Lace manicure - design ideas for short and long nails

Well-groomed hands are an integral part of the image of every self-respecting modern woman and a sign of high self-esteem. Neat nails and stylish design help to stand out among others and emphasize the excellent taste of the owner. Among the huge variety of options, the incomparable manicure with lace contrasts in particular.

Lace manicure 2018 fashion trends

There is no clear set of rules for what design is appropriate now. There are only tips and recommendations from eminent fashion gurus who distinguish manicure with lace from other options. Set the tone for this trend and fashion models on the catwalk, and the stars of the media, film and show business, demonstrating perfect nails with an openwork pattern. Depending on the color of the base and the execution of the ornament, a lace manicure on nails is quite suitable for everyday wear and will perfectly complement a special, festive look. He is able to be both gentle and touching, so bold and daring.

lace manicure 2018 fashion trends

Lace manicure 2018 fashion trends

manicure lace on nailslace manicure

Despite the beauty and relevance of such nail-art, choosing it as a nail decoration, you should be careful and know when to stop. Otherwise, from a gentle, perfectly framing the nails pattern, it can turn into complete bad taste. First you need to decide on the target. If this is an everyday option, then a restrained execution would be ideal, for example, a lace jacket manicure, but if you do it for an exit, then you can choose a bolder variation of this decor. One way or another, it should always be a «delicious» accent. Techniques for implementing such a design:

  1. stamping. The technique of applying perfectly even and identical patterns. A special tool is used, such as a stamp, which reprints the pattern from the stencil onto the surface of the nail.
  2. Sticker. There are ready-made drawings that are used to create a similar design.
  3. Textile. In some cases, real pieces of lace fabric are used, which are fixed with gel polish.
  4. Art painting. A manicure with lace is created by the master by hand and depends entirely on his professionalism and talent.

Lace manicure for short nails

To create such a beautiful, stylish and relevant design, it is not necessary to have a large length. The trend is a nail plate with a free edge size of 3-5 mm. But stylists do not advise in this case to make the drawing bulky with large fragments and frame it with massive rhinestones and stones. As for the color scheme of the base, there are no restrictions. Deep, dark tones and pastel, close to natural — look equally good on short nails. Lace manicure, in a certain design, can even make the fingers slightly longer and more elegant.

lace manicure for short nails

Lace manicure on long nails

A long nail plate allows you to perform bolder and more voluminous drawings than a short one. The master has a place to “roam around” and depict openwork fragments similar to real material in more detail. Manicure 2018 lace on such nails looks rich and aristocratic. Modern trends in the nail industry tend to combine several techniques at the same time, so do not hold back and show your imagination. With such a pattern, “veil performance”, rhinestones, sparkles and a matte top are wonderfully combined. But when choosing options, consider the shape of your nails.

lace manicure on long nailsmanicure 2018 lace

Lace manicure ideas

The uniqueness and versatility of this decor lies in the fact that it blends harmoniously with many shades of the color palette. Such a contrasting design will always transform and enrich any coating you choose. Whether it’s red, beige-powder, blue or pink manicure with lace — there are many combinations. On the one hand, such a variety makes the choice easy, and on the other, in order, it complicates it. An openwork pattern can be completely different — from a few curls to a full-fledged image imitating guipure. To achieve originality will also help you:

  • granulated sugar, a couple of tones lighter or darker than the base;
  • silver and gold glitter;
  • broken glass;
  • volume effect.

French manicure with lace

French lace manicure — openwork curls, perfectly combined with a beige, light pink or transparent base and a white «smile». This is what will dilute the usual classic appearance of the “Frenchman” and make the image original and memorable. The pattern in this case can be in the color of the edge or contrast — black would be the ideal solution. This design option is suitable for both informal business or evening attire, and for everyday bow. Stylists allow a departure from the traditional palette and design in an unusual color, such as purple.

french manicure with laceFrench lace manicure

Manicure with black lace

The most common color for the execution of openwork lines. It looks very beautiful with it — beige manicure with lace, white, neutral and many others, both bright and muted shades. Playing on the contrast, dark lines make the hands more expressive and emphasize the accuracy of the shape and neatness of the nails. Black lace, nail service masters, are often used in the popular veil technique. This decor looks romantic and sexy, because it resembles a guipure decoration of women’s stockings or underwear. Great option for romantic dates.

