Snowflake manicure - the best ideas for winter nail art

Snowflake manicure is a great winter idea for beautiful and well-groomed hands. Regardless of the execution technique: stamping or hand painting, in any case, it is original and relevant. Drawing on pastel shades will add a touch of tenderness to everyday bows, and rich and bright nail art will easily fit into the ensemble for New Year’s Eve.

New Year’s manicure with snowflakes

Do you want a manicure with snowflakes for the new year? Leading nail-art masters offer non-trivial patterns in the new season, both in a single design with an emphasis on one finger or one snowflake on each, and entire plot drawings consisting of stars, «snow» dots, small and large snowflakes, the night sky and various funny fairy-tale characters or animal and vegetable prints.

New Year's manicure with snowflakes

A gentle manicure with snowflakes in milky pink and light purple tones with single patches of pattern is made in trendy minimalism, and for fashionistas who prefer the glamor of glamor, stylists recommend:

  • red, blue and black base coat;
  • «gold» and «silver», mirror or pearl rub;
  • asymmetric or chaotic rhinestone scattering, also decor on the moon;
  • game of contrasts.

snowflake manicure for new year

Snowflake Manicure Ideas

If you like nails with snowflakes, but you can’t decide on a general design, experts will highlight several newfangled trends in winter nail-art.

  1. Stamping patterns on a plain light or dark base, matte manicure remain popular, “shaggy” fingers – fuzzy nail sweaters and openwork embossed painting – are returning to fashion.
  2. The trend is a mixed manicure that combines several techniques: deep design, stamping, hand drawings and fuzzy nail sweaters.
  3. Do not forget that short length and nails protruding by 2, maximum 5 mm are in demand.

snowflake manicure ideas

  1. New Year’s decor with confetti and rhinestones is in fashion, an oriental-style design with inlaid large stones in the center of the nail or moon is welcome, and along the edges are small snowflakes in «silver» or «gold» on a shimmering base of gel polish or shellac.
  2. On the take-off manicure with snowflakes with frosty painting on dark and light colors with the effect of broken glass and marble on several fingers.
  3. Actual base colors: red and black, blue and white, burgundy and violet, green and yellow, orange and beige, all shades of brown and their combinations.

snowflake nails

French manicure with snowflakes

The ever-fashionable jacket with snowflakes looks unusual, this winter the classic is diluted with a brilliant effect, highlighting one or more nails with a full monochromatic coating and applying the main pattern, both on all fingers and single accents. Along with the traditional oval, an envelope, an oblique asymmetrical and triangular white jacket with snowflakes are in fashion. The oval looks tempting in black, blue and blue, pale pink, «gold» and «silver» colors.

french manicure with snowflakesjacket with snowflakes

Manicure with snowflakes and rhinestones

For lovers of original design, leading craftsmen have developed a jacket with snowflakes and rhinestones diluted with kamifubuki, sequins and geometric stickers. In a festive way, nails look beautiful with a regular and vertical oblique jacket on a rich base, for example, burgundy, marsala, black and dark blue, where small rhinestones are applied to the center of the snowflakes.

manicure with snowflakes and rhinestones

In the trend are combinations of saturated green, blue, red and white colors and their tint combinations, nail inlay with large and small single rhinestones, or a chaotic scattering that creates a glitter effect. Jewelery on the moon with an emphasis on several nails, and a manicure with snowflakes, in which small pebbles are located according to the main pattern, look gentle.

jacket with snowflakes and rhinestones

Red manicure with snowflakes

Always bright — red nails with snowflakes, with such a manicure, your hands will definitely not go unnoticed. Actual ideas:

  • drawing on a red jacket with a shiny border;
  • prints on a scarlet base, snowflakes and white dots, powder openwork and a knitted pattern;
  • dark red coating with glitter and small rhinestones;
  • applying the main pattern on several nails;
  • mixed motif: manicure with snowflakes, fairy-tale winter characters, birds and story drawings.

