Tiffany color - what is it, what does the image in Tiffany color mean?

Many designers believe that the Tiffany color can bring a touch of freshness and elegance to the outfit. This shade is used in refined and sophisticated collections, a fashionista who has purchased a wardrobe item in this tone can be sure that she looks unsurpassed.

What color is Tiffany?

Every girl is familiar with the shade that is present on the packaging of this brand, this is a turquoise color, which contains blue and slightly perceptible green notes. The tone should owe its name to the legendary decoration. Turquoise has become the signature shade of the company, it is invariably associated with this brand, which is characterized by such features:

  • the mint color of Tiffany was not chosen by chance, because it combines sophistication, coolness, tenderness and chic;
  • the brand also used it in branded boxes, which were tied with a white satin ribbon and jewelry was sold in them;
  • the company not only dealt exclusively in jewelry, but also traded in other items such as cutlery, watches, perfumes and stationery.

what color is tiffanystylish tiffany color

Tiffany color in clothes

The elegant Tiffany color is used in the manufacture of various wardrobe items. You can designate such design solutions used when creating outfits:

  • any girl will be decorated with a dress made in this tone, such colors are becoming increasingly popular: from pale mint to rich blue;
  • Tiffany color will look great on any girl, whether she has dark or pale skin;
  • if blue eyes can be emphasized and highlighted with clothing;
  • for the office, a suit will be an excellent choice that will allow you to look stylish even in a business setting;
  • in a turquoise tone, you can choose a shirt or blouse that looks great with regular jeans, it can also be worn with a skirt, it can make a familiar look more festive;
  • a common design technique was the creation of a tutu skirt that looks very gentle;
  • you can leave your choice on accessories, these are watches, bags, earrings, necklaces and bracelets that will help refresh your look.

tiffany color in clothestiffany color

Tiffany color dress

A magnificent acquisition will be a dress in the color of Tiffany, it is presented in a wide variety of styles;

  • such a shade may be present in evening models or in everyday dresses;
  • evening dresses look very impressive, they are sewn from flowing fabrics and are often decorated with shiny materials or shining iridescent rhinestones;
  • models with a floor-length skirt and an expressive neckline look very organic;
  • the lower part of the dress may have a straight silhouette or an original mermaid style;
  • dresses are relevant, where multi-layered skirts with a tight-fitting corset top are used;
  • you can refer to the style of the Greek cut with a high waistline;
  • Tiffany color is perfect for cocktail dresses as it brings elegance and luxury. In such an outfit, a skirt in the form of a ballet tutu or a decor in the form of a peplum can be used;
  • For everyday wear, sundresses with a flared skirt are perfect. This outfit attracts with its colors, it can be diluted with white accessories;
  • a strict version of a pencil dress looks very cute in this color. The main thing is not to overload your image too much; as jewelry, you should opt for small-sized items made of silver or gold.

tiffany color dressdress in color tiffany

Tiffany color skirt

A skirt in Tiffany color can make an image incredibly stylish. It is presented in the following variations:

  • often preference is given to a long style, which is fully capable of conveying rich colors;
  • such a skirt can be made of chiffon, satin or tulle, these fabrics are able to fully convey freshness and elegance;
  • many women prefer an airy tutu skirt, which is secured with a satin ribbon at the waist. The color of the Tiffany brand will look great with her;
  • You can also choose a short style skirt, which has a fitted silhouette. As a decor, lace may be present on it;
  • to create an unsurpassed image with such a skirt, the top is taken white, you can experiment with pink, yellow and beige blouses.

tiffany color skirtskirt in tiffany color

Tiffany color blouse

One of the most successful solutions will be an image in Tiffany color with a blouse. It will give elegance, freshness and an expensive look. You can note the following variations of models:

  • a long-sleeved blouse looks charming, which can be embellished with a satin bow. It goes well with a trouser suit and creates a business look;
  • for summer time, you can choose a lace blouse, for which the color of the Tiffany brand is chosen, it goes well with shorts or with a fitted skirt;
  • the blouse can be with a short sleeve in the form of lanterns or without sleeves at all;
  • embroidery, beads will serve as a decor, and an attractive blouse will help to make a cutout in the neckline.

tiffany color blouse

Tiffany linen

Designers use the fashionable Tiffany color not only when creating outerwear, but also in underwear. Products have the following features:

  • the set can be complemented with lace, sequins and other elegant details;
  • underwear is made from satin, cotton, lace and other types of fabrics;
  • can be complemented by other colors, for example, the bra is made in turquoise, and the panties are in dark blue;
  • very sought after and bedding, it looks chic and sophisticated and will be much more interesting than the white version.

tiffany color linen

Tiffany colored shoes

Another thing that is invariably associated with the fashion brand is Tiffany colored shoes. There are such types of models:

  • shoes can be high or low heels, in lacquer or suede;
  • fasteners or lacing may be present as additional elements;
  • to make the shoes look bright, it is complemented by shiny details, in the form of brooches, heel decorations with small sequins or bows on the toe;
  • do not forget about the possible combinations of clothes with such shoes. Black and white are perfect, but you can also turn to pastel and pink shades.

tiffany color shoes

Tiffany colored jewelry

Of the jewelry in this version, jewelry made of turquoise is best suited. Artificial stones look not much worse than natural ones. These can be Tiffany-colored earrings, beads, necklaces, pendants, rings. It is worth paying attention to the combined models, which use not only turquoise, but also beige and transparent stones. This will help to bring zest to the image and make it more attractive.

tiffany color jewelry

Tiffany color manicure

Recently, nails have become very popular in this color scheme, the Tiffany color brings sophistication and sophistication to the manicure. There are such variations of its design:

  • often turquoise manicure is complemented by silver glitter, rhinestones and original drawings;
  • you can create an interesting design using small pearls;
  • you can complement the stylish color of Tiffany with a metallic film, and create an excellent French manicure;
  • a white ribbon with a bow can be applied over turquoise lacquer;
  • the ring finger can be distinguished using all sorts of patterns;
  • matte nail art looks very original.

tiffany color manicurenails color tiffany

Tiffany color — color combination

To create a harmonious look using Tiffany color, the combination with other shades is a very important point to pay attention to. The following combinations can be noted:

  • Tiffany color goes well with white and black, they will make a wonderful composition. For example, turquoise shoes are perfectly complemented by black skinny trousers and a white blouse;
  • you can take gray or silver; in a turquoise outfit, a silver ribbon and rhinestones with a cold sheen look great;
  • different shades of brown are often used with turquoise, this is the tone of sea sand or dark chocolate;
  • you can add brightness with green, for example, choose such accessories;
  • well complemented by turquoise orange and yellow hues;
  • the combination with lilac and purple looks great, it’s just worth stopping at light shades.

color tiffany color combinationtiffany color combination

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