Stencils for nails - how to use a stencil for manicure?

In the world of nail art, technologies are constantly being improved, with the help of which a variety of design options are created for all occasions. So, often masters of manicure art use special stencils for nails, which allow you to create real masterpieces.

Stencils for manicure

Special stencils for nail design are disc blanks or sticky models for creating perfectly smooth and flawless designs. These devices greatly facilitate the work of the master and can significantly reduce the time spent on the procedure.

At the same time, the result always remains on top — the necessary patterns and image elements are perfectly even, and the hands of the fashionista are well-groomed and neat. Stencils for nails today are presented in a wide variety. Each variety has its own advantages compared to others, so qualified and experienced nail artists choose the most suitable model in each case.

stencils for manicure

Vinyl stencils for nails

One of the most popular and frequently used devices is a vinyl stencil for drawing on nails. During its application, the spreading of varnish or gel polish is completely excluded, so every girl can easily apply a coating of any shade with impeccable accuracy and accuracy.

In addition, stencils for painting vinyl nails are distinguished by an incredible variety of shapes and varieties, increased strength and durability. The price of devices of this nature is very low, so both manicure masters and ordinary fashionistas can purchase it. At the same time, lovers will definitely be pleased with the detailed instructions attached to each set.

vinyl stencils for nails

Reusable Nail Stencils

Metal, plastic or silicone nail stencils, which can be used several times in a row, are a plastic base with a pattern. In this case, the image is applied to the nail plate using a special stamp. Modern reusable stencils for nails can last a long time, so there are no additional costs for the purchase of the necessary devices even for masters who professionally deal with manicure and painting nail plates.

The process of creating a picture using such plates is not complicated, however, it requires certain skills. So, in order to create a beautiful and original nail design using reusable stencils, you need to apply varnish or gel polish on the plate, and then remove its excess with a soft spatula. After that, the drawing should be transferred to the stamp by pressing it on a certain element of the pattern, and then using the same stamp to print on the claw.

reusable stencils for nails

Slider stencil for nails

Slider stickers are glued on the nail plates incredibly simply, and the result from their use is truly impressive — a manicure with stencils, gel polish imitates hand painting, so lovers do not always recognize that they have special stickers in front of them, and not a beautiful and neat drawing, applied with a thin brush.

A stencil slider has a lot of advantages compared to other types of similar devices, for example:

  • suitable even for beginners and do not require any special skills for application;
  • do not twist or stick during operation, which eliminates the possibility of accidental damage and the need to replace;
  • they are quite inexpensive, so they are available to absolutely all the fair sex;
  • presented in a huge assortment — they can have any colors, shapes and styles;
  • suitable for any surface.

slider stencil for nails

How to use a nail stencil?

The question of how to use nail stencils may arise for a fashionista when using any kind of this device. Meanwhile, in most cases, difficulties arise when referring to the stamping technique. To use this technology, you need to purchase several special devices, such as:

  • a disc made of a metal base with a three-dimensional image printed on it;
  • scraper, or skarper, to remove excess varnish that falls on the surface of the workpiece;
  • rubber type stamp for transferring images directly to the nail plates;
  • specialized varnish of a viscous consistency.

Using all the necessary materials and devices, it is not difficult to make a beautiful manicure. However, to get a good result, you should carefully follow the proposed instructions:

  1. Initially, clean the claws as thoroughly as possible and remove the remnants of previous coatings from them.
  2. Carefully file the plates, give them the desired shape and degrease.
  3. Use a specialized varnish-paint to fill in the pattern on the disc, and then remove the excess with a scarper.
  4. Using light pressure, touch the rubber stamp to the mold and collect the paint onto the stamp.
  5. With a slight movement of the hand, press the image to the nail plate and immediately remove it.
  6. Wait for the final drying of the picture.
  7. After that, apply a clear varnish to the image, which will allow the coating and design to last as long as possible.

Stencil Manicure Ideas

Modern technologies make it possible to create bright and beautiful images on the nail plates, with the help of which every woman and girl can demonstrate her own style and unique personality. Particularly neat and attractive are designs that are dominated by perfectly straight lines and the smallest details of equal size.

You can perform a beautiful manicure, striking in its impeccability, with the help of special devices. For example, stencils for airbrushing on nails help create the desired pattern on the claws and maintain all the necessary proportions. The edges of the pattern or image in this case do not have to be clear, although this is simply necessary when applying geometric shapes and other similar elements.

stencil manicure ideas

French manicure with stencils

Special stencils for French manicure allow you to highlight the smile line on each claw in exactly the same way. So, a beautiful and neat French design does not allow any fluctuations in the thickness or width of the free edge of the nail plate, and this device helps to avoid such flaws.

Nail stencils used to create a French manicure can be not only classic and perfectly even, but also semicircular, triangular or even fancy. In the latter case, the rim of such stamps can be figured, openwork or lace, so they can be used to create a bright and unusual design for a special occasion. For example, this method can be used by young brides who are thinking about decorating their claws on the eve of the most important and important day.

french manicure with stencils

Manicure with monograms with a stencil

Drawing beautiful and ornate monograms on the nail plates is incredibly difficult. Even experienced masters of manicure art do not always easily cope with this task, so beginners usually make their lives easier by using a special stencil for monograms on nails. It can resemble a stamping tool or be an ordinary sticker.

manicure with monograms with a stencil

Lunar manicure using a stencil

Stencils for moon manicure are also used very often, both by novice fashionistas and professionals with extensive experience. When creating such a design, it is important to clearly draw holes of the same size and thickness, so special tools make this task much easier. Stencils for decorating nails with a moon design are predominantly semicircular in shape, however, there are also triangular or rectangular options.

moon manicure with a stencil

Volumetric manicure with a stencil

Stencils for decorating nails can be voluminous. Using them is incredibly simple — all you need to do is to firmly stick the sticker with the desired pattern in the right place, and then apply a suitable coating on top of it. As a rule, when using such devices, the protruding part is covered with varnish or gel polish of a different color, however, in some cases it can completely match the main tone of the surface of the nail plate.

voluminous manicure with a stencil

Manicure-«geometry» with a stencil

In some cases, sticking stencils on nails for manicure is necessary so that the lines turn out to be perfectly even and uniform in thickness. This nuance is very important when creating a geometric design that attracts girls and women with its clarity and evenness of lines. The use of such devices when applying geometric shapes and patterns significantly saves time for both the fashionista herself and the master of manicure art, and can significantly facilitate the work process itself.

manicure geometry with a stencil

Deep design manicure with stencil

Original deep design stencils for decorating nails appeared in the world of manicure art not very long ago, but have already gained unprecedented popularity among girls and women. Using these devices is incredibly simple, so even completely inexperienced fashionistas use them. You can create a manicure using deep design stencils in two different ways:

  • negative design with emptiness;
  • option with a color or three-dimensional pattern.

deep design manicure with stencil

Using both of these methods, you can apply bright, beautiful and original designs on the claws that will not leave their owner unnoticed. They are especially popular with young ladies who do not want to spend too much time putting their hands in order, but are very attentive to their own image and like to make changes to their fashionable image.

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