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In the cold season, our handles require no less care than in summer. And even under gloves, nails should be stylish and well-groomed for flawlessness and completeness of appearance. Manicure winter 2018 is a rich color of ideas, where every fashionista will find a beautiful option for a specific look or a universal solution for every day.

Manicure winter 2018 — fashion trends

In the new season, stylists insist that nail design be not only a stylish addition, but also an original accent. In addition, during the most fabulous and magical holidays, images require extraordinary and original details. Fall-winter 2017-2018 manicure trends are childish spontaneity, strict classics and an ambiguous youth style. The main feature of stylish nail-art in the new season is versatility. Do not be afraid to add a touch of elegance and luxury to your everyday bow. Let’s see the most popular ideas:

  1. New Year theme. The theme of a decorated Christmas tree, Santa Claus and gifts is relevant not only for a festive look, but also for everyday wear throughout the winter. Lucky red is considered the main detail of a stylish New Year’s design.
  2. manicure winter 2018 fashion trends

  3. Brilliant Effects. A fashionable solution would be to convey the effect of sparkling frost and snow on the nails. In this case, any shiny tool will do — confetti, Yuki flakes, glitter, simple sparkles, foil, and more.
  4. manicure trends fall winter 2017 2018

  5. Cold shades. In the period of winter 2018, cold tones become actual palettes. The trend is not only snow-white and blue, but also other delicate pastel shades — pink, lilac, silver.
  6. fashionable winter manicure 2018

  7. Volumetric design. 3D design has become a fashion trend in the new season. It can be an overhead three-dimensional decor or three-dimensional stickers with drawings. Any choice will be stylish and original.
  8. winter manicure 2017 2018

Manicure winter 2018 for short nails

Before solving a decorative issue, it is important to know the current shape for short nails. This year, any sharp contours are still considered categorical. A soft streamlined shape remains in the trend — an oval, a soft square. Winter manicure for short nails 2018 should not be too massive. But this rule does not preclude flashiness. The most successful solution would be Feng Shui nail-art. Cover all fingers with varnish of the same color, and highlight the ring finger with a beautiful pattern, sticker, overhead trim or any other addition to your taste.

manicure winter 2018 for short nails

Manicure winter 2018 for long nails

For owners of long claws, the flight of fantasy of the decorative side of the issue is not limited. It can be a catchy and contrasting design, complemented by expressive large trim or diluted with transparent drawings in the deep design style. The matte finish remains relevant. Delicate and natural tones have not gone out of fashion, which will stylishly complement any everyday bow. As for the current form, the winter manicure 2017-2018 can be both concise and neat, and aggressive. Sharp nails have returned to the trends, which compete with the outlines of pointe shoes and oval.

manicure winter 2018 for long nails

Fashionable winter manicure 2018

An important feature of well-groomed handles in the winter 2018 season is not only a decorative solution, which, no doubt, plays an important role. One of the prerequisites is smooth and healthy skin, a neat cuticle and the shape of the nail plate. To do this, you need to regularly moisturize and nourish your hands, visit a manicurist and follow the latest recommendations of stylists. And only in this case you will demonstrate a beautiful and stylish appearance. After completing all cosmetic procedures, choose a fashionable manicure for autumn-winter 2017-2018:

  1. Velvet manicure winter 2018. The effect of velvet on nails is again in trend. This type of coating can be the basis of the entire design or a stylish finish for one or two fingers in combination with other decor.
  2. fashionable winter manicure 2018

  3. Knitted manicure winter 2018. Cozy knitted motifs are perfect for a winter-themed look. This year, not only voluminous powder finishes are in fashion, but also patterns in the style of a sweater.
  4. fashionable manicure autumn winter 2017 2018

  5. Bright monochrome. Monochromatic coating remains the most win-win solution for every day. The most popular are deep saturated colors and light pastel shades.
  6. winter manicure 2018

  7. Nude. If you are looking for a versatile option for everyday wear that will fit into your exit look, then the best solution is to cover all fingers in natural tones. Such a varnish will also be an excellent basis for a neat and beautiful finish.
  8. stylish winter manicure 2018

