Manicure with holes - classic design and new fashion ideas

Nail art designers today offer a manicure with holes to diversify with drawings, stickers and sparkle glitters. It will also be interesting to look like voluminous decor, acrylic molding in delicate shades and sophisticated artistic graphics.

Manicure with holes 2017

Given its seventy-year history, manicure with holes is still in demand and pleases its lovers with new interesting design ideas. The selection of the crescent at the base of the nails is called «reverse French». Lunar manicure 2017 is striking in its variety of ideas and variations. The main details that help draw even holes are designed to be stencils, the fashionable forms of which are named:

  • rectangular;
  • in the form of bagels;
  • round.

Manicure with holes 2017moon manicure 2017

Lunar manicure nail design

Red manicure with holes and manicure with white holes are recognized to be the trend of the current year, and will help to emphasize the unique image of every woman. The warm season itself suggests design and shades for stylish nail art, but the main requirement, according to experts, will be a double combination of colors. Trendy connections for 2017 include:

  • milky / blue;
  • black red;
  • pink/flesh;
  • sky/gray.

Lunar manicure nail designred manicure with holes

Lunar manicure for short nails

In 2017, nail art experts recommend adding some novelty variations to the moon manicure for short nails:

  • elongated crescent. The line is drawn from the lunula to the free edge of the nail in one shade.
  • Combination of matte and glossy shellac. The background is neutral, and to create contrast — yellow or blue.

To make crescents look stylish and beautiful, you need to know a few secrets:

  1. Outline the upper border of the hole with a thin line.
  2. Use only nude and light finishes.
  3. «Hollywood jacket on the contrary» made with shellac, it is better not to complement with decorations.

Lunar manicure for short nailsmoon manicure for short

Manicure with holes for long nails

A beautiful moon manicure on long nails looks flawless and delightful, and allows you to embody the most daring ideas of designers. This year, sharp tips with a discreet pattern or with sequins will be a popular option. Based on this, you can create miniature masterpieces:

  1. Business. Lunar technology harmoniously combines with French. The work used a gray-beige base gel polish with a black addition. The emphasis is sprayed on the ring nail.
  2. Solemn. White matte varnish is applied to long nails with an almond shape, and the holes are complemented with a pattern with rhinestones, giving a festive mood. A floral pattern will further decorate this nail art.
  3. Evening. The reverse French technique is applied with white varnish to the cuticle area. Plum color is taken as a base and applied to the semi-square shape of the nail plate. Rhinestones and acrylic molding in this case are a wonderful decor and addition.

beautiful moon manicureManicure with holes for long nails

Hole Manicure Ideas

The modern nail industry has developed a new decor trend — these are water stickers for nails and supplemented them with multi-colored shimmers and glitters. Manicure with holes with a slider design is considered universal and newfangled, it can be applied to any shape and length of nails. There are three types of special water-based stickers:

  • simple drawing;
  • pattern on the entire surface of the nail;
  • colorless stickers.

Lunar manicure with sparkles, which are applied to one or a couple of nails, is the hit of the season. Another great design idea is to decorate the hole with sparkles and draw a double or triple crescent. The original offer to make the shape of the bevel in the jacket, in the form of a corner or a zigzag. The last idea is difficult to implement. From the decor, designers distinguish:

  • foil;
  • rhinestones;
  • glitters;
  • patterns.

glitter moon manicureHole Manicure Ideas

Lunar french manicure

The combined manicure of the hole and the jacket in 2017 will be distinguished by tricolor, that is, the base, the crescent and the edge of the nail will be of different shades. Elegant and sophisticated solutions within the combined lunar design:

  1. A black and blue gamma was used with different techniques: gradient, French and fine painting. Using white and beige shades, the lunula area is highlighted and an ultra-thin black jacket is created on all nails.
  2. White jacket on a light lilac base, complemented by lunar technology. The ring nail is covered with purple textural sand.
  3. They combine the techniques of painting, french and broken glass. The ends of the nail plates, the lunula area, and the entire contour are circled with black varnish. Base coat is nude pink. And the thinnest airy stripes are painted with white and black varnishes.

hole and french manicureLunar french manicure

Lunar manicure with rhinestones

The solemn manicure of the hole with rhinestones, which is decorated neatly and discreetly, is the most sought after in the nail industry this summer. There are a lot of options for this nail art, but stylists have identified the most catchy and modern:

  1. Classic. Solid color design with a beautiful cream shade, decorated with velvet sand, rhinestones and sequins.
  2. Exclusive. Green rhinestones effectively set off the beige varnish. Nameless marigolds are covered with silver broths with inserts of large green stones.