red manicure with snowflakes

Saturated shades of red and scarlet are perfect for lovers of the natural length of nails, if you prefer long nails and an oval shape, then it is better to choose muted classic tones. In any of its semitones, red is perfectly combined with blue, cyan and black. It is preferable to apply the drawing with “silver”, “gold” and white colors, the original addition to the red manicure with white snowflakes will be: rhinestone scattering, deep design and embossed openwork painting.

red nails with snowflakes

Black manicure with snowflakes

This winter, at the peak of popularity, nail design with snowflakes on a black glossy and matte base, which looks advantageous due to the play of the contrast of white and dark colors, “gold” and “silver”. The trend is a combination of different varnishes and a mixed French manicure with snowflakes, where the main motif is applied to completely covered nails, and the oval is an accent on the middle, ring and thumb, or the master’s fantasy decisions, depending on personal preferences.

black manicure with snowflakessnowflake nail design

Blue manicure with snowflakes

The favorite of the new season is deservedly considered a blue and blue manicure with snowflakes, both small and large. The blue-blue, white-blue and blue-black gradient with various mixed decor looks incomparable, rubbing on the dominant dark color with frosty motifs and the effect of broken glass. A festive option is a deep blue glossy gel polish, sparkles and a plot pattern with “silver” stars and white snowflakes with small rhinestones in the center. You can select one or two fingers at will with a different color, a jacket, a classic of the genre — a blue-white and red-blue combination.

blue manicure with snowflakesblue manicure with snowflakes

Silver manicure with snowflakes

A winter manicure with snowflakes in pastel colors looks gentle, where the pattern is made with “silver” varnish or paint, and a completely shiny silver coating with frosty patterns and rhinestone accents is ideal for a festive outfit on New Year’s Eve. Minimalism manicure with snowflakes — beige, nude or light pink base, white-pink gradient and a pattern on one or two nails; non-trivial, but elegant — white lacquer and motifs in «silver».

silver manicure with snowflakes

Glittering snowflakes look elegant on dark and rich colors, such as noble blue, burgundy and black, deep red and purple. A manicure will be especially interesting, in which the pattern is diluted not only with a jacket, but with the addition of trendy broken glass, foil, various geometric figures, deep design and multi-colored powder. Gorgeous knitted white and blue patterns with silver sequins and snowflakes on a smooth finish, both glossy and matte.

winter manicure with snowflakes

Manicure with snowflakes and rubbing

Newfangled and beautiful nail design with snowflakes — manicure using pearl and other powders. Rubbing on light shades looks unusual and elegant, for example, soft blue and light pink, milky white and coffee varnishes and sparkling powder with a blurry pattern. A manicure with snowflakes and rubbing on black gloss will look extravagant, a mirror-white gradient is incomparable, and a “silver”, “golden” and white base using powder of different shades will not leave your fingers unattended. A similar manicure with snowflakes will fit into any elegant look.

manicure with snowflakes and rubbingbeautiful snowflake nail design

An excellent solution for those who like to stand out against the general background will be a mirror gold manicure with a non-trivial pattern, for example, snowflakes in dark colors and silver frost. For evening dresses, the “Hollywood” design is ideal, combining various techniques: a vtryka on several nails with a pattern, a colored jacket with kamifubuki or voluminous metal figures, diluted with glitter, and an openwork rhinestone pattern on the moon or asymmetrically and randomly scattered over the nail plate.

beautiful nail design with snowflakes 2017 2018

Lunar manicure with snowflakes

Which season does not go out of fashion white manicure with snowflakes with a Hollywood smile. This winter, a moon jacket with a transparent effect and deep design technique are welcome. The combination of a white moon smile in a red tone with a combination of a classic jacket and a pattern scattered over the nails with rhinestone splashes looks super stylish. Original black, blue and red moon manicure with accents on one or two nails. The trend is the interweaving of white, «silver», fuzzy nail sweaters and pearl powder, where a large snowflake is drawn with only one finger.

moon manicure with snowflakeswhite manicure with snowflakes

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