3d manicure

3d prints have a significant place in modern fashion. Such drawings today are presented not only in the wardrobe, but also in the art of nail design. By the way, 3d manicure has become a fashion trend of recent seasons. Bright abstractions, illusory decoy patterns, the image of famous movie and cartoon characters, and much more — this is a popular choice of nail design today.

Fashionable manicure with 3D effect

In modern nail-art art, 3D manicure is presented in any style. It can be a specific design with an emphasis on seasonality, a thematic focus, or just an everyday versatile choice. However, the uniqueness of volumetric images on nails is that they can be performed in several ways. Let’s see the most popular 3D manicure ideas?

3d manicure with modeling. The very first way to create three-dimensional drawings on nails was a variant of acrylic modeling. Most often, such decor is presented in a romantic style. Flowers, bows, butterflies and various cakes or cakes will decorate one, two or all fingers in an original and unusual way.

Manicure with 3D stickers. The easiest way to create a three-dimensional effect on the nails is to choose self-adhesive plates with a pattern. Illusory abstractions have become a fashionable solution to the theme of such decor. The fashion trend of recent seasons is considered to be a space theme with a 3D effect in manicure. Planets, stars, as well as the purple-purple colors characteristic of this style, look not only stylish, but also attractive.

Caviar manicure. Unusual and original is the way to create a voluminous manicure using small beads of the same size. Bouillons can decorate both one and all fingers. This design is called caviar, because it is very reminiscent of a delicacy, especially in red or black.

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