Ombre manicure 2018 - fashion ideas for long and short nails

Gradient transitions on the nails always emphasize the originality and originality of the fashionista’s individual style. Therefore, even the most modest girls are unable to resist the unusual design with beautiful streamers of shades. A stylish review of ombre manicure 2018 will help you stay in trend and emphasize your sense of style in your look.

Ombre manicure 2018 — fashion trends

The popularity of interesting and unusual design is due not only to a spectacular and attractive appearance. This solution is able to visually correct the shape and width of the nail plates. In addition, if you have irreparable flaws or irregularities on the surface of the nail, then stretching the shades will help divert attention and even smooth out imperfections. To date, the ombre effect in the nail-art industry is not new. But every year stylists offer new and original ideas. Let’s review manicure 2018 gradient — fashion trends:

  1. Vertical. One of the popular solutions for transferring stretch marks with color on nails is vertical gradient transitions. This option visually lengthens the fingers and gives aristocracy to the handles as a whole.
  2. Horizontal. Horizontal transitions are considered the most popular. Here, blurry borders look more saturated and always catch the eye. But it is worth remembering that a visually horizontal ombre fills the fingers and makes the nail plate wider.
  3. Finger to finger. This solution looks especially impressive and is perfect for those who are not ready to experiment with sharp transitions. In this case, the shades are selected in the same color range, and the nails are painted in the same color from dark to light — each in its own tone.

Ombre manicure 2018 for short nails

Today, natural length is in fashion and this solution is suitable for any look. However, it is important to be able to choose the right design so as not to visually spoil the shape. Actual manicure gradient 2018 for short nails — vertical direction. This option will visually lengthen the plates and give refinement to the fingers. Stylists recommend choosing shades in the same color range and not making sharp transitions. A soft stretch will emphasize the neatness and accuracy of the choice. Ombre from one finger to another is considered a win-win, where you can use sparkles or rubbing.

ombre manicure 2018 for short nails

Manicure 2018 gradient for long nails

Girls with a beautiful long shape can embody any fantasies in design. Here, both the vertical and horizontal direction of the pattern, as well as abstract diagonals, transitions from one finger to another, and even a geometric effect are relevant. Evening and summer manicure 2018 gradient can be supplemented with voluminous and textured finishes — rhinestones, stones, modeling. Winter and everyday ideas are best done in a restrained style. However, the boundaries can be sharp. In addition, contrasting shades of varnishes can be used for long lengths. The actual shape will be a soft square and almond.

manicure 2018 gradient for long nails

Fashion manicure gradient 2018

Best of all, beautiful gradient transitions look on the soft shape of the nail plates. However, lovers of sharp «claws» can visually soften the borders with the help of such a pattern. The advantage of stretching color in design is versatility. Such solutions are perfectly combined with any finish, acting as a background or a simultaneous decor. There are several ways to create a transition. The most popular is spraying with an airbrush. But let’s see the most fashionable ombre manicure of 2018:

  1. Broken glass effect. A stylish addition that fits any length and shape is the interpretation of fragments. It can be both colored and transparent decor. In this case, ombre shades do not matter.
  2. With kamifubuki. Another popular type of finish that looks great in combination with a stretch of color is thin metal circles of different colors and sizes. But in this case, it is better to use the decor on a plain coating on several fingers.
  3. Manicure ombre holes 2018. The highlighted crescent at the root of the nail plate looks very attractive in an ensemble with a gradient base. The hole can be a classic or original shape — concave, geometric, transparent, patterned.
  4. According to Feng Shui. It is not necessary to decorate all nails with interesting transitions. A stylish solution would be to highlight one or two fingers. However, it is better to cover the rest of the nail plates with a uniform, universal, neutral or non-staining calm color.

Manicure 2018 gradient with rubbing

If your main style is distinguished by attractive and expressive solutions, then ideas with the addition of a rub-in shiny pigment will be a stylish choice that will always draw attention to well-groomed and beautiful hands. The fashion trend of this season has become a bright ombre manicure 2018 summer, which will help to make a catchy accent in a discreet bow or complement a contrasting ensemble in clothes. A popular choice of rubbing is the pearl finish, which will stylishly decorate delicate transitions with brilliance. The pigment can be rubbed in partially, for example, in the form of a strip in the center or on a large scale.

