Steampunk style - the rules for creating trendy looks for girls and women

If you are looking for an original look for a costume party, festival or any other event, then pay attention to the steampunk style. The basis of this fantastic direction is an alternative universe of mechanical and steam technologies of the 19th century.

steampunk subculture

Steampunk style is used in design, graphics, games, sculpture and other creative directions, which is based on special mechanical accessories: bolts, gears, levers and other elements. Describing what steampunk means, we note that works about the future and the Victorian era are intertwined here. Now it is a separate subculture, which has a lot of fans.

steampunk subculture

Steampunk clothes

When choosing an image, fans of this subculture in most cases choose for themselves the role of one of the characters of the Victorian era, for example, Frankenstein, Sherlock Holmes, various serial maniacs, travelers, and so on. Steampunk women’s clothing does not lend itself to the general rules of style, as it is peculiar and constantly changing depending on current trends. The main elements of the wardrobe include such items: dresses, corsets, skirts, men’s trouser suits, coats and so on.

Attention deserves outerwear, which is indispensable in the cold season. Looks can be complemented by aviator jackets, coats and tailcoats, which should be similar in cut to Victorian style models. There is something similar in the Gothic direction. Finding such things in stores is a difficult task, so you will have to sew things to order or on your own.

steampunk clothes

Steampunk style includes three varieties:

  1. Classical. A lightweight version that can be used in everyday life. Steampunk ideas are used from time to time by famous designers. The classic style involves wearing layered skirts, corsets and leather items.
  2. Fantastic. Clothing in this type of steampunk looks original and looks more like a carnival costume. There are no strict rules and canons in creating an image.
  3. Technical. The silhouette in this look is more coarse, and the clothes contain a large number of decorative elements. It is important to pay attention to accessories. This steampunk style is specific, so not everyone will be able to create a harmonious image.

women's clothing steampunk

steampunk costumes

You should start with the fact that the steampunk style does not have a clear gender boundary, so women can safely choose shirts, trousers and ties for men’s styles. Clothing for girls in the steampunk style repeats the models of the Victorian era, so blouses should fit snugly around the figure, forming folds at the neck. Things should be made from natural fabrics of a neutral shade. Blouses with lace in pastel colors look good. The steampunk style recommends using a corset that emphasizes the feminine figure. It is worn as underwear and over shirts.

steampunk costumes

steampunk dresses

This element of the steampunk women’s wardrobe has a complex design, so the dress necessarily combines a corset and a voluminous skirt, which often has an asymmetrical shape, that is, it is short in front and reaches the floor in the back. Steampunk dresses have multiple layers that are framed with lots of ruffles. There are models in which skirts are replaced by a design that includes torn parts of the fabric, decorated with various elements.

steampunk dresses

steampunk skirt

Thick fabrics are used to create skirts, and they can have different lengths. The main feature of this part of the wardrobe is the presence of a bustle, a special lining consisting of a large number of assemblies. Steampunk items have a lot of frills, and in most cases with ruffles, so they are voluminous. Skirts can be one color or include several different shades.

skirt steampunk

steampunk shoes

A complete image will be if you choose the right shoes, which should be model and exclusive. You can use your usual pair, decorating it with various decorative metal elements. In extreme cases, high-laced steampunk boots or leather shoes with stable heels are suitable. Popular design options:

steampunk shoes

  1. Shoes can be styled after the Victorian era. The heel can be small and medium.
  2. Informal models are suitable, that is, outwardly heavy, for example, high boots with lacing or rough shoes. Girls can choose a pair on a platform, high stable heels or stilettos. Recommended decoration with lacing, buckles and various metal fittings.
  3. Steampunk style involves the design of shoes with characteristic elements, for example, gears, bolts, and so on.

steampunk boots

Steampunk — accessories

In addition to clothes, it is important to choose accessories for a full-fledged image. The most noticeable item is the headdress, so there are different hats, ranging from small pills to tall top hats. Headwear can be decorated with metal decor. Steampunk girls choose the obligatory basic element of the costume — gloves, which can be with cut off fingers. For their manufacture, elastic lace and soft kid skins are used.

