetti

manicure with confetti and sequins

Black manicure with confetti

A mysterious and such peremptory black manicure in tandem with kamifubuki is a win-win solution, because cheerful particles significantly soften the gloom of a dark background, making it iridescent and even elegant. Since colors are always more interesting in contrast, gel polish with a matte finish makes expressive manicure with confetti. And although there will be no glossy shine, the exquisite shine of flat grains on a matte tone will overshadow it.

black manicure with confetti

Pink manicure with confetti

Full of grace and not at all impudent, pink nails are recognized as universal for their ability to easily fit into even the most strict wardrobe. But being the right girl all the time is boring, so a cute scattering of kamifubuki will add a gentle and playful charm to pink. Their cheerful and cheerful brilliance will enliven the cute immaculate color.

And although the pink palette is tolerant of many neighboring tones, a stylish manicure with silver or golden confetti is relevant. It is recommended to choose a decor in a color different from the main tone of the varnish, although a few pink particles may be present. If pale shades are applied to the nails, the contrast of lilac or raspberry rounds is good for them. As an option: apply white gel polish as a base.

pink manicure with confetti

Pink manicure with confetti

stylish manicure with confetti

Red manicure with confetti

This year, red nails are considered a must-have for the trendy fashionista. The color of passion and rebellion, femininity and challenge immediately evokes a strong association with the image of a vamp woman and at the same time is ranked among the unchanging classics. At the same time, it has been noticed that in collaboration with the enchanting Japanese miracle, red nail art noticeably softens.

In order not to overdo it, catchy scarlet marigolds are only partially covered with iridescent particles at the regrown edge, on the side or at the cuticle. For visibility, a manicure for short nails with confetti fills the entire surface, placing them at a distance. Gorgeous red manicure with confetti as the final point of the festive look. The heart-shaped particles are perfect for a date, and also as a symbol for Valentine’s Day.

red manicure with confetti

Red manicure with confetti

manicure for short nails confetti

French manicure with confetti

Shiny flat rounds are well combined with such an exquisite design as a jacket. It gives a wide scope for experimentation, so do not deprive yourself of the opportunity to show the edge of fantasy. And although this decorative element appeared on the market quite recently, experienced craftsmen have already developed several areas:

  1. When almost all nails are decorated with a jacket, one-color or multi-colored kamifubuki are applied to the ring fingers.
  2. A beautiful manicure with confetti is possible when the particles are located on the territory of the «smile» jacket.
  3. An effective option is when the rounds form a strip on the side of the nail.
  4. On long nails with a wide french area, small confetti can form a spectacular line at the border.
  5. Located on the free edge of the painted nail, kamifubuki form a kind of jacket.

french manicure with confetti

French manicure with confetti

confetti french manicure

Lunar manicure with confetti

Lunar jacket is an interesting variety of French manicure, which consists in designating a “smile” not at the top of the nail, but at its base. French manicure with confetti is a successful attempt to make an already unusual manicure original. Lunar designs can be multi-colored, but one of the fashion trends of the season is a white manicure with confetti.

There are a lot of variations on how to beat a hole with a kamibufuki, and all of them are worthy of attention:

  1. After applying the gel polish, the lunula is indicated by round particles in the form of a semicircle.
  2. If you like geometric motifs, highlight the hole with colorful diamond-shaped particles.
  3. The dividing line of the nail bed and the hole is beautifully distinguished by a strip of small kamifubuki.
  4. A charming option is when the hole, lined with confetti, gently folds the side into the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe nail fold.
  5. For intensive identification of colored particles, the zone of the well is best done on a transparent basis.

  moon manicure with confetti

Lunar manicure with confetti

white manicure with confetti

Colored confetti manicure

Colored confetti get along great in a combined manicure. So, for example, when used correctly, miniature circles enhance the gradient effect. The current smooth transition of colors on the nails is extremely expressive in itself. A gradient manicure with confetti is a bright and unforgettable trend, especially if kamifubuki of the opposite color are used.

colored confetti manicure

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