manicure 2018 gradient with rubbing

Red manicure ombre 2018

Saturated red color will always add femininity and emphasize decisiveness in the whole image. However, choosing such a shade, it is important to be able to choose the right secondary tones for it. Manicure gradient summer 2018 is relevant with the use of three colors. And the most popular in this case will be orange, yellow and crimson. Such a bright combination is perfect for the season. For the demi-season and winter period, classic colors are suitable — black or white. Considering that red will always be the main one in ombre, it can be softened with a matte top.

red ombre manicure 2018

Manicure ombre french 2018

French design is a classic choice that is appropriate for both everyday bows and elegant evening looks. And such ideas in modern nail-art are very diverse. If you adhere to restraint in your combinations, then the standard choice of varnishes will be the actual solution — white to highlight the “smile” and nude for the base. But the main difference from the classic version is the blurred border. Summer manicure 2018 ombre can be more intense. A stylish solution would be a gradient transition on the main part of the nail and a bright or contrasting sharp stripe.

manicure ombre french 2018

French goes well with other types of design. One of the most stylish is an ensemble with transparent or white holes. A generous scattering of stones or rhinestones in the style of Feng Shui will also be a good addition. In addition, the French style is versatile for choosing finger jewelry. A beautiful stretch of color will help draw attention to exquisite costume jewelry or jewelry.

Ombre manicure with a pattern 2018

Drawings in nail design remain in trend for more than one season in a row. Any ideas in this direction always look impressive and accentuate the originality in the image. In an ensemble with a gradient stretch, it is better to use light and pastel shades so that the image is expressive and does not get lost against the general background. In this case, the transition can act as a basis or decorate individual fingers. The most relevant are floral and geometric patterns. Delicate and romantic ideas will ideally complement beautiful feminine solutions — lilac, turquoise, pink manicure 2018 ombre.

ombre manicure with a pattern 2018

Ombre manicure 2018 in nude style

One of the most versatile solutions for looks in any style is considered to be a coating in neutral tones. The only drawback in this case is the lack of brightness, which excludes accentuation on the hands. But if you keep restraint in your combinations, a gentle ombre 2018 nude manicure will be a stylish choice. The most popular is the transition in one color range from dark to lighter shade. This option looks especially impressive in a gradient from one finger to another. But in the trend and interpretation in the style of French. Knitted patterns will be fashionable finishes.

nude manicure ombre 2018

Ombre manicure with rhinestones 2018

Sparkling crystals in the design will add sophistication and elegance to the image. Abstract large-scale distribution on individual fingers and beautiful compositions in the form of a crown, flowers and other interpretations are in fashion. Fashionable manicure 2018 gradient looks stylish with both transparent rhinestones and colored stones. Ideas with the use of crystals in an ensemble with textured molding on stretching with color look interesting and very feminine. In vespers and winter looks, it is better to choose varnishes in dark and saturated colors. Warm and pastel colors are more suitable for summer and everyday bows.

ombre manicure with rhinestones 2018

Matte manicure ombre 2018

Glare-free coating always makes nail-art neat and tidy. Ombre manicure design 2018 stylists offer to do in catchy and rich colors. A versatile choice would be an ensemble of classic shades, where you can choose only two colors or make the transition softer with gray tones. The main highlight of matte gradient nails is a blurry and even abstract border. Here the stretch can take any direction. For everyday bows, finishing is rarely used. In the exit image, you can add rhinestones, stones, foil to your hands.

matte manicure ombre 2018

Black ombre manicure 2018

Dark classic color has become a popular solution in gradient nail design. The relevance of this choice is due not only to the versatility in the choice of other details in the image and its style, but also the ability to create a transition with black, both the main color and the secondary one. Combinations with bright and deep varnishes are considered the most stylish — red, green, purple, blue manicure 2018 ombre. Black looks great in a classic combination with white and gray, which will suit any bow. And such nail-art can be supplemented with any decor.

black manicure 2018 ombre

Ombre manicure 2018 with geometry

The difference between the geometric gradient is not blurring, but the clarity of the boundaries between the transitions. In this design, there is not only a stretch, but also a whole composition of rhombuses or circles. A stylish ombre manicure 2018 is always bright and saturated, since in this case at least three shades are used, or even more. In this case, the colors can be of the same color palette or contrasting. Gradient geometry will suit both young fashionistas and women of age. Such a pattern visually lengthens the nail plate, which is important for a short length.

ombre manicure 2018 with geometry

The complexity of this design lies in the fact that in this case, hand-painted is almost always used. And it is very important to be able to make uniform motifs of the composition. An airbrush can only be used if you stretch as a background, and apply geometric patterns on top as a finish — stripes, squares, negative space, zigzags and broken lines, and so on.

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