Ethnic style - in modern urban clothes, shoes, accessories and hairstyles

A variety of fashion trends helps to remain stylish, original and individual in creating an image. Ethnic style is considered one of the most fashionable solutions today — spectacular and comfortable combinations that always stand out against the general background.

Ethno-style in clothes

This amazing trend in modern fashion has gained incredible popularity for creating not only casual, but also elegant looks. The most important difference between such combinations is immediacy, because the line itself combines the totality of national characteristics of different peoples. Ethnic African style, Indian, bohemian, country and other motifs can be traced here. Therefore, the appearance is always bright and catchy. But let’s see what kind of ethnic style he is in clothes:

  1. Ethnic Style — Fabrics. Products are distinguished by natural and breathable fabrics. For everyday bows, leather, suede, knitwear, linen and cotton are considered relevant. Exit models are often made of flowing silk, delicate satin and lace.

ethnic style in clothes

  1. Finishing. Wardrobe items are always attractive due to the abundance of decor. Contrasting embroidery, fringe, ruffles and frills, asymmetrical cut and a combination of fabrics of different textures using the patchwork technique are fashionable finishes.

ethnic style in clothes

  1. Ethnic style — colors. Actual colors are considered warm natural shades. Beige-brown gamma became the most popular, solar tones — red, orange, yellow. For a catchy finish, contrasting colors in black, white, and blue often appear.

trendy ethnic style

Ethnic style dress

Women’s clothing remains a hot choice. However, such products are always distinguished by convenience and practicality. In addition to natural breathable fabrics, designers use comfortable patterns that provide freedom of movement and functionality. Ethno-style dress is presented in moderate or maximum length. At the same time, the hem is often free, flying. There is no decor with a hint of sexuality and frankness. Small cuts and cuts are the optimal finish. At the same time, the attractiveness will be emphasized by asymmetry or a fitted silhouette.

ethnic style dress

Ethnic style skirts

Another relevant choice is a beautiful skirt. This option is especially popular in everyday urban and romantic combinations, since here you can choose different tops and emphasize your originality every day. Ethno-style skirts are distinguished by a feminine cut. A moderate trapeze or the sun on a crinkled elastic waistband is considered a fashionable solution. Stylish models are also presented from yarn. Jacquard patterns and openwork knitting technique are popular here. A stylish addition will be high cutouts on the sides, creating the effect of a flying gait when walking.

ethnic style skirts

Blouses in ethnic style

The romantic elements of the top are completely different from classic blouses. Such products are characterized by emancipation and lightness. Loose, wide or A-shaped silhouette — these are the actual patterns for stylish clothes. The colors are often bright or contrasting. Therefore, this option is inappropriate for discreet bows, but is more suitable for everyday wear and thematic combinations. Another popular solution was short-length models that open the tummy. The ethno style in clothes for women welcomes rich ornamental prints, which are often found in design.

ethnic style blouses

Dress in ethnic style

Open