Red nails - design 2018 for short and long nails for all occasions

Many fashionistas prefer red nails to complement bright, memorable bows; the design of 2018 is distinguished by an extreme variety of their design. They can be plain or contain all sorts of patterns and eye-catching decorative elements.

Red nail design 2018 — fashion trends

Stylists often use red nails when creating spectacular nail art, design 2018 involves the use of various design variations. Among them are the following:

  • can be applied to short nail plates or having an average length, elongated pointed options are also allowed;
  • Various ombre color transitions are relevant, which are carried out within the same color, where one similar shade flows into another, or using contrasting tones. For example, the red 2018 nail design with black looks incredibly impressive;
  • there are certain stylistic techniques in the design of a jacket, this can be expressed in conciseness or, on the contrary, maximum catchiness. Similar trends apply when creating moon nail art;
  • the presence of sparkles, rhinestones, golden or silver stripes is welcome;
  • among the huge selection of patterns, floral and floral motifs, abstract and geometric patterns, delicate lace elements are very popular, animal prints may also be present;
  • as for the color scheme, it is extremely diverse, there are light, close to rich crimson, and bright scarlet, and maroon shades.

red nail design 2018 fashion trends

Red nail design 2018 — fashion trends

red nail design 2018 with blackoriginal red nail design 2018

Red nail design 2018 — fashionable form

Using red nails as an addition to the image, design 2018 offers the fair sex a choice of different shapes of nail plates. You can note the following fashion trends:

  • the classic oval shape is universal and will become a win-win choice for both everyday and luxurious evening bows;
  • a rectangular shape with slightly rounded edges is considered the real trend of this season. She has a stylish appearance and at the same time femininity and softness;
  • red nail design 2018 «sharp nails» prefer to choose young ladies. Aspiring to attract attention as much as possible and create catchy, memorable bows. This option will be a great addition to an evening out or a cocktail party.

red nail design 2018 fashion shape

Red manicure with design 2018

To create stylish nail art, designers use certain novelties of red manicure 2018, among which are the following:

  • actual application of floral and plant elements, they are in special demand in the spring and summer season;
  • manicure can be both glossy and matte, a combination of these types of coatings is also allowed;
  • geometry occupies a special place, while various details and shapes are taken: points, lines, rhombuses, squares, triangles, circles;
  • applying gold and silver patterns;
  • all kinds of rhinestones, sparkles and pebbles will give brightness;
  • An easy way to add variety is to use stickers.

nail design 2018 with red polishstylish red nail design 2018

Red nail design 2018 with gold

Truly luxurious bows will help create a gold nail design 2018 with red polish. It can be made in the following variations:

  • wide or narrow stripes can be applied to the scarlet surface, they are presented in longitudinal, transverse, diagonal versions, with their help a French or moon manicure can be made out;
  • sophistication and sophistication will be given by golden patterns traced in the form of thin lace. They can decorate one, several or all fingers;
  • there is such a design method as golden rims surrounding geometric shapes;
  • decorating the ring finger with gold powder is common, while the entire nail plate is covered;
  • red nails «gold design 2018» are perfect for girls with dark, brown, red hair and warm skin tones.

red nail design 2018 with gold

Red nail design 2018 with silver

Similar design methods are also characteristic when using a silver coating. It can be red long nails «design 2018» or shortened nail plates, decorated with silver elements. It should be borne in mind that a similar color scheme is recommended for blondes or brunettes of the “cold” color type, whom nature has endowed with fair skin.

red nail design 2018 with silver

Red nail design 2018 with flowers

On the eve of the warm summer season, the stylish red nail design 2018, containing floral motifs, becomes incredibly relevant. It has the following distinctive characteristics:

  • flowers can be made in different colors and drawn on a scarlet background;
  • another option would be the image of large scarlet flowers on the nail plates of a different shade, while it is better if they are painted in neutral flesh or pastel colors;
  • a floral ornament can decorate one or more fingers;
  • flowers can be small or large, complemented by twigs, leaves and other plant elements;
  • the original red nail design 2018 includes an image of flowers, which can be done in different ways, be regular or voluminous.

red nail design 2018 with flowers

Red nail design 2018 with sparkles

An extremely spectacular 2018 red lacquer manicure in itself can be made even more luxurious if you apply glitter decoration. Decoration can be performed in the following variations:

  • widespread application to the entire surface of the nail plate of the ring finger;
  • sparkles can be located on the tip of the nail plate, acting as an original jacket;
  • with the help of sparkles, vertical or horizontal stripes can be laid out.

red nail design 2018 with glitter

Red nail design 2018 with a pattern

To make stylish red nails, design 2018 allows you to apply all kinds of patterns. The most common and popular among them include the following:

  • floral and plant motifs;
  • fruit theme, especially relevant in anticipation of the summer season. It includes drawing scarlet berries against a neutral background, or drawing fruits of other colors on a scarlet surface. The application of voluminous drops that create the effect of freshness does not lose popularity;
  • geometric patterns are considered a real hit of this season, they can consist of a variety of shapes and elements, which are circles, squares, rectangles, rhombuses, triangles, straight lines or zigzags, dots.

red nail design 2018 with pattern

Red nail design 2018 with a pattern

stylish red nails design 2018beautiful red nail design 2018

Red nail design 2018 french

You can bring zest and piquancy to traditional nail art if you use red French nail design 2018. Among its distinctive characteristics are the following:

  • scarlet may be the tip of the nail plate or the main part;
  • laying out with rhinestones a strip separating the tip from the main part;
  • the tip can be completely decorated with rhinestones or sparkles;
  • the tip can be painted in one color, and one or more separating stripes of a different shade can be located nearby;
  • decorating red nails, French design 2018 can be combined with other decorative elements, such as stripes arranged vertically, horizontally or diagonally.

red nail design 2018 french

Red nail design 2018 ombre

The fashionable novelty of this season is the red nail design 2018 gradient. It comes in the following variations:

  • smooth and gradual transition of one similar shade to another. For example, bright scarlet and maroon tones can be used;
  • extremely popular is the transition of scarlet to black, these colors harmonize very well with each other. Any other shades are allowed;
  • stylists, making out the red nails «Design 2018», can arrange the gradient horizontally or vertically.

red nail design 2018 ombre

Red nail design 2018 with rhinestones

A win-win solution for an evening out will be a beautiful red nail design 2018, decorated with rhinestones. They can be located in such parts of the nail plate:

  • at the tip for decorating a jacket or a little lower, in the form of a strip separating it;
  • a moon manicure can be decorated in a similar way;
  • rhinestones can lay out horizontal, vertical, diagonal stripes, all kinds of patterns;
  • rhinestones can be fully lined ring finger.

red nail design 2018 with rhinestones

Red nail design 2018 ombre

nail design 2018 with red polishmanicure with red lacquer 2018

Matte red nail design 2018

Red manicure 2018 looks extremely elegant and elegant on short nails or elongated nail plates, made with a matte finish. It can act in combination with glossy in the following ways:

  • varnishes can be located alternately on different fingers;
  • A glossy or matte finish can show a variety of patterns, such as stripes or swirls.

matte red nail design 2018

Red moon nail design 2018

Another popular type of manicure is red nail design with holes 2018. This element can be decorated in the following ways:

  • using a transparent or colored varnish;
  • fully lined with rhinestones;
  • rhinestones can lay out a strip separating the hole and the main part;
  • the shape of the hole can be traditional rounded or made in the form of a triangle.

red moon nail design 2018

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