steampunk accessories

Steampunk jewelry

To complement the image, accessories should certainly be used: earrings, pendants, bracelets, brooches and so on. It is important that steampunk jewelry imitate small mechanical parts or consist of them. What can be used to create them: gears, nuts, bolts and other various small parts. In addition, leather, lace and other materials are added to products as a basis or addition.

steampunk jewelry

steampunk glasses

The most common are goggle glasses, which were originally intended to protect the eyes from dust and wind. They were used by machinists, racers, travelers and so on. Steampunk glasses are no longer a protective accessory, but only serve a decorative function.

  1. Glasses can be not only black, but also brown, red, blue and so on. Even instead of eyepieces, compasses, elements of watch mechanisms and so on can be inserted.
  2. Steampunk glasses can have decorations such as rivets, spikes, gears, and more.
  3. It is customary to wear such an accessory on the head or on the forehead.

steampunk goggles

Steampunk clock

Watches made in this style are exclusive, so the price is high. They look rough because they contain different details. Steampunk watches often have a thick strap, which can be not only leather, but also metal or made of fabric or lace. Given the mechanical focus of the style, it is clear that the watch will be decorated with different elements: gears, metal parts, bolts, and so on.

steampunk watch

steampunk bracelets

One of the most basic accessories is a massive bracelet that you can buy or make yourself. These decorations look like real works of art. The steampunk style in women’s clothing involves the use of two main materials in bracelets: genuine leather and metal. If the first is clear, then the second material means bolts, springs, clockwork parts, various gears, and so on.

steampunk bracelets

Steampunk tattoo

For several years now, steampunk tattoos have been at the peak of popularity. They are chosen by both women and men. Drawings on the body can be color and black and white. Steampunk tattoos are similar to biomechanics, as if part of the skin was removed from a person and mechanical parts, gears and so on are visible. To make the work perfect, it is important that the master understands the features of human anatomy. For a beautiful tattoo, it is recommended to use many colors that will add richness, and shadows will create a realistic volume.

steampunk tattoo

Steampunk manicure

There are a huge number of types of design that allow you to create a beautiful manicure. If you like the steampunk style, then you can choose the following options:

  1. flat design. Decorative details can be embedded in the gel layer so they won’t get in the way afterwards. In addition, stickers depicting various metal parts can be used. If the master draws well, then the elements can be depicted in the desired composition.
  2. Volumetric 3D steampunk manicure. The basis uses a transparent gel, with which nail extension is carried out. You can add various decorative elements to it that will cling to the sock, but it all looks great.

steampunk manicure

Steampunk wedding

If you want to plunge into the atmosphere of the second half of the 19th century, when steam and mechanical technologies were widespread, then a steampunk wedding is ideal. It is chosen by creative people who want to deviate from established traditions. To make a steampunk wedding at the highest level, you need to pay attention to every detail:

  1. Location. To create the necessary atmosphere, it is recommended to choose old villas and country estates for the celebration. Use boards, haystacks, iron barrels, and so on. Be sure to enjoy all the benefits of nature.
  2. Decor. Choose metal and wood products such as cages, boxes, candlesticks, and the like. If you manage to get some inventions of that era, then it will be a great decoration.

steampunk wedding

When using steampunk art to decorate a wedding, it is important to carefully work out the image of the bride and groom.

  1. She is. The dress should be long and made of dense fabric. As for the color, choose noble tones: brown, burgundy, dark green and so on. Without fail, the model must have a multi-layered skirt with beautiful pleats. A corset is worn over the dress, which should be of a contrasting color. The outfit can be elements of leather, silk and lace. Instead of a traditional veil, wear a hat with a veil. Do not forget about accessories: gloves and numerous steampunk decorations.
  2. He. The costume must be made of dense fabric. In addition, the image is complemented by leather suspenders and a light shirt. As decoration, it is recommended to use a hat, glasses and a wooden cane. Include feathers and metalwork in the boutonniere.

steampunk wedding

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