Manicure sweater - the best patterns and combinations of shades

In winter, handles require no less care than in the warm season. An important feature of neat nails is their decorative solution. A sweater manicure is considered a fashionable choice today — ideas that not only perfectly match the season, but also add comfort, warmth and originality to the image.

Manicure 2018 sweater

The effects of knitted clothes in modern nail-art are not considered a novelty. Such ideas have been popular for more than a season. However, every year designers present new stylish solutions that will help you stay in trend and meet the latest trends. A unique feature of such ideas is their versatility. Such a nail trim will stylishly decorate an elegant look or become an appropriate addition to a cozy everyday bow. A wide palette of shades and techniques for making patterns is in fashion. But let’s see which nail design 2018 sweater is the most fashionable:

  1. According to Feng Shui. Cozy decor will stylishly complement the idea of ​​highlighting one or two fingers. In this case, you can connect a contrasting color or choose a solid background for all fingers.
  2. manicure 2018 sweater

  3. With rhinestones. Beautiful patterns go well with other types of decor. The most popular solution this winter will be the addition of sparkling pebbles and crystals, which will always add a touch of luxury and sophistication.
  4. nail design 2018 sweater

  5. Matte. Knitted sweater nail design looks very interesting without a shiny coating. The matte top will make the fingers neater and emphasize the originality of the choice. This solution is especially appropriate for bright colors.
  6. sweater manicure

  7. Lunar. A stylish novelty this season was the idea of ​​emphasizing the hole in combination with a knitted pattern. A cozy finish also looks in combination with a moon manicure, for example, in a Feng Shui idea.
  8. knitted sweater nail design

New Year’s manicure sweater

The effect of warm clothes has become a popular choice for the New Year’s look. However, it is important to take into account the traditions and paraphernalia characteristic of this holiday. The most win-win will be a manicure in the form of a sweater in red and white. Here you can add an image of deer, Santa Claus, a snowman, a Christmas tree and other details in the New Year theme. The current solution was a pattern in the form of mittens, complemented by the effect of knitted yarn. For festive nail-art, any kind of sparkles is suitable — glitter, foil, powder and others. And to emphasize the winter theme, use cold shades of varnishes.

new year manicure sweater

Sweater nail design

The popularity of knitted patterns is due to the versatility for any age. This nail-art looks very cozy and neat. Due to the volumetric finish, the handles will be attractive and stylish. Ideas reminiscent of knitting are represented by a wide selection of ideas. It can be an abstraction or a directional drawing. In the trend are various solutions in the traditional style. The sweater on the nails looks good both in a monophonic design and in a combination of colors. You can add any decorations and decoration to this decor. Let’s find out which solutions are considered the most popular:

  1. Manicure sweater with braids. The braided braid remains the most popular pattern and often complements the design of fashionable clothes. An alternative and no less stylish choice would be arans of different sizes.
  2. nail design sweater

  3. Melange. Fingers made according to the ideas of melange threads look very impressive. In the trend are ideas with a color transition in yarn, monochromatic colors with small patches, contrasting symmetrical combinations.
  4. sweater on nails

  5. Norwegian patterns. Do not forget about the popularity of jacquard clothing. The most stylish and relevant in the winter season are Norwegian ornaments and motifs with snowflakes and deer.
  6. sweater pattern on nails

Manicure voluminous sweater

Volumetric motifs have become one of the simplest and most popular nail-art decoration solutions in modern art. Such a manicure with a sweater is done using a 3D gel. The base and base are applied to the processed and leveled plate. It is better to choose a discreet and concise background. Then, with a thin brush, patterns identical to clothes are made. The gel itself is transparent. But it can be decorated on top with colored varnish or powder, sparkles, rubbing, glitter and other decorative tools. From above it is necessary to apply a fixer on pre-dried nails.

voluminous sweater manicure

Manicure knitted sweater

More complex, but also effective is the option that conveys the structure of the yarn. In this case, powder is used. But here it is important that the base is smooth, and the drawing itself is rough. A stylish solution would be to choose a powder with multi-colored grains. This finish will add the effect of melange yarn. The sweater on the nails looks very nice on a matte finish. Here the pattern is more expressive and clearer. However, even on a glossy varnish, such an idea looks stylish and original. And to add more coziness, choose varnishes in warm colors.

