Manicure with dots - fashion ideas for short and long nails

Modern trendy nail design is not only unusual solutions and original finishes, but also the ability to decorate your hands with an interesting and attractive idea in a simple way. One of these types of nail-art today is a manicure with dots.

Manicure 2018 with dots

If you think that polka dots on nails are unattractive due to their simplicity and uncomplicatedness, then your delusions will quickly dispel the latest shows of the modern nail industry. With the help of this decor, you can embody the most incredible ideas. In this case, the inclusion can act as the main finish or complement drawings, sliders, common techniques and tools for decorating nail plates. And in order to stay in trend and emphasize the sense of style in the image, let’s see which dot manicure 2018 is in trend:

  1. Minimalism. The most popular choice is the application of a laconic decor in the form of one, maximum two peas on a plain base. Restrained colors meet the minimalist style — black, nature, transparent top and light pastel colors.

manicure with dots minimalism

  1. scale finish. If you want to draw attention to your original choice, you should stop at the intensive decoration of all fingers. Finishing can be both large and small or mixed. Bright and contrasting ideas are appropriate here, as well as design in romantic and restrained colors.

dot manicure 2018

  1. With rhinestones. A polka dot print or a laconic blotch is appropriate even for evening-style looks or going out. For such solutions, the most relevant will be the use of rhinestones. Stones are successfully combined with drops of varnish or can act as an alternative to mugs. But in this case, rhinestones must be chosen only in a round shape.

dot nail design 2018

  1. Veil. One of the most beautiful and spectacular types of design is the interpretation of a translucent material on the nails. Black is required for this design. If the image corresponds to a gentle romantic style, then it is better to stay on a white coating.

beautiful dot manicure

  1. Geometry. Initially, peas belong to a geometric print. Therefore, flirty circles are successfully combined with any stripes, squares, triangles and other shapes, both in complex and simple compositions.

manicure 2018 with dots

Manicure with dots on short nails

Owners of short nails should not experiment with large-scale finishes. Applying peas to all fingers visually gives volume to the nail plates, which is irrelevant due to the short shape. Fashionable dot nail design 2018 — minimalism or bead threads, where the pattern adorns the surface only in the center or on the side. If you are attracted to more catchy solutions, stop at Feng Shui ideas, decorating with one, maximum two fingers interspersed. For such a design, the soft shape of the plates is better suited — almond, square without sharp corners, oval.

manicure with dots for short nails

Manicure for long nails with dots

Girls who boast long beautiful nails are not constrained by restrictions. On a long length, you can experiment using fantasy. The trendy dotted nail design is presented in a large-scale abstract version or an abstract theme. However, laconic minimal ideas are also appropriate for accentuating neatness and accuracy in the image. On long nail plates, you can combine a pattern with a volumetric or false finish — modeling, stones and rhinestones, foil, sliders and more. But even in this case, the streamlined soft shape of the nails is considered appropriate.

manicure for long nails with dots

Dotted Manicure Ideas

There are several ways to make interpretation of peas on nails. If you are making a chaotic abstraction, you can use a regular nail polish brush. However, in this case, the pattern turns out to be uneven, and even the clear boundaries of the circles may be violated. Dots is considered the most common and relevant in the modern nail-art industry. This tool looks like an art brush, but at the end, instead of a pile, there is a metal ball that is dipped in varnish or gel. With the help of dots, the mugs are the same and clear. Let’s see a fashionable dot manicure:

  1. Holes. One of the universal solutions is the selection of onions. In this design, the inclusion can highlight the shape of the crescent or act as a contrasting addition both at the base and at the root of the nail plate.
  2. According to Feng Shui. The selection of one or two fingers with peas looks restrained and at the same time attractive. The rest of the nails are covered in a monochromatic, ombre, french or rubbed style.
  3. Gradient. The mugs look very beautiful and feminine on a gradient basis. To make the finish expressive, make an ombre in light or pastel colors. For evening design, you can apply decor in gold or silver.
  4. With rubbing. A large decor, complemented by a rub with a pigment of different shades, looks original and very impressive. To do this, the base must be dried, and the powder rubbed onto the sticky blotches.

