Nail design summer 2018 - bright ideas for fashionable manicure for nails of any shape and length

For many of the fair sex, the summer season is reasonably associated with bright saturated colors, which are used to create stylish bows. This trend is applied not only in the wardrobe, the design of the summer 2018 nails also corresponds to it.

Nail design summer 2018 — fashion trends

Stylists, creating fashionable manicure summer 2018, try to adhere to the latest current trends, which are as follows:

  1. You can use all sorts of bright shades, while nail art can be monochrome or contain a combination of different tones. Fuchsia, lavender, yellow, coral, red, turquoise will look catchy and stylish.
  2. Another option would be to make a gentle manicure done in light pastel colors such as mint, light pink, beige, peach, light blue.
  3. This season, the oval or almond shape is very popular, which gives the nail plates femininity and sophistication.

nail design summer 2018 fashion trendstrendy manicure summer 2018

Manicure for short nails summer 2018

The manicure for the summer of 2018, made on shortened nails, is distinguished by sophistication and accuracy. You can note the following variations of its design:

  • lace elements covering certain areas or all of the nail plates will look gentle and romantic;
  • you can use discreet geometric or floral prints;
  • there may be an addition of sparkles and rhinestones, which are used sparingly, given the small surface;

manicure for short nails summer 2018manicure for summer 2018

Design of long nails summer 2018

Stylists will be able to fully express their imagination by creating a design for long nails in the summer of 2018. Given the large area, it can accommodate a variety of patterns and decorations. You can identify such common fashion trends:

  • applying all kinds of prints, which can be geometric, abstract, floral, animalistic;
  • decorating with rhinestones, which can be located on one or more nail plates, cover them completely or lay out in the form of certain patterns;
  • gradient, in this case, one color of summer 2018 manicure smoothly flows into another, the transition can be both horizontal and vertical.

long nail design summer 2018manicure color summer 2018

Manicure ideas for summer 2018

To create stylish, memorable images, the latest summer 2018 manicure trends are used. Among the most popular of them are the following:

  • the use of bright and saturated tones that are used in one color or a combination of several;
  • French or lunar nail design summer 2018 remains invariably relevant, which can be made in different variations;
  • ombre is very popular, which can have a horizontal, vertical and even diagonal arrangement;
  • transparent and colored rhinestones are used to add luxury and showiness;
  • nail art can be glossy or matte. There is also a combination of these two types.

manicure ideas for summer 2018manicure trends summer 2018

Bright manicure for summer 2018

One of the most popular fashion trends is a bright nail design 2018. There are such variations of its design:

  • with drawing all kinds of fruits and berries, it can be oranges, watermelons, shown in the section, strawberries, raspberries and other options;
  • it is allowed to use any one tone, it can be aquamarine, orange, yellow, raspberry, red manicure summer 2018;
  • made on a marine theme, with the image of bright blue stripes on a white background, anchors, shells, starfish;
  • drawing bright geometric shapes that can alternate in shape and color.

bright manicure for summer 2018trendy manicure summer 2018

French manicure summer 2018

French manicure summer 2018 is able to harmoniously complement any image. To create it, the following design solutions are used:

  • the tip can be painted in traditional snow-white or delicate pastel colors;
  • another way would be a French summer 2018 nail design using bright and rich colors;
  • the nail plate can be decorated with lace elements;
  • the tip and the main part can be separated from each other with a strip lined with rhinestones;
  • the shape of the tip may differ: be classic rounded or made in the form of a triangle.

french manicure summer 2018French manicure summer 2018

Pink manicure summer 2018

To create a stylish nail art, different trendy colors of summer 2018 manicure are used. One of the most popular is a pink shade that can give tenderness and romance. It can be called universal, because it will organically fit into any bow and will be combined with many wardrobe items. Common design practices include:

  • drawing curls and lace patterns applied in black or white;
  • decorating with rhinestones, which can be used in a minimal amount or richly decorate a finger;
  • alternation with various geometric or floral prints is possible.

pink manicure summer 2018trendy manicure colors summer 2018

Black nail design summer 2018

The stylish summer 2018 manicure, made in black, looks elegant and elegant. It can be applied to the fingers using the following methods:

  • using a glossy or matte finish;
  • nail design summer 2018, made in the form of a jacket or moon nail art;
  • black and white colors look unsurpassed, colors can alternate with each other or snow-white patterns can be applied to a black background.

black nail design summer 2018stylish manicure summer 2018

Matte nail design summer 2018

One of the most popular trends is considered to be a fashionable nail design for the summer of 2018, made using a matte finish. There are such variations of its design:

  • plain nail art or made using different shades;
  • colors can alternate with each other or all kinds of drawings and patterns are applied to a certain background;
  • the design of matte nails summer 2018, containing a combination with rhinestones, looks spectacular and luxurious;
  • in the matte version, the gradient also looks unsurpassed.

matte nail design summer 2018trendy nail design summer 2018

Nail design summer 2018 with a pattern

You can create an incredibly beautiful manicure for the summer of 2018, if you put all kinds of images on the nail plates. Among the most common types of drawings are the following:

  • the drawing of ice cream continues to be relevant, which fits perfectly into the summer look;
  • the image of a variety of fruits and berries looks extremely original, which can be drawn as a whole or in a section. You can give a volumetric effect if you complement the nail art with transparent drops depicted on the surface of the fruit. Often used options such as orange, lemon, watermelon, raspberry, strawberry, cherry;
  • nautical theme is another popular trend of this season. Blue and white stripes alternate on the fingers, there are patterns such as anchors, starfish, shells;
  • geometric prints are considered a real fashion hit. For their application, such shapes as a square, rhombus, rectangle, triangle, lines, dots, circles are used;
  • in the summer season, floral and floral ornaments become incredibly popular. They can be delicate or extremely bright and saturated, the addition of rhinestones is welcome;
  • animal prints can be used, for example, imitating the colors of a zebra, tiger or leopard.

nail design summer 2018 with a patternbeautiful manicure for summer 2018

Nail design summer 2018 with rhinestones

One of the variations in which the most fashionable summer 2018 manicure is presented is decorating with rhinestones. They can be laid out on the nail plates using the following techniques:

  • in the form of a strip separating one element of nail art from another, for example, the tip from the main part when creating a jacket;
  • in the form of all kinds of curls and patterns;
  • can completely cover the nail plate;
  • rhinestones can be used traditional transparent or various colors, in the latter case, it is possible to create bright masterpieces of nail art;
  • colored rhinestones are ideal for laying out all kinds of floral and floral ornaments.

nail design summer 2018 with rhinestonesthe most fashionable manicure summer 2018

Lunar nail design summer 2018

Over the past years, very unusual manicure ideas have been introduced in the summer of 2018. One of the most popular trends is moon nail art, for which the latest fashion trends are applied. Among them are the following:

  • the hole can have not only the traditional oval shape, but also be triangular, square and even zigzag;
  • staining the hole with a transparent or white varnish is considered a classic. However, this season, many alternative options are allowed: this part can be painted in catchy rich colors or lined with rhinestones.

lunar nail design summer 2018manicure ideas summer 2018

Ombre manicure summer 2018

The real hit of the season is the summer 2018 nail design, made in the form of an ombre. The following variations are allowed:

  • with a horizontal transition from one color to another;
  • in a vertical or diagonal position;
  • can be both glossy and matte;
  • a transition of contrasting tones that look extremely bright can be applied;
  • another way would be to make a gentle summer 2018 manicure, in which a similar color scheme is taken, light pastel is preferred.

ombre manicure summer 2018manicure for summer 2018

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