nourishing hand cream

The skin of the hands is exposed to the scorching sun and low temperatures more than other parts of the body. It also comes into daily contact with detergents, cleaners and other aggressive substances. Despite all this, little attention is paid to her undeservedly. A nourishing hand cream will help correct the situation.

The composition of the hand cream

To purchase a cosmetic product that will provide perfect care, you need to carefully study the label on the product. All active ingredients are listed here. The composition of the nourishing and any other hand cream contains the following components:

  1. Water. In a cosmetic product with a moisturizing effect, its rate can reach 80%. This product has a light texture. It is absorbed with lightning speed and does not form a film on the surface. Nourishing hand cream contains 20%-30% water. This cosmetic product is heavier in texture, but it better saturates the skin with valuable substances.
  2. base oils. Present in all hand care products. You can guess the purpose of the product based on the oil used in its composition. Coconut has a softening effect, olive has a moisturizing effect, etc.
  3. emollients — cocoa butter, lanolin, beeswax. Such components remarkably moisturize the skin of the hands, smooth out wrinkles.
  4. Vitamins and mineral compounds. Nourishing hand cream with a healing effect contains vitamin E. Anti-aging cosmetic products contain vitamin A. Hand cosmetics may also contain zinc. This component has a wound healing effect.
  5. Herbal extracts and aromatic oils. They provide moisturizing, wound healing and regenerating effects.
  6. Elastin and collagen. These components prevent premature aging of the skin of the hands, are responsible for the elasticity of the epithelium.
  7. sun protection factors. They have a twofold effect. On the one hand, they protect against harmful ultraviolet exposure. At the same time, sun exposure can cause dehydration of the skin. This fact should be taken into account before choosing a hand cream according to its composition.
  8. Illuminating ingredients. Kojic acid and hydrochiton fight pigmentation, give the epithelium an even tone.

Good nourishing hand cream

hand cream in winter

The main purpose of such a product is to saturate tissue cells with useful substances. The composition of nutrients contains minerals, vitamins, fat and protein compounds. A good cosmetic product must contain polyunsaturated fatty acids. More often linoleic is added here. It creates a protective film that protects hands from the negative effects of temperature extremes, detergents and other external factors.

Amino acids are also added to such products. They are used to restore the structure of tissue fibers. Professional cosmetics are considered universal. When thinking about which cream to choose — nourishing or moisturizing, it is important to remember this fact. Before buying a cosmetic product, age criteria should also be considered.

Hand cream — lifting and nutrition

Collagen is a must in this product. This component is responsible for the youth and beauty of the hands. It softens and smoothes the skin. You can use lifting hand cream from the age of 30. This cosmetic product contains the following substances:

  • extract from nasturtium, which fights pigmentation;
  • vitamin C (stimulates collagen production);
  • apple seeds that increase turgor;
  • vitamin E (starts the regeneration process in tissues);
  • licorice extract, providing proper nutrition;
  • EGF complex, consisting of 53 amino acids.

Collagen Nourishing Hand Cream

This cosmetic product was created to care for the delicate sensitive skin of the hands, which daily encounters many negative factors. The main active ingredient here is collagen. This is a natural protein that has a simply magical effect on the skin. The effect that collagen hand cream provides is achieved as follows:

  1. The cosmetic product consists of lipophilic components with a high rate of absorption into the deepest layers of the epithelium.
  2. After penetrating the skin, collagen produces the production of new cells.
  3. The main substance is perfectly absorbed. It creates a protective film on the skin that retains moisture, but does not prevent air from penetrating.

In order for the cosmetic product not to lose its valuable properties, it must be properly stored:

  • low temperatures and direct sunlight are unacceptable;
  • optimal conditions — a cool shaded place.

Nourishing hand cream in winter

In cold weather, the skin needs careful care. Provides it in the winter hand cream, but such a product must be properly selected. «Winter» cosmetic product simultaneously acts in several directions:

  • prevents dry skin caused by increased fluid loss due to low temperature;
  • protects hands from frostbite and weathering;
  • provides food;
  • restores damaged tissues.

Oily hand cream

This cosmetic product has a dense, rich texture. More often fatty are the nutritious series of products: there is a minimum water content. It has many advantages, among which the most significant are the following:

  • heals microcracks;
  • provides saturation with valuable substances;
  • softens the skin;
  • removes peeling, fights increased dryness;
  • restores the lipid layer.

Most brands produce nourishing cosmetics. So, a greasy hand cream can have the following name:

  • Attirance Grape;
  • Melvita;
  • Velvet hands
  • The Body Shop Hemp Hand Protector.

Rating of nourishing hand creams

A quality cosmetic product is universal. It provides nourishing, moisturizing and protective effects. Moreover, it copes with the tasks set not only from the words of manufacturers, but also in reality. The best nourishing hand cream should optimally combine quality and cost. List of popular products:

  • Beauty Farm based on goat milk;
  • Intense Repair Neutrogena;
  • Shea Butter by Planeta Organica;
  • Lush products;
  • Butter by Novosvit;
  • Kamill Intensive+.

Nourishing hand cream at home

nourishing hand cream at home

Cosmetics of own production are not inferior to branded products in terms of efficiency. Handmade nourishing hand cream has the following advantages:

  • natural composition;
  • low cost.

Vitamin cocktail recipe


  • honey — 1 tbsp. a spoon;
  • aloe juice — 2 tbsp. spoons;
  • almond oil — 2 teaspoons;
  • paraffin — 2 teaspoons;
  • lanolin — 2 tbsp. spoons.

Preparation, application

Paraffin and lanolin are placed in an enamel pan and sent to a water bath. As soon as the substances are melted, the mixture is enriched with oil and honey, the composition is cooled to a comfortable temperature and aloe juice is introduced into it with a thin stream. You can store the finished product in a tightly sealed glass container in the refrigerator for 3-4 weeks, and apply the composition before bedtime.

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