black lace manicurebeige manicure with lace

Red manicure with lace

Red color is multifaceted, it has many interesting shades, each of which is good in its own way. Its bright palette looks equally beautiful and harmonious on both long and short nails. Psychologists have proved the fact that by choosing this color, a woman feels more confident and attractive. A blood red manicure with white lace, as a slight feng shui accent (that is, one or more fingers are decorated) is an expressive design with a subtle sense of proportion. It creates a feeling of femininity, adds determination, firmness and self-confidence.

red manicure with lacemanicure with white lace

Red manicure with black lace is a contrasting, but very harmonious tandem. Associated with temperament, emotionality and passion. If you want to awaken these emotions in yourself, feel free to choose such a design. But, as in other cases, it is very important not to overdo it and not go to extremes. By overdoing it with decor, you can turn a stylish and “delicious” nail-art into a vulgar and untidy one.

Manicure with lace and rhinestones

The perfect manicure, lace, rhinestones and a delicate ring in the style of minimalism with a beautifully refracting light diamond — a perfect picture. The design with openwork patterns and shiny pebbles will be a wonderful addition to the evening look. This option is not suitable for everyday wear. This is a worthy «companion» to a red floor-length dress with an open back or a little black dress. Having long nails, you can safely add a large and voluminous decor, and a more delicate and concise design is suitable for short ones. It is appropriate to combine with a jacket and a matte top.

manicure with lace and rhinestones

If we talk about the practical side, then I want this design to last for a long time. Therefore, a manicure with lace and rhinestones is best done using gel polish (shellac) and pebbles made of acrylic, zirconium, plastic or glass. If such a design is made for a special occasion — graduation, wedding or other festive event, then let yourself be pampered with real Swarovski stones that mimic the luxury of precious diamonds.

lace manicure

Rubbing manicure with lace

A special powder that gives a wonderful, original shine and color to nails is already a self-sufficient decoration. But you always want to add a non-standard zest, stand out and be original. And in this case, lace will be a win-win option. But do not weigh down the appearance, use light shades of rubbing in the design. And if you have chosen a bright, catchy version of the decor, it is better to frame it either with several fingers of one hand, or one on both — in the style of Feng Shui. A shiny, beautiful manicure with lace is a wonderful option for a festive look.

manicure rubbing with lacebeautiful manicure with lace

Matte manicure with lace

Glare-free effect on nails has not gone out of fashion for several seasons in a row. A velvety, pleasant to the touch coating rightfully occupies a leading position among the beauty trends of nail art. With it, you can decorate and make richer any design option. Nude manicure with lace looks especially luxurious and aristocratic. The combination of a neutral shade and a bright pattern will emphasize the neatness of the forms and the grooming of your hands. A combination of a matte top and an openwork pattern is a must for creating a stunning evening look and an elegant everyday look.

matte manicure with lace

Matte manicure with lace

nude manicure with lacelace manicure

Lunar manicure with lace

Particularly relevant today is a manicure using the “negative space” technique. Its essence lies in the fact that certain parts of the nail remain uncovered with varnish. A striking representative of this design is a moon manicure with lace imitation. It is also called fellow french. An intricate openwork pattern can frame the entire nail, while the basal hole remains a neutral color. So you can decorate the ring and middle fingers. It looks very neat and will transform the hands of girls and women of any age and status.

moon manicure with lace

Bright manicure with lace

It is generally accepted that colorful and rich decor is best worn in summer. But even in the cold season or cloudy days, I want to add a touch of freshness and originality. If in winter you still do not accept rich and flashy nails, then you can create a bright and attractive option by playing with shades and patterns. For example, a blue manicure with lace will look great, which will imitate complex patterns on a frosty window. In summer, you can take yellow or red as a basis and draw an openwork pattern resembling the wings of a firebird with orange hues and sparkles.

bright manicure with lace

Bright manicure with lace

blue manicure with lacelace manicure ideas

Wedding manicure with lace

Traditionally, light, pastel shades are used in the design of nails for the bride. And this is not surprising, because her whole image is associated with tenderness, lightness and innocence. French wedding manicure with lace is very popular — an ageless classic with delicate accents perfectly complements such a special ensemble. It looks elegant on nails of any length and shape, amazing in white, and in soft pink, and in ivory and other colors suitable for such an event. You can add rhinestones, use granulated sugar, matte top or pearl powder.

wedding manicure with laceFrench wedding manicure with lace

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