The most romantic country in the world has many calling cards, including a croissant, onion soup, and even a French kiss. And this logical series can be continued endlessly, drawing charming pictures of a virtual trip around Paris in my head, but …

Now we will lower you from heaven to earth! It turns out that much of what we used to consider «French» on the body itself is not. Well, here’s how, for example, the same croissant, which is actually a «Viennese bagel», brought by Marie Antoinette from Austria, after her wedding with King Louis XVI.

And we still have 7 such revelations, and it is time to deprive them of the “Made in France” label!

1. French braid

french braid

For several seasons in a row, the French braid has topped the rating of hairdressing trends and deservedly so. True, few people know that calling France the birthplace of this practical and at the same time elegant hairstyle is completely unfair, because more than 6 thousand years ago, such braids were already woven by the inhabitants of Algeria, and then by the fashionistas of Ancient Greece (and even fashionistas!). Well, the French braid became with the light hand of the American magazine Home Magazine, which at the end of the 19th century proclaimed this hairstyle the hit of the season and added the adjective “french” to it to make it a real object of desire. Yes, France is still a trendsetter, and 150 years ago this marketing move also worked!

2. Onion soup

Onion soup

Believe it or not, the most popular dish in French cuisine was actually invented by peasants in ancient Rome. And the food of the poor was helped to become a real culinary masterpiece by the usual legend about how King Louis XV once had an appetite and whipped up a dinner for himself from what he found in the hunting lodge — oil, water, onions and champagne!

3. French Bulldogs

french bulldogs

Who would have thought that cute dogs, often depicted on a leash with French women — well, those who are very fond of wearing sailor suits and red berets, should have accompanied English ladies like this? It turns out that after the Industrial Revolution in Britain, local weavers pulled across the English Channel in search of work, taking their bulldogs with them. After some time, these dogs began to give birth in a new place, and, alas, with a defect in the form of a miniature growth. In general, the British disliked the «sick and defective» mils, and the inhabitants of Paris simply fell in love with them!

4. French manicure or «French»

French manicure or

How did you not know that this universal manicure is not French at all, but was invented by Jeff Pink, the founder of the ORLY nail polish company, more than 35 years ago in the USA? Yes, this guy so wanted to “suck in” a new nail trend for Hollywood actresses, which would be ideal for any outfit and would be combined with any color, that he simply took and attached the same notorious adjective “French” to the name. And it worked again!

5. French fries or French fries

French fries or French fries

Today we call oil-fried potatoes «french fries» after the French word «deep fry», but we consider this dish, most likely American, thanks to this country’s love of fast food. But in fact, it is Belgium that defends the authorship of this crispy yummy, where they began to grow potatoes before anyone else — back in the 17th century and fry its slices in oil in the winter months, when it was impossible to feed on the fish catch.

6. French toast

french toast

Well, we’ve been misled again! But it turns out that the recipe for bread dipped in milk and a raw egg, and then fried in oil, was found in the book of the ancient Roman culinary specialist Aptius. And in general, the inhabitants of many European countries in the Middle Ages were very fond of this dish, calling it the “poor knight” dessert, because they simply could not afford a nobler treat!

7. French kiss

French Kiss

Now we will burst from resentment, but the truth is more expensive … So, while the French are considered the best lovers all over the world, a French kiss should be taken away from them once and for all! Yes, because it was invented by American and British soldiers who were returning from France after the First World War and kissing their wives and girlfriends so passionately that this type of lip fusion urgently had to be given a separate name and classification!

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