Nude manicure with dots

The design in neutral colors is versatile for everyday wear. This option is perfect for strict bows in a business style. The most popular is beige manicure with black dots. If you follow a romantic direction, it is better to make the decor white lacquer. The neatness and neatness of the handles will help emphasize the matte top. Nude manicure with dots can be done in any shade. But the most trendy today are ivory, ivory and coffee. The main feature of this nail-art is its versatility for combination with jewelry in any color.

nude manicure with dots

Red manicure with dots

One of the most stylish solutions to add a bright accent to the image is nail-art in red tones. In modern fashion, any shades of a feminine range are popular — delicate coral, rich scarlet, deep wine. The red color in polka dot print designs is more often the base. The actual choice was a manicure with black dots. This can be an interpretation of a ladybug with uniform circles or a laconic decor only at the root, along the edge or side of the nail plate. If you use red varnish for finishing, then it is better to make the pattern on a white base, so the handles will be more expressive.

red manicure with dots

Black and white manicure with dots

One of the most versatile combinations is considered to be an ensemble of varnishes in classic colors. The black and white design looks catchy and at the same time fits any look, both bright and strict. The simplest solution would be the same abstraction on all fingers. At the same time, you can use Feng Shui ideas, changing the color of the base and finish. If you are looking for an extraordinary and original option, stop at the popular trend of recent seasons — stripes and dots nail design. Black and white nail-art can also be combined with trendy French style or holes.

black and white manicure with dots

Manicure stripes with dots

The combination of polka dot and striped print is considered a fashionable solution in modern women’s fashion. Such an ensemble ideally matches the trend of the eclectic direction, when in one bow it meets several directions at once. A manicure with lines and dots can be done in a plant idea by imagining a pattern in the form of bamboo sticks. This design can be decorated with flowers, leaves, palm trees and other compositions. Geometric abstraction will also be a fashionable solution, both in a large-scale version and in a minimalist one.

manicure stripes with dots

In the summer season, the nautical theme is considered relevant. In this case, polka dots and stripes can be complemented with any patterns characteristic of the sea and the coast — shells, interpretation of sand and waves, fish, ship’s steering wheel or anchor. And to make the nail-art match the given theme, use blue, white, gold and silver varnishes.

Transparent manicure with dots

Another universal solution is the decoration of nails with peas on a transparent basis. This option perfectly matches the ideas of a concise and discreet style. Therefore, a transparent manicure with minimalism dots is especially popular with business women. A colorless base can be supplemented with colored decor. But stylists advise to abandon rich and acidic shades, then your design will look more feminine and gentle. Transparent nail-art can also be combined with geometric motifs, where negative space ideas are considered relevant.

transparent manicure with dots

Manicure with colored dots

A great addition to the everyday summer look will be nail-art with different colors of trim. A manicure with a dotted design with a contrasting splash looks catchy and rich. And the brighter the varnishes, the more positive your choice will be. If you want to emphasize tenderness and romance, stop at polka dots in pastel colors mixed with white. The interpretation of balloons looks original and interesting on the nails. To draw attention to the fashionable addition as much as possible, make the background dark. Ideas with a universal color base will suit any outfit ensemble.

manicure with colored dots

Dotted Manicure

With the help of dots on the nails, you can make interesting patterns, abstractions, drawings. One of the most popular is the idea with lace motifs. It uses white varnish on a dark or transparent background. The pattern can be large-scale or concise — only at the edge or root, on one or two fingers. A fashionable choice was a manicure drawing with dots in the form of an ornament. In this case, bright and warm shades of varnishes are considered predominant. Unusual mosaics, zodiac signs and abstract chaotic ideas are in trend.

dot pattern manicure

Bright manicure with dots

The fashion trend of the last season is bright and rich nail-art, which is popular not only in the warm season, but also in winter as an opportunity to add positive and catchy to a dull look. One of the most relevant is a beautiful manicure with dots of acid shades — orange, light green, raspberry and neon blue. This idea is appropriate on all fingers equally and in the style of Feng Shui. To make the design look bright, a mix of small and large peas must be made against a catchy and even acid color.

bright dot manicure

Matte manicure with dots

Finishing the design with a matte top can emphasize the neatness and neatness of the handles. One of the most popular solutions in modern nail art are water drops. In this case, the base and finish are made in the same color. However, the background is covered with a matte top. This option perfectly matches the fashion trends of the combined manicure. Non-reflective coating will successfully complement the ideas in dark colors and with a pattern. A stylish trend of the last season has become a nail design with lines and dots in an ensemble with a matte finish.

matte manicure with dots

French manicure with dots

One of the most versatile in the modern fashion nail industry is the French style. However, the jacket does not always look attractive and emphasize originality. Therefore, designers offer interesting solutions to highlight the smile of the nail. One of the most popular is the pea print, which can act as an alternative to a stripe or mark the border between the edge and the base. A stylish choice that will always emphasize femininity are ideas in pastel colors with black or white decor — pink manicure with dots, mint, lavender and others.

french manicure with dots

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