French manicure - 60 ideas for any shape and length of nails

A rare woman manages to constantly maintain the perfect appearance of her nails. Their tips get dirty quickly, especially during cooking and other household chores. French is the best option for nail art in such cases. It is neat, natural and stylish and never goes out of style.

History of French manicure

The considered method of designing nail plates was developed by Jeff Pink, the founder and owner of the American company ORLY, which produces products for nail art. His Hollywood director friend complained that stylists have to spend a lot of time on manicures for actresses who star in diverse images and often change outfits. In search of a universal design option, 35 years ago, Jeff invented a jacket — it looks very natural on nails and fits absolutely any style.

The novelty has become a huge success. French manicure quickly «migrated» from Hollywood film sets to American and European catwalks, from where it spread throughout the world. Millions of women immediately appreciated the convenience, ease of execution and naturalness of this revolutionary nail art, began to purchase special sets of varnishes for its application.

Types of French manicure

Since the development, a huge number of variations of the jacket have appeared. Manicurists have ceased to be limited to the standard range and have come up with new color combinations and nail art decorations. Modern French nail design includes the following popular design types:

  • classic;
  • moon manicure;
  • drawings and patterns;
  • millennium;
  • fan french;
  • non-standard solutions.

Classic french

The most versatile type of nail art described is a white French manicure. The entire nail plate is covered with a beige-flesh base, as close as possible to the natural skin color. The smile line is decorated with white varnish. It is important to make it even, smooth and gently round the edges so that the tip looks natural. Manicure should be fixed with a transparent top coat. A white jacket on nails looks great at any length, but stylists recommend striving for naturalness.

classic french timesclassic french twoclassic french threeclassic french fourclassic french fiveclassic french six

Lunar French

This version of nail art gained fame thanks to Dita Von Teese. She saw the moon french on the nails of Christian Dior’s fashion show in 2007 and made it an integral part of her look. Later, the “inverted” French manicure was also appreciated by the outrageous Lady Gaga, giving him worldwide popularity through her fans.

The type of jacket under consideration suggests a contrasting selection of the lunula — the lower part of the nail plate. For ten years it was decorated in a semicircle, like the setting sun. Modern stylists have invented a new version of the moon French nail art. A contrasting color highlights the area near the cuticle and periungual ridges. The shape of this area is an inverted smile line, which avoids the optical shortening of the plate and helps to emphasize its beautiful outlines.

moon french timesmoon french twomoon french threemoon french fourmoon french fivemoon french six

French nail design with a pattern

The presented type of nail art combines the sophistication and simplicity of the classics with a unique and memorable design. French manicure with a pattern is less versatile, so it should be in harmony with the outfit and makeup. Patterns can be applied to individual or all nail plates, focusing on only one finger (often the ring finger). French with a pattern is performed in several different techniques:

  • images with molding elements;
  • minimalism;
  • ethnic ornaments;
  • geometry;
  • floral patterns;
  • abstraction;
  • drawings on the smile line or lunula;
  • lace weaving;
  • animalistic (animal) prints and other variations.

french nail design with patternfrench nail design with pattern twofrench nail design with pattern threefrench nail design with pattern fourfrench nail design with pattern fivefrench nail design with pattern six

Millennium French

The described fashionable French manicure was originally intended for the New Year holidays and similar celebrations. Later, it began to be used by women as an everyday nail art, especially in summer. Millennium French manicure involves decorating the nail plates with sparkles, shimmer or micro dust to create a shimmer effect. You can carefully and evenly distribute the sparkling material along the smile line, or “stretch” it to the cuticle area.

millennium french timesmillennium french twomillennium french threemillennium french fourmillennium french fivemillennium french six

Fan French

Translated from English, «fun» means fun, fun, entertainment. This type of nail art combines any unusual designs that give the jacket a personality — a French manicure with rhinestones, broths, pearls and other accessories:

  • beads;
  • metal rivets;
  • feathers;
  • velvet sand;
  • holographic stickers;
  • voluminous and stucco decorations;
  • rubbing.

fan french timesfan french twofan french threefan french fourfan french fivefan french six

Non-standard jacket

If at the same time you want a classic, but outstanding design of the nail plates, not the same as everyone else, you should consider new variations of the presented nail art, developed by professional stylists. A beautiful French manicure can be done in bright colors rather than the standard beige and white shades. The following combinations look interesting:

  • blue and brown;
  • black and red;
  • burgundy and cream;
  • blue and white;
  • green and red;
  • black and purple.

Color is not the only parameter that distinguishes an unusual jacket on nails — the photos below show that it is no longer fashionable to emphasize the smile line with the usual neat semicircle. Nail art masters advise to try:

  • geometric figures;
  • corners;
  • vertical lines;
  • negative space;
  • zigzags and other bizarre shapes.

custom french timescustom french twocustom french threecustom french fourcustom french fivecustom french six

How to do a French manicure at home?

A universal jacket is offered in all beauty salons, but it is easy to do it yourself. French manicure at home in several ways:

What do you need for a French manicure?

The list of necessary accessories depends on the skills in nail art and the desired result. Standard home French set includes:

  • beige and white varnish;
  • fixative;
  • self-adhesive stencils for French manicure (easy to replace with tape, rubber band).

If a woman knows how to draw a smile line well and accurately, paper stops are not required. In this case, for nail art you will need a thin professional brush. Modern masters more often offer to perform a jacket with gel polishes, therefore, if you make your own nails, you will additionally have to purchase the consumables themselves and special accessories:

  • drying lamp;
  • degreaser;
  • base and top coats;
  • shellacs of several colors.

French manicure nail shape

The presented type of nail art looks very natural, so stylists are advised to follow this trend when choosing the shape and length of the plates. A great option to do a French manicure is almond-shaped nails with a free end of about 3 mm. If natural plates are short and wide, it is better to choose other types of their processing:

  • elongated rectangle with rounded ends;
  • square;
  • pointe;
  • oval;
  • pipe;
  • square with an oval edge;
  • stylet.

How to make the smile line on the nails beautiful?

The free growing tip of the plate rarely has ideal symmetrical borders. When the smile line is too narrow, it is easy to enlarge and straighten it by painting with a white or colored strip of the desired thickness. It is more difficult to work with a curved and wide edge of the nail. First, you will have to apply a dense layer of an opaque base to give the plate one even tone. After that, a smile line of the desired shape and thickness is drawn, regardless of its natural boundaries.

Most women find it difficult to neatly outline the edges of their nails, especially if French manicure is done infrequently or for the first time. Constant practice with a thin professional brush and special tools helps to facilitate the drawing of a smile line. To distinguish between the main surface of the plate and the tip of the nail, accessories such as French stencils, which are easy to replace with pieces of adhesive tape or electrical tape, help. A budget alternative is rubber band.

How to make the smile line on the nails beautiful

If you can’t draw a straight smile line even with the help of the listed devices, you can simply mask its curved borders using:

  • sequins;
  • rhinestones;
  • sticker applications;
  • dots (dots technique) and other tricks.

French manicure for short nails

Methods for performing nail art in this situation depend on the shape of the plates and the smile line. A classic jacket for short nails is only suitable for their neat and beautiful natural outlines. This manicure looks perfect on almond-shaped plates, especially if the tip is emphasized by a very thin and even line in combination with a contrasting base polish.

When the shape of the nails is far from perfect, it is better to choose one of the french variations:

  • moon nail art;
  • accents and bright drawings;
  • modeling or applications;
  • decoration with rhinestones, broths, sparkles, foil.

french manicure for short nailsFrench manicure for short nailsFrench manicure for short nailsFrench manicure for short nailsFrench manicure for short nailsFrench manicure for short nails

French manicure on long nails

Well-groomed plates over 5 mm are becoming less and less common, because modern fashion dictates natural trends, calling for preference for maximum naturalness. French long manicure is performed mainly for nail art competitions, theme parties, photo shoots, weddings and other special occasions.

The standard design option in the described situation looks too simple, so stylists recommend supplementing it with patterns, drawings and unusual designs. On long nails, the millennium, fan and twist jacket (multi-colored) looks luxurious. Before you do a French manicure, it is important to carefully remove the cuticle and smooth the surface of the plate. The longer the nails, the more noticeable the errors in their processing.

french manicure on long nailsFrench manicure on long nailsFrench manicure on long nailsFrench manicure on long nailsFrench manicure on long nailsFrench manicure on long nails

French nails — new

Advanced masters perform French manicure with gel polish, which provides more opportunities for creativity and the realization of the most extravagant designs. In the new season of fashion in the field of nail art, unusual ways of decorating nails and a non-standard look at the appearance of a jacket are gaining popularity. Original French Manicure Ideas:

  • combination of matte and glossy finish;
  • wide smile line (to the middle of the nail);
  • strict geometric shapes (sharp corners, rectangles, squares, and others);
  • the presence of negative space, not varnished;
  • reverse drawing of the lunula;
  • use of velvet sand;
  • decoration of the smile line with a rub.

french nails new timesfrench nails new items twofrench nails novelty threefrench nails novelties fourfrench nails new fivefrench nails novelties six

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