Pedicure - summer 2018 - fashion trends and novelties for any occasion

In the hot season, stylish and well-groomed legs become an indispensable element of a trendy look. Every year stylists offer new interesting solutions. But this year the color of ideas is simply limitless. Therefore, pedicure summer 2018 fashion trends is an up-to-date review for every girl in trend.

Pedicure ideas summer 2018 — new items

It will not be difficult even for the busiest and most active fashionistas to choose a stylish and harmonious design of toenails. After all, stylists offer girls a variety of ideas — from universal everyday to bright and extraordinary for a special occasion. In your decisions, you can embody any fantasies. Without a doubt, it is worth following the current recommendations of the masters, but your individual preferences also play an important role. Let’s see the summer manicure 2018 — fashion trends:

  1. textured design. This season, any uneven interpretations of the surface of the nail plate are again in trend. Such an idea can be done using acrylic modeling, powder or applied decor.
  2. Sliders. It is not necessary to use complex tools to make the legs beautiful and stylish. An excellent choice that is very easy to use would be symmetrical decals.
  3. According to Feng Shui. Highlighting one or two fingers with a contrasting color or finish remains a popular choice. In the hot season, contrasting ideas are especially in demand.
  4. with sequins. Glitter nails never go out of style. And in this case, any tool is suitable — glitter, powder, foil, rubbing and others. You can decorate all fingers the same way or select only a few nail plates.
  5. Matte top. A gloss-free finish will always give your legs neatness. The matte top is suitable for combination with both bright and rich varnishes, as well as for discreet ideas.

Bright pedicure for summer 2018

Juiciness, colorfulness and saturation — these are the qualities that distinguish the hot season from other seasons. That is why the bright ideas of the summer pedicure 2018 are considered an actual choice. The easiest solution would be to cover the nails in one color or according to Feng Shui, picking up catchy shades of varnishes. Colorful drawings, patterns, abstractions will also add brightness to your legs. Don’t forget about the popularity of multi-colored gradients. And the rainbow interpretation on the nail plates remains a fashionable trend.

bright pedicure for summer 2018

French pedicure summer 2018

French style remains a universal solution that will suit any look. Regardless of whether you will be in elegant sandals or comfortable flip flops, this choice will definitely emphasize the sophistication and elegance of your appearance. Pedicure 2018 for the summer fashion trends are classics, fan-french and non-standard form of a smile. In the first case, the combination of a white edge and a nude base remains the most popular. Fantasy ideas include any shiny material. The original shape is represented by a geometric, concave, beveled smile.

Summer pedicure 2018 with rhinestones

Sparkling applied decor remains in trend this year. Summer pedicure 2018 fashion trends are a concise and large-scale decoration of toes with beautiful stones. If your casual style is in the romantic, gentle direction, opt for a sheer finish. To add a bright accent to the image, make a design with multi-colored stones. Stylish options for summer pedicure 2018 are presented in French and moon style. Beautiful rhinestones will always add a touch of elegance, sophistication, elegance to the image.

summer pedicure 2018 with rhinestones

Pedicure summer 2018 broken glass

The effect of fragments on the nails looks very unusual and attractive. Such a design looks complex and painstaking in execution. However, in reality, to realize such an idea is not difficult. Fashionable summer manicure and pedicure 2018 are trends of catchiness and saturation. In this case, varnishes of deep shades — black, wine, sapphire and others are considered to be the actual choice of the base. To give the effect of broken glass, it is better to use foil. And such a tool can be in the color of metal, with holographic overflows, bright.

pedicure summer 2018 broken glass

Summer pedicure 2018 with a pattern

Interesting patterns and abstractions on nails are always in trend. Fashionable summer 2018 pedicure is universal for strict office combinations, as well as for everyday urban wear or sophisticated looks for going out. The most popular drawings of this season are complex geometric connections of different shapes. Moreover, current trends emphasize that such a design can be safely diluted with insects, flowers or blurry abstractions. The feminine floral theme does not lose its relevance. Any ideas are successful here — both with small and large motives.

summer pedicure 2018 with a pattern

Ombre pedicure summer 2018

Irresistible color transitions — a choice that will always emphasize your showiness and sense of style. The gradient design of the summer 2018 pedicure is presented in both vertical and horizontal directions. The monochromatic coating of the nail plates in one color scheme with a transition from a dark shade to a light one or vice versa looks original and attractive. In addition, the border in ombre can be clear and even geometric. But soft blurry lines are fashion trends that emphasize tenderness and sophistication.