manicure knitted sweater

Sweater nail art

The simplest is the drawing technique. But in this case, accuracy and symmetry are very important, especially if you decorate each finger. A competent master will be able to draw clearly. But the most win-win will be a manicure drawing a sweater using sliders. Less spectacular, but especially at home, stickers or translated abstractions will be successful. So that nail-art does not look too simple, give preference to the national Norwegian style. The interpretation of melange or jacquard will add originality.

sweater nail art

Velvet nail design sweater

The technique of applying knitted motifs can add a touch of luxury. For this, the idea using velvet sand is ideal. The simplest solution would be to cover all the nail plates in a single color, where the finish will convey the fluffy structure of the yarn. This velvet sand nail design is best done in dark and deep colors. Velvet patterns look original and stylish. In this case, you can combine voluminous fluffy patterns with a plain coating. This solution looks beautiful in light light shades, which will add tenderness to a cozy look.

velvet nail design sweater

Sweater manicure — the best color combinations

In choosing a color scheme for knitted ideas, stylists do not set restrictions. However, every fashionista wants to match the fashion trends of style in every detail, even in additions. Masters interestingly experiment with contrasts, shades of different tonalities of the same palette, but monochrome ideas remain a win-win option. Let’s find out what color is in trend today and will help to convey a cozy idea in full:

  1. Manicure ombre sweater. Color transitions look attractive and impressive. The gradient can decorate only three-dimensional patterns or the base of all fingers. In the trend, ombre in different shades of the same range or a contrasting solution.
  2. manicure sweater best color combinations

  3. Pastel shades. Add a touch of tenderness and romance to your stylish nail art. Light and rich pastel colors are in fashion. Cold palettes are considered especially popular — blue, pink, lilac.
  4. manicure sweater

  5. Nude. A universal choice for both business and casual looks will be the choice of a neutral color of beige. Any shade is in fashion — ivory, ivory, milky, coffee.
  6. sweater nail design

  7. Contrasting combinations. If you want to make your manicure a stylish accent, do it in two or three contrasting colors. More restrained, but no less attractive, the combination of a calm and rich shade looks.
  8. sweater manicure

Manicure white sweater

An ideal choice that will support the winter theme would be a solution in a light classic shade. In white, there can only be a sweater pattern on the nails, and the background is bright or dark. A universal choice would be a monochromatic coating. On a light background, drawings can be applied with gel, powder or velvet. In modern fashion, it is important to combine several types of design in one. For example, knitted and jacket looks good. In white, this idea has become popular for lovers of classic ideas.

manicure white sweater

Black manicure sweater

When choosing black, you should understand that patterns can get lost. A dark shade is not suitable for volumetric motifs made with 3D gel. If you settled on a monochrome solution, then the finish should be done with velvet sand or powder. The black color is ideal for a uniform velvet covering of all fingers. Here you will convey the effect of a fluffy warm product. To prevent the nails from looking gloomy, highlight one finger in Feng Shui with a textured pattern, and emphasize the French smile on the rest. It is important to complement the winter sweater manicure with sparkles and rhinestones.

black manicure sweater

Red manicure sweater

Nail-art in red colors looks very feminine and impressive. In such ideas, gradients with black or in different shades of the gamut are popular. Red manicure with the effect of a knitted sweater looks very nice in a combination of matte and glossy finishes. An elegant festive look will stylishly complement the red and white ensemble. All shades of the range are in trend — from delicate coral to rich wine. If you like matte nails, stick to warm colors like brick or marsala. However, the classic bright red does not lose popularity and is always relevant.

red manicure sweater

Blue manicure sweater

A universal idea that matches both elegant and style and everyday direction will be the choice of blue lacquer. This color is perfect for the winter season. Sweater nail designs are popular in both dark and bright hues. Contrasting combinations with white, red, blue look attractive. Add sequins or glitter, gold foil or rhinestones, and your fingers will become elegant. The blue palette is also ideal for those who follow a strict business dress code.

blue manicure sweater

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