hole manicure with rhinestonesLunar manicure with rhinestones

Manicure with transparent holes

Lunar manicure with a transparent hole, the third season does not leave the popular list of nail art. In the current season, experts suggest painting the lunula of the nail with body polish. A fresh trend will be the combination of French inverted nail art with artistic patterns or sculpting. The following color combinations are stylish: green and white, chocolate-beige or pink-silver. Beauty salons present the following options for this type of design:

  1. White with gold. Nails of medium length and square shape. The emphasis is on the little finger, which is decorated with gold plating and rhinestones.
  2. Chocolate. Lunar technique and painting are used. The drawing on some nails is applied with white varnish in a vignette style.
  3. Green. Elongated oval nails with a green base are decorated with white acrylic using decorative tendrils, curls and blades of grass.

moon manicure with a transparent holeManicure with transparent holes

Manicure with triangular holes

A triangular moon manicure looks advantageous on nails of medium length. This season, nail design suggests emphasizing the very edging of the triangle: with glitter lines or rhinestones. Stylists offer a manicure with holes in the form of triangles in the following options:

  1. Office. Black and pink varnishes are chosen for work, and corporal as a complementary one. A pattern in the form of several triangles is created using a stencil alternating colors. The average length of the nails will not interfere with pressing the keys of the keyboard, and the design will emphasize the style and severity of the image.
  2. Everyday. A simple, light-colored design will look good on square-shaped nails. They are covered with white enamel lacquer and accentuated with the help of the depicted pyramid with glitter. And the holes are painted with pale blue varnish.
  3. Romantic. It is performed in a natural beige tones, black pyramids are drawn at the base of the nails, crossed out with a white line. Extravagance adds an accent in the form of an ethnic pattern on the two extreme fingers.

triangular moon manicureManicure with triangular holes

Bright moon manicure

The red moon manicure is traditional and popular in nail art. Designers supplemented it with small rhinestones, a relief pattern, but they chose to modify the line of the hole as the main “highlight”. The bright red shade will be replaced this summer with coral, scarlet, burgundy, cherry and wine. Here are some charming and daring ideas:

  1. Heart. One-color matte scarlet varnish is used. They make a double arc inside the nail. This will give the impression of a lace insert.
  2. Tricolor. A combination of three colors is chosen: a dull pink and two red shades close in tone. Two diagonal red strokes are applied to the pink coating. This pattern looks original and dazzling.
  3. Rainbow. In this version of nail art, the acrylic modeling technique is combined with the acid colors of varnishes. It is proposed to choose light green, pink and mint varnishes. For the hole — beige. For decoration, you can use pebbles of different diameters.

red moon manicureBlack manicure with holes

Lunar manicure with a pattern

Almost every nail design can be decorated with a painting. This way of decor helps to create a spectacular work of art. Black manicure with holes, the modern nail industry considers it an excellent basis for writing and creating exclusive patterns and paintings. In 2017, the trendy patterns will be geometric lines and shapes, images of picturesque flowers, butterflies and birds. In nail design this season, the use of:

  • sliders;
  • stucco;
  • lace;
  • applications;
  • beaded patterns.

An artistic manicure with holes will be very popular and can be matched to any festive or everyday style of clothing. Several versatile options:

  1. Vintage. For the color of the holes on three of the five nails, white or pale pink varnish is taken. The pattern is applied in black, and covered with a translucent composition on top, thereby creating a haze effect.
  2. bird of paradise. It is performed in gray-pearl shades on an elongated oval nail shape. On two adjacent nails, you can depict a delicate flower and a fabulous bird. And complement the nail on the index finger with rhinestones at the hole.

Bright moon manicureLunar manicure with a pattern

Delicate moon manicure

A beautiful manicure with holes — firstly, these are nude shades of varnish, and secondly, this is a moderate use of decor. 2017 for brides gives original and delicate additions to nail art:

  • pearl coating;
  • slider design;
  • lace patterns.

Fashionable shades will add lightness: baked milk, beige, cream and pearl — all of them will harmoniously look like a base and finish. Sky blue and pink are perfect for summer nail coverage. And the synthesis of lunar technique and a jacket in white is an ideal and authentic option for a wedding look. Fashionable manicure with holes 2017:

  1. Reverse Fancy French. At the holes, apply smiles and focus on one of the nails — in white. Draw lines in the form of arches with beige gel polish, and take a light lemon color as a base.
  2. Angelic weightlessness. Little white curls, twisting among themselves, form a pretty lace pattern. You can decorate with a volumetric slider design. This nail art is perfect for a romantic or evening outfit.

Delicate moon manicureBeautiful manicure with holes

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