Manicure winter 2018 gradient

Interesting transitions of shades from one to another remain at the peak of popularity. In the winter 2018 season, gradients in one color scheme with a smooth border are considered the most fashionable. Such nail-art provides for any direction — vertically, horizontally of the nail plate, and even from one finger to another. Fashionable winter manicure 2018 ombre is presented in the design of cold shades with a transition to white. A bright idea will also be a stylish solution, but bright colors should also be excluded here. The actual finish of such nail-art will be drawings or patterns with sparkles.

manicure winter 2018 gradient

French manicure winter 2018

French remains a classic in modern nail-art. This design is perfect for every day and under a festive outfit. The trend is a win-win combination of a transparent base and a white “smile”. To add some charm and originality, dilute the laconicism of the French style with a pattern, gradient, solid color glitter and any other one-finger finish. Winter manicure 2018 french is also popular in fantasy design. It can be a colored smile, a geometric shape, the use of foil, or a blurry transition from the edge to the base.

french manicure winter 2018

Manicure with a pattern winter 2018

Beautiful and unusual images on nails always look original and attractive. Rich clear drawings and light abstract patterns are in fashion. The most fashionable winter manicure 2017-2018 is presented with a theme characteristic of the cold season. These are any interpretations of frosty patterns on the window, snowflakes, a snowy forest and a New Year’s theme. Openwork and lace motifs remain a universal choice. Geometric prints do not go out of trend. The cage, stripes, circles should be in cold colors, which corresponds to the winter season. Drawings can decorate all fingers or one or two.

manicure with a pattern winter 2018

Winter moon manicure 2018

In the winter 2018 season, the holes are more saturated and expressive than the ideas of past fashionable periods. A fashionable solution was the combination of matte and glossy coatings in one color scheme. Especially popular for this design are deep shades — emerald, sapphire, marsala, chocolate. Stylish winter manicure 2018 is also presented with an unusual shape of the hole — curved, triangular or square. The design with an intermediate transparent strip looks expressive. Lunar nail-art can be a feng shui addition or a selection of a few fingers.

winter moon manicure 2018

Winter manicure 2018 with rhinestones

Sparkling crystals are ideal for both the holidays and the entire winter season of 2018. However, this year, a laconic addition of rhinestones is in trend. A fashionable choice is the decoration of one or two fingers. However, the size of the pebbles can be large. An abstract ensemble of rhinestones of various shapes and colors looks especially stylish. Trends in manicure autumn-winter 2017-2018 — framing with small pixies, a voluminous crown on the holes, emphasizing a French-style smile. Rhinestones look very beautiful on a transparent or matte base and are stylishly combined with other types of decor.

winter manicure 2018 with rhinestones

Manicure winter 2018 with rubbing

The most fashionable trend in the new season has become a pearl rubbing. This type of coverage is perfect for both evening and everyday style. Pearl fine powder shimmers very beautifully, but also looks concise and neat. This type of rubbing does not require additional decor, but it does not exclude rhinestones or sparkles. Manicure winter 2017-2018 differs in more saturated shades. However, the cold tones of the rub remain relevant — the northern lights, holography. In the trend, not only the monochrome coating of all nails is the same, but also the decoration of patterns, jacket and holes, according to Feng Shui.

manicure winter 2018 with rubbing

Winter manicure 2018 broken glass

The effect of fragments on the nails looks not only attractive, but unique. This idea is especially relevant for short lengths. After all, with the help of such a finish, you can visually lengthen or expand the size of the plate. For long nails, broken glass is not excluded. But in this case, it would be appropriate to decorate one, maximum two fingers. Fashionable manicure winter 2018 — broken glass on a delicate glossy background. The trend was the design with pink lacquer. On a dark base, the fragments look more expressive, which is great for an evening look. A stylish solution would be a combination of glass and rhinestones.

winter manicure 2018 broken glass

Mirror winter manicure 2018

This winter 2018 season, not only the effect of a classic silver mirror on nails, but also a golden hue is considered an actual choice. Fashionable manicure winter 2017-2018 is presented in a uniform coating of all fingers evenly. However, this design can also act as a Feng Shui finish. The mirror looks stylish in combination with a matte top on the rest of the fingers. To emphasize your refined taste, add a black varnish with a mirror rub. An important feature of this choice is a gentle sock, since even a small scratch will be obvious on mirror nails.

mirror winter manicure 2018

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