ombre pedicure summer 2018

Hole pedicure summer 2018

The half-moon highlight at the root of the nail remains a fashionable alternative to the universal French design. The most popular solution is white holes on a bright or pastel plain background. Beautiful pedicure for summer 2018 fashion trends — a combination of a highlighted smile and a crescent moon with a transparent base. If your individual style is creative, demonstrate it with an unusual shape of the holes — triangular, rectangular, concave. The fashionable solution remains the use of sequins, rhinestones, stones and other decorations for the moon style.

pedicure with holes summer 2018

Pedicure with stripes summer 2018

The striped print does not lose popularity due to its simplicity and attractiveness at the same time. However, this year stylists emphasized the relevance of uneven and asymmetrical lines. Pedicure ideas summer 2018 fashion trends are a combination of thin and wide stripes, the use of more than three colors and decor, such as foil. The advantage of striped nail-art is the ability to make it yourself at home. The stylish trend of this summer is the designation of the frame around the nail with careless stripes.

pedicure with stripes summer 2018

Monophonic pedicure 2018 for the summer

Covering nails with one color is the easiest and most effective choice. This option is universal for any outfit and image in general. Monochromatic design can be bright or simple, with or without trim. Such simple ideas are appropriate even in sophisticated ensembles for going out. However, it is worth remembering that choosing a solution in one color, your legs will only be complemented, but devoid of a catchy accent. Let’s see the most stylish pedicure summer 2018 fashion trends:

  1. shades of red. Coverage in a feminine sexy shade remains relevant. This year, in a diverse red palette, shades of cherry tomato and ripe cherries are considered especially popular.

plain pedicure 2018 for summer

  1. classic colors. Black and white polishes are a win-win option for any occasion. Classic colors remain especially relevant in the business sector, where it is important to observe restraint and conciseness.

stylish pedicure summer 2018

  1. Acid Solutions. If you want to draw attention to your trendy nail-art, stop at bright eye-patch solutions. A stylish choice would be bright green, raspberry, orange and electric blue lacquer.

pedicure summer design 2018

  1. In pastel colors. A touch of tenderness and romance to your image will add a design in light shades. The most popular solutions are peach, lavender, mint and lemon.

summer pedicure ideas 2018

Pedicure summer 2018 nude

Nail design in neutral colors is considered one of the most inexpressive. But therein lies its highlight. After all, nude varnish always makes the shape neat, and the legs as a whole are well-groomed. Fashionable pedicure summer design 2018 is a trend of conciseness and restraint. Such ideas are especially relevant to those who, due to their activities, are forced to adhere to a strict dress code. This year, the most popular nude shades are ivory, ivory and coffee with milk. And to add a little attractiveness to the legs, use rhinestones, rubbing or sparkles.

pedicure summer 2018 nude

Pedicure summer 2018 with kamifubuki

Colored metal circles are considered a fashionable decor in the design of toenails. Such a tool can transform even the most modest decisions. At the same time, your nail-art will be attractive and perky. New summer pedicure 2018 — fashion trends that indicate the decoration of only the thumb. The rest of the nail plates can be covered in a single color or in the style of Feng Shui. With kamifubuki, you can create original compositions or decorate the surface randomly.

pedicure summer 2018 with kamifubiki

Pedicure summer 2018 in marine style

The marine theme is one of the most relevant trends in the hot season. And to embody such ideas in your nail-art on your feet, use the most popular attributes. A fashionable solution would be a combination of blue and white stripes with a chain, anchor, shells, steering wheel and others. In this case, images can be drawn or used overlay decor. Pedicure 2018 for summer fashion trends — interpretation of the sandy texture, drawings with waves and the coast. In any case, no matter what idea you choose, the main thing is that the theme is conveyed.

pedicure summer 2018 in marine style

Summer pedicure 2018 — trendy colors

The palette of fashionable varnishes this year is so diverse that it is not so easy to choose a specific solution. Therefore, stylists recommend starting not only from fashion trends and personal preferences, but also from the lifestyle that you lead. It is important to consider the situation — whether it is a casual style or a contrasting direction. But let’s see the most fashionable pedicure color for summer 2018:

  1. business style. For office bows, the most suitable coating is black, white or natural color. If your dress code is not too strict, then deep shades are suitable — marsala, sapphire, chocolate.

summer pedicure 2018 trendy colors

  1. Everyday Ensembles. For urban and beach bows, you can not restrain yourself in fantasy. All pastel colors, saturated shades of purple, blue, red, orange and others are relevant here. In addition, any solution can be supplemented with overhead decor or glitter.

trendy pedicure color summer 2018

  1. To the exit. Evening combinations always want to add brilliance and richness. Therefore, dark deep colors are relevant for such ensembles — blue, purple, emerald, black. For delicate bows, use colored pastel colors — pink, blue, lilac and others.

beautiful pedicure for summer 2018

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