Summer 2018 trends - in clothes, shoes and women's images

In each new season, stylists and designers arrange a real fashion marathon. Original novelties appear in the collections of brands that do not leave anyone indifferent, and some of the previously forgotten trends again come to the fore. The trends of summer 2018 are also not without interest at all — each young lady will find among them what she likes.

Summer 2018 trends in women’s clothing

In the summer of 2018, every woman will be able to show her individuality and demonstrate to others the ability to combine the incompatible. This season, representatives of well-known fashion houses offered young ladies to combine a variety of wardrobe items related to different styles and trends. Meanwhile, clothing trends, summer 2018, are so diverse that it will not be difficult to find the right combinations for a woman. The most current summer clothing trends 2018 in clothing are listed in the following list:

  • raincoats of bright colors and unusual shapes. This season, this little thing should be as catchy and original as possible;
  • «shaggy» decor and fringe. This year it should be as long and thick as possible;
  • bright and unusual color combinations. So, for example, this season the tandem of pink and orange is very relevant;
  • animal prints. Especially popular are leopard motifs and a black and white stripe reminiscent of a zebra;
  • glamorous pink. In the summer of 2018, this color will become so popular that it will even be suitable for creating extremely bright total looks;
  • drapery. This type of decor can be used on any materials, but its placement on natural silk or satin is especially popular;
  • sporty style. Wardrobe items from this direction will be popular not only during outdoor activities, but also in everyday life. At the same time, they will all belong to one of the three sub-styles — running, motorcycling and surfing;
  • boiled denim. Many designers this season remembered the good old tradition of “boiling” jeans to get an unusually interesting and attractive shade.

summer 2018 trends in women's clothing

Summer 2018 trends in women’s clothing

clothing trends summer 2018summer 2018 trends in women's clothing

Trends summer 2018, dresses

In the coming season, dresses should be as feminine and romantic as possible, but by no means vulgar. Most stylists and designers gave their preference to free-cut models that do not emphasize the curves of the silhouette, but carefully mask them, creating an atmosphere of mystery and mystery around their owner.

Some of the hottest trends this summer include:

  • shirt dresses;
  • models with an asymmetric cut;
  • little black dresses with minimalist decor;
  • slip dresses in lingerie style;
  • balloon dresses;
  • original sets consisting of a simple and concise dress and a scarf made in the same style;
  • suits consisting of dresses and trousers;
  • novelty of the season — products with tied sleeves;
  • dresses with lace are the trends of summer 2018, which have not lost their relevance for several seasons in a row;
  • kimono dresses;
  • models with puffy sleeves.

trends summer 2018 dresses

Trends summer 2018, dresses

dresses with lace trends of summer 2018trends summer 2018 dresses

Fashion jeans, summer 2018, trends

Jeans are one of the most popular wardrobe items for modern fashionistas. These comfortable and stylish pants have long won the hearts of the fair sex around the world. Stylists and designers annually create bright and original models for their fans that look great and blend perfectly with other products.

Women’s jeans, summer 2018, the trends for which are very diverse, are replete with bright colors, pronounced asymmetry, torn decor and other decoration elements. This season, the main trend was the «boiled» jeans, which returned to us from the distant 1980s. Meanwhile, other models are incredibly popular, for example:

  • fringed jeans;
  • products with a large number of patch pockets, which can be both large and small;
  • combined models. This season, stylists and designers combined not only different materials, but also different types of denim that differ in color or texture;
  • floral prints and drawings — the main trends of the summer of 2018 — are clearly visible here. This season, jeans with flowers on the legs or back are incredibly popular;
  • ripped jeans, with scuffs and holes;
  • jeans with turn-ups at the bottom of the legs;
  • models with a high waistline;
  • cropped denim pants;
  • asymmetric products;
  • options for unusual colors, especially pastel shades, which are dominated by soft pink, lavender and mint.

fashion jeans summer 2018 trends

Fashion jeans, summer 2018

women's jeans summer 2018fashion jeans summer 2018 trends

Summer 2018 trends, skirts

The current trends of 2018 in clothing, summer, have spread to absolutely all items of women’s clothing. Stylists and designers in their collections prepared for the new season presented many interesting and original models of skirts in which every young lady can feel like a real woman, for example:

  • luxurious and elegant pencil skirt;
  • extreme mini with a high waistline;
  • multilayer models;
  • year skirts;
  • pleated and corrugated products;
  • models with asymmetry;
  • skirts-sun and semi-sun.

summer 2018 trends skirts

Summer 2018 trends, skirts

summer fashion trends 2018summer 2018 trends skirts

Trends, summer 2018, shorts

In the world of women’s shorts, current trends are no less diverse. Fashion trends, summer 2018, allow you to feel maximum comfort and at the same time look bright, stylish and expressive. This season, every fashionista will be able to choose between classic and sporty models that are ideal for outdoor activities.

For those ladies who prefer shorts, this season it is recommended to pay attention to the following models and styles:

  • incredible variety of denim models. These can be boyfriend shorts, washed denim products, and wardrobe items with torn decor. Young ladies often choose models with embroidery or applique on a floral theme. Do not lose their relevance and classic blue denim options;
  • classic shorts with cuffs and creases. Summer 2018 trends, related to the classic direction, remain relevant for many years and are always popular with beautiful women;
  • elongated models, presented mainly in white, black and gray colors;
  • products with a high waistline;
  • models in the style of safari and military;
  • genuine leather options;
  • exquisite shorts made of natural silk;
  • jumpsuit shorts made of different materials;
  • skirt-shorts.

trends summer 2018 shorts

Trends, summer 2018, shorts

fashion trends summer 2018trends summer 2018 shorts

Trends, summer 2018, women’s shoes

Trends in the world of footwear are also constantly changing. This season, it should be as comfortable as possible and, at the same time, stylish and trendy. There are the following main shoe trends, summer 2018:

  • pointed toe;
  • platform with heel;
  • straps, lacing, ribbon ties;
  • fancy heels;
  • combination of different materials;
  • sequin and rhinestone patterns.

trends summer 2018 women's shoes

Trends, summer 2018, women’s shoes

shoe trends summer 2018trends summer 208 women's shoes

Sandals 2018, summer, trend

In the coming season, sandals, like all summer trends in 2018, should be as light, comfortable and convenient as possible. This type of footwear is predominantly made of genuine leather, although even plastic models have appeared in the collections of some brands. Stylists and designers paid special attention to the appearance of their products — they unanimously preferred bright and saturated colors and their combinations.

sandals 2018 summer trend

Sandals 2018, summer, trend

summer trends 2018sandals 2018 summer trend

Summer sandals 2018, trends

In the world of sandals, significant changes were not found this season. The main trends of the season «summer 2018», which relate to this type of footwear, are listed below:

  • pointed toe;
  • heel in the form of a horseshoe or a trapezoid;
  • unchanged hairpin;
  • glass heel;
  • metallic and all its shades;
  • tractor platform;
  • floral and geometric prints.

summer sandals 2018 trends

Summer sandals 2018, trends

season trends summer 2018summer sandals 2018 trends

Glasses, summer 2018, trends

Sunglasses or accessories that correct vision can greatly change the image and, moreover, directly affect how others perceive their owner. This season, the choice of current trends is very wide, so every fashionista can remain beautiful, stylish and attractive even with vision problems. The most popular glasses, summer 2018, women’s trends are highlighted in the following list:

  • round glasses a la Harry Potter, cat Basilio or Grigory Leps;
  • playful and flirty cat-eye glasses;
  • geometric glasses in the form of triangles, pentagons, hexagons and other shapes;
  • futuristic design glasses;
  • accessories with a mirror surface;
  • color contact lenses;
  • plastic frames;
  • romantic decor — rhinestone patterns, flowers on the sides of the frame, hearts, kisses and much more.

glasses summer 2018 trends

Glasses, summer 2018, trends

glasses summer 2018 women's trendsglasses summer 2018 trends

Fashion bags, summer 2018, women’s trends

Bags were not left out. The trend of the season «summer 2018» is small comfortable handbags that can be worn on the belt or over the shoulder without taking up hands. In addition, other models are also relevant, for example:

