Beautiful nails 2017 — what shape of nails is in fashion?


nails 2017

A neat and stylish manicure is the key to a successful image. After all, a woman’s hands often become an indicator of her femininity, grace, self-love. Therefore, from year to year, stylists offer fashion reviews of interesting stylish design ideas. Nails 2017 — a rich color of shades, decor and fantasy solutions for every day or for an outfit.

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Nails 2017 — fashion ideas

To remain always attractive and outstanding, stylists insist on paying attention to every little detail of appearance. Nail-art is not just a minor detail, but also a beautiful addition. Stylish nail design 2017 has incorporated all the most relevant aspects of modern style. In fashion shows, there is a place for catchy and extraordinary solutions, and universal ideas, and discreet win-win classics. However, the important point is the decor. Finishing can add a touch of individuality and emphasize uniqueness:

  • velvet sand, glitter, powder. Any kind of shiny decor and powders are still at the peak of popularity. In new concepts, powder can act both as a finish and as a base;
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  • modeling. Overhead acrylic decorations are the perfect decoration in wedding fashion. For everyday looks, stylists recommend limiting yourself to one or two elements;
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  • broken glass and mirror. Abstraction of illusory fragments is considered a fashionable solution for short nails. Lovers of a long manicure are better off refraining from such nail-art.
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Sharp nails 2017

If you consider yourself a fan of sharp claws, then in the new season you will have to shorten and significantly dull your “weapon”. This year marked itself with soft laconic forms. The fashionable design of sharp nails 2017 is not overly expressive. Catchy shades are acceptable, but in a monochromatic version. The combination of matte varnish with gloss will be original. Intricate abstractions and patterns should be done in light and natural colors.

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Matte nails — design 2017

The trend of recent seasons, glossless finish, remains a popular choice this year. The stylists brought out a separate line of matte nails 2017. After all, this option is relevant for any style and any design. Non-reflective material can act as a base and finish. The combination of gloss and matte finish remains in fashion, but without the addition of decor. For a matte manicure, such finishes as powder and velvet sand, rhinestones and stones are relevant.

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Nails 2017 — geometry

Geometric print has become one of the most popular types of painting in the nail concept of the new season. The originality and at the same time simplicity of this design made it universal. Depending on the bright or neutral shades used, the manicure will become a stylish highlight or a concise completion in the image. Geometric nails new 2017 — square and rectangular abstractions with a transition of colors. Negative space is still relevant.

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Nail design 2017 — cat’s eye

Do not forget to add a touch of mystery and mysticism to your bow. Design on nails 2017 cat’s eye is the best solution in this case. In modern fashion, more and more saturated and catchy shades of deep palettes are presented. In the new shows, stylists originally combined one or more highlight stripes with rhinestones and sparkles, as well as prints such as reptile, space, natural stones and more.

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Nail design with rhinestones 2017

Beautiful shiny pebbles remain the most sophisticated and feminine decoration in nail art. The original Swarovski crystals are in fashion, their high-quality counterparts. Stylists offer designs with colored stones. Fashionable nails 2017 with rhinestones have a discreet and concise design. A generous scattering of stones has remained a trend of past years. Today it is important to decorate one or two fingers. Massive and rich finishes are popular only for evening and themed bows.

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French on nails 2017

The most stylish French manicure in 2017 was the classic version. Stylists in the new shows insist on a thin edge line. The popular French nail design 2017 combines the simultaneous selection of the hole. Fantasy nail-art is diverse in color schemes and painting. The fashion trend of the new season has become a reverse jacket, presented in the form of an unfinished frame framing the nail.

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Drawings on nails 2017

Stylish prints and beautiful abstractions will not replace directional and specific images that are more complex. Nail painting 2017 is expressive and catchy clear drawings that are sure to attract the attention of others to the original and outstanding taste of a fashionista. The following ideas have become the most popular solutions:

  • children’s drawing. Cartoon characters, cool and funny faces and emoticons, careless images of representatives of the fauna — this is the fashionable nail-art 2017;
  • nails 2017 19

  • seasonal drawings. The original choice is the decoration of handles according to the time of year. This design will perfectly complement the seasonal look;
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  • flower and fruit theme. Delicate flowers and juicy fruits are an actual choice not only for the spring-summer season, but also during the cold season. This design will perfectly dilute gloomy and gloomy bows in autumn and winter;
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  • knitted patterns. Sweater manicure remains a popular trend for every day. Cozy knitted patterns will be a stylish addition in the cold season and an extraordinary highlight in the hot season.
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Nail color 2017

The new fashionable period marked itself as colorful and many-sided. The nail concepts take into account all the palettes that are relevant to the modern style. Any image can be decorated with a catchy note or completed with a discreet direction. Combinations of calm and contrasting tones have gained great popularity. For lovers of grace and sophistication, stylists offer plain or multi-color ombre. The gradient can be either sharp or smooth. Considering the most fashionable solutions, it is worth highlighting such nails in 2017:

  • deep tones. Saturated and languid shades are an attractive option for elegant bows and everyday wear. Marsala, eggplant, emerald, chocolate and others have become the most relevant base options;
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  • metallic manicure. In the new season, mirror shades of metals are relevant not only in standard gold or silver, but also in bright colors — blue, orange, yellow, green;
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  • colored pastel. Delicate varnishes are always a touch of femininity and romance in the image. Mint color has become the most fashionable this season. Lavender, lemon, peach — a stylish choice for combining several shades on one hand;
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  • natures. The most versatile and practical remains the neutral beige palette that came into fashion a few years ago. In a monophonic design, such a manicure will be an excellent everyday option. As a base or in an ensemble with rhinestones, it will demonstrate a neat and sophisticated evening nail-art.
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Red nails 2017

A rich feminine gamma has become relevant in the new season in a classic bloody shade. This year, monophonic stylish nails 2017 for makeup are popular, and specifically in tone with lipstick. An excellent solution for every day would be a red jacket. A black and red ombre will help to complement the brutal and sexy look. And you can make romantic beautiful nail-art with the help of bright patterns on a colorless basis.

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Black nails 2017

This year, stylists do not recommend overshadowing their appearance with a monochromatic coating of a dark classic color. The most beautiful nails of 2017 are a manicure that combines black patterns on a white background. Stylists are increasingly giving preference to mysterious themes — zodiac signs, hieroglyphs, male and female Yin and Yang, and others. Lovers of black lacquer will be interested in the idea of ​​lace design and matte patterns on a colorless background.

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Bright nails 2017

Contrasts and saturation are the fashion trend this year. Modern style provides for acid combinations and independent shades. The rainbow and rainbow abstractions remain popular. Bright monochromatic nails 2017 are mainly represented by warm saturated shades — green, yellow, orange and others. Choosing a catchy design, you should do without the use of decoration, especially the invoice.

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What shape of nails is in fashion?

Regardless of which design you prefer, the main element of stylish nail-art is the form. In this fashionable period, streamlined and smooth borders are relevant. Aggression and severity are a thing of the past. Stylists insist even in this aspect on maximum femininity and naturalness. What fashionable form of nails 2017 is presented in new concepts:

  • almond. The most relevant are oval nail plates. This format is especially suitable for lovers of long claws;
  • nails 2017 33

  • soft square. The best solution for a short length is a square shape. However, all corners must be smoothed out, giving the softest possible frames;
  • nails 2017 34

  • pointe shoes. A stylish novelty has become a form that simultaneously combines narrowed and square outlines. This option is distinguished by the most even lines, which is suitable for those who are unable to refuse pronounced corners.
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