Nail design with rhinestones - 40 photos of a stylish manicure with rhinestones

Well-groomed hands are far from a luxury, but an everyday necessity for a modern woman. Beautiful nail art cheers up for a long time, makes you feel confident, especially if nail design with rhinestones is used.

Nail design 2018 with rhinestones

The variety of techniques in which modern manicure is performed allows you to get a new interesting version of nail art every time you visit the master. The use of specially processed glass crystals imitating precious stones touched all areas of fashion (clothes, shoes, accessories) and smoothly moved to our hands.

Their use in manicure in record time has become such a popular technique that it is rare that a coating does not have this expressive element:

  1. Its bright sheen makes nail art sophisticated for evening looks and framed for everyday wear.
  2. Glittering stones are successfully used as a dominant component or as part of a complex pattern. Extremely popular 2018 French nail design with rhinestones, along with moon manicure, with drawings and others.
  3. Pebbles look equally good on long and short nails.

  nail design 2018 with rhinestonesnail design 2018 french with rhinestones

Design with rhinestones for short nails

Short length can also look stylish with skillful play. And although their nail plate gives little scope for imagination, thoughtful decor and craftsmanship can create an extraordinary option. Two nuances are important here: the nails should look visually longer and not be cluttered with a large number of components:

  1. A neat option is when single elements decorate the lunula.
  2. The location in the form of a pyramid at the base also contributes to visual lengthening.
  3. A laconic decor in the form of three pebbles placed along the middle of the plate is also a good version for a short length. As an option — the location on the side.
  4. Your choice may be the intersection of two strips lined with crystals.
  5. Design for short nails with rhinestones and sparkles is not contraindicated, but in a dosed volume.

rhinestone design for short nailsdesign for short nails with rhinestones and sparkles

Design for long nails with rhinestones

Long nails are an excellent springboard for the implementation of the most daring ideas and designs. Here you can not be afraid that your pride will look visually smaller. Therefore, the whole considerable range of techniques and techniques that manicurists have at their disposal is quite appropriate on your nails, no matter what shape they are — oval, almond-shaped or square.

These luxurious sparkling elements, but in large quantities look cheap. This is especially true for bright colors of the coating. For example, if you decide on a catchy red nail design with rhinestones, then it is better to restrain the urge to attach a dozen or two crystals at once. But as a small accent in nail art, shiny pebbles have no analogues, for which they are loved by the fair sex of any age.

design for long nails with rhinestones  red nail design with rhinestones

Beautiful nail design with rhinestones

Glass particles can easily be considered a versatile design technique due to their ability to easily fit into any nail art. Manufacturers offer shiny crystals not only in different sizes, but also in colors. Thanks to this assortment, the master can use the pebbles not as a single element, but also collect original figures and patterns from them.

However, in most cases, specialists prefer to combine crystals with other techniques, greatly enhancing the attractiveness of the final result. Suggested nail designs with rhinestones for every taste:

  1. An extraordinary version in union with round particles — broths.
  2. The Mysterious Cat’s Eye can also be accessorized with sparkling stones in limited quantities.
  3. A truly luxurious manicure with a black finish.
  4. A tandem with an exquisite jacket is the favorite nail art of fashionistas.
  5. For special occasions, a butterfly made of crystals is ideal.
  6. If you like contrast, combine this element with a matte finish.
  7. Her art has a beautiful effect with a rub or ombre, coupled with bright pebbles.

beautiful nail design with rhinestonesnail designs with rhinestones

Nail design with rhinestones and bouillons

Unusual nail art becomes part of the images, not only elegant, but also everyday. Recently, the use of broths, that is, small balls of colored glass, which form the effect of velvety sand on the top, has become popular. Together with rhinestones, a stunning effect arises:

  1. Bouillons are often used as a neat cut of crystals.
  2. Sometimes these small balls form chains, necklaces.
  3. Broths can cover the entire nail plate of the finger adjacent to the one on which there is a pattern of shiny elements.

nail design with rhinestones and bouillonsnail design gel polish with rhinestones

Cat eye nail design with rhinestones

The so-called cat’s eye became one of the popular trends last year. A special iridescent coating with a deep saturated color can have a characteristic strip along the diagonal of the nail plate, reminiscent of the sparkle of a consonant semi-precious stone. A rich design can be continued to decorate, but very carefully so as not to overload the attractiveness of the picture:

An alliance with the lenses is quite possible and even successful if the accents are correctly placed. So, for example, a blue nail design with rhinestones of light delicate tones looks better — white, translucent, blue. Pebbles cover one — a maximum of two fingers in a limited amount. In some cases, it is not forbidden to brightly decorate only one nail with a stylish pattern of crystals.

cat eye nail design with rhinestones

Black nail design with rhinestones

Mysterious black is an extraordinary manicure for special occasions. On a dark background, the colorful sparkle of crystals shimmering with all the colors of the rainbow is maximally manifested. This is an excellent field for building a fancy pattern of rhinestones of different configurations, sizes and colors:

  1. Lovers of glamor in all their glory will suit figures made of glass pebbles in the form of a crown.
  2. If you like a somewhat aggressive grunge style, the design of black nails with rhinestones of pointed shape like spikes will help to emphasize its expressiveness.
  3. Pebbles of silvery or golden colors look expressive on a black background.
  4. The simple design of nails with rhinestones in one number at the lunula is restrained and concise.
  5. In the design of nails with rhinestones, you can add one or two fingers in a contrasting color, for example, white, yellow, silver.

black nail design with rhinestones  black nail design with rhinestones

French nail design with rhinestones

French is a timeless classic that is loved by office plankton ladies, pensioners and those who represent youth, how versatile it is. In a traditional performance, a French manicure may seem boring, but in combination with other elements, its effectiveness exceeds expectations. French nail design with rhinestones is a special harmonious occasion:

  1. Often, masters decorate the border of a traditional smile with small pebbles. A simple white french nail design with rhinestones becomes elegant. This option is only suitable for long nails.
  2. Sometimes crystals cover one finger of each palm (ring finger), not decorated with a smile. Crystals can decorate the entire surface or partially on the side, near the lunula, in the middle.
  3. Pebbles sometimes lay out rhombuses, arches, triangles, crosses.

french nail design with rhinestonesnail design white french with rhinestones

Butterfly nail design with rhinestones

Drawing drawings will not surprise anyone. Among the geometric and floral patterns, delicate and frivolous butterflies are extremely in demand. This feminine image looks stylish, spectacular and perfect for romantic looks:

  1. Often only an accent finger is covered with insects against a background that differs from the main tone of the coating. Shiny pieces of glass can decorate wings or form butterfly eyes.
  2. A fashionable option — the wings are placed simultaneously on two adjacent nails, when they approach each other, a characteristic figure immediately appears.
  3. In bright nail art, the wings are completely covered with crystals, in a more restrained version, the corners of the wings or contours.
  4. It turns out a very delicate nail design with rhinestones, if only a fragment of a winglet is depicted on the nail.

butterfly nail design with rhinestones  delicate nail design with rhinestones

Matte nail design with rhinestones

Glossy finish has always been considered a model of solemnity. But in recent years, the baton has been taken over by a matte top. On the nails, it looks elegant and unadorned, but the non-shiny coating in tandem with rhinestones looks unsurpassedly sophisticated. The color of the top and pebbles can match, forming a delicate monochrome. And if you like contrast, then it is better to choose a silver or golden crystal for a rich matte finish. Matte smoothes out the pretentiousness of the catchy range, so you can safely use a red nail design with rhinestones.

  matte nail design with rhinestones

Rubbed nail design with rhinestones

Rubbing is an interesting technique for creating a beautiful mirror shine. Microscopic dust is gently rubbed into the surface of the nail and gives a spectacular metallic shimmer. Such nail art looks expressive even without additional decor, and rhinestones play the role of a kind of accent in it, the final chord. It makes sense to use crystals of a different color from the rub. The exception is an elegant white nail design with rhinestones.

nail design rubbing with rhinestones

Ombre nail design with rhinestones

A smooth transition of color is a fashionable note in makeup, hair coloring and manicure. Absolutely not a template version involuntarily attracts attention, even if it is made in delicate pastel colors. A neat beige nail design with a small amount of rhinestones is ideal for a romantic bow. Gradient manicure can also include catchy tones, the main thing is that the number of shiny elements is limited, otherwise you risk looking vulgar. Sparkling pebbles lay out the side parts of the nail plate, the lunula, the central part.

  ombre nail design with rhinestones

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