  • wickerwork;
  • models with fringe and tassels;
  • portable storage of strict forms, reminiscent of small suitcases or boxes;
  • sets that include a handbag, wallet and cosmetic bag, made in the same style;
  • round and semicircular bags;
  • transparent models;
  • large and roomy bags-sacks and bags;
  • all kinds of accessories of unusual fantasy shapes.

fashion bags summer 2018 women's trends

Fashion bags, summer 2018

bags trend season summer 2018fashion bags summer 2018 women's trends

Makeup trends, summer 2018

Going to an important event or a festive event, each young lady thinks over her makeup very carefully. In addition, tinted eyelashes or slightly lined eyes can complement a casual look. Although this season it is not customary to paint too much, stylists also categorically do not advise staying completely without makeup. Makeup is dominated by the following trends, summer 2018:

  • minimalism. This summer, the concept of «minimal makeup» should be taken literally — it means nothing more than lightly tinted lips, an even tone and neat eyelashes, painted with mascara in one layer;
  • golden pink kingdom. This doll makeup is kept in golds and pinks but doesn’t look too bright;
  • doll eyelashes with the effect of «spider legs». This technique can only be used when the eyelashes become the main and only accent on the face;
  • Gothic. Here, the emphasis is on both the lips and the eyes, and decorative cosmetics of dark color shades are used without fail;
  • wet lips. This effect can be achieved with an ordinary transparent gloss;
  • interesting hot summer trends 2018 — a riot of colors on the eyelids and graphic arrows;
  • metallic;
  • light decor with rhinestones.

makeup trends summer 2018

Makeup trends, summer 2018

trends summer 2018makeup trends summer 2018

Manicure trends, summer 2018

Modern women of fashion are sure to complement their image with a neat and harmonious manicure so as not to look sloppy. The main trends of summer manicure 2018 are as follows:

  • pastel nail art;
  • bright manicure in yellow, pink, red or blue tones;
  • French manicure;
  • broken glass;
  • kamifubuki;
  • moon nail art in «juicy» summer shades.

manicure trends summer 2018

Manicure trends, summer 2018

summer manicure trends 2018manicure trends summer 2018

Pedicure trends, summer 2018

The main trends of summer 2018 in the world of pedicure can also complement the stylish image of a modern fashionista. As a rule, when changing shoes into open shoes or going to the sea coast, girls pay attention not only to their hands, but also to their legs. This season it is not customary to do a pedicure to match the manicure. On the contrary, the design and color of the covering on the arms and legs should contrast with each other.

In addition, in all cases it is recommended to give preference to monophonic options. If the young lady wants to draw on her nails or other relevant images, she only needs to highlight the accent thumbs. Decor with rhinestones and other volumetric elements generally faded into the background, while other trends of the summer of 2018 took their place.

pedicure trends summer 2018

Pedicure trends, summer 2018

the main trends of summer 2018 in the world of pedicuremanicure trends summer 2018

Trends, summer 2018, hairstyles

When girls part with a warm headdress, it is important for them to pay special attention to their hair. This year it is worth considering new trends in hair coloring, summer 2018 — bronding, partial blackout and pixel coloring. Meanwhile, other techniques remain relevant, for example, ombre, sombre, balayazh and shatush. As for hairstyles, the following summer 2018 hairstyle trends are relevant this season:

  • low ponytail;
  • styling with the effect of wet hair;
  • long loose curls with partial weaving;
  • all kinds of bundles and bundles;
  • fantasy bangs.

trends summer 2018 hairstyles

Trends, summer 2018, hairstyles

fashion images summer 2018 trendstrends summer 2018 hairstyles

What colors are in trend, summer 2018?

The actual colors are constantly changing, and the coming season is no exception. You can create fashionable images, summer 2018, in which trends are far from the last places, in the following color shades:

  • yellow;
  • bright red (tomato);
  • light blue;
  • chili oil;
  • pink lavender;
  • pale lilac;
  • spring crocus;
  • lime;
  • white;
  • black.

what colors are trending summer 2018

What colors are trending?

fashion images summer 2018 trendswhat colors are trending summer 2018

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