burgundy nails

Burgundy color is one of the most fashionable shades of recent seasons. The deep dark tone of red itself is very feminine, attractive, rich, but at the same time not intrusive. Therefore, burgundy is often used in various areas of women’s fashion. One of the most popular uses for a stylish shade is burgundy nails. In addition, such a choice of color will always emphasize the neatness and well-groomed handles.

Nail design with burgundy polish

To date, stylists offer a large selection of burgundy nail designs. It should be noted that such a varnish looks stylish both in an independent monophonic solution, and in combination with other shades. However, fashionistas increasingly prefer manicures with a burgundy accent. After all, such a decision is not only an opportunity to emphasize your delicate taste and sense of style, but also to make a universal beautiful nail-art. Let’s see what kind of nail design with burgundy varnish is in fashion today?

Matte burgundy nails. A very unusual and stylish rich dark shade of red looks without a glossy sheen in a matte finish. Stylists offer a similar design both in a monochromatic solution and with the addition of decor. The trend of the last season has become a combination of matte and glossy burgundy nails decorated with patterns of velvet sand, as well as rhinestones or pearls.

Burgundy jacket. Dark contrast polish is great for a French manicure. A very unusual burgundy jacket looks with lace decor, molding and color patterns a tone lighter. A deep beautiful shade can appear in French manicure and base. In this case, it is fashionable to highlight the edge line with metal-colored varnish — gold or silver.

Burgundy holes. As popular as the burgundy jacket is, the moon manicure with burgundy varnish is just as relevant. It all depends on the personal preferences of the fashionista. However, stylists suggest not to supplement holes with burgundy color with extra decor, since the design itself is quite rich and large-scale.

Solid short burgundy nails. For owners of short nails, stylists suggest not to refuse rich varnish. The main thing is that your hands are neat. But the design with burgundy varnish on short nails should be done in one color. If you want to decorate your fingers with something, then the best solution would be to add a beautiful color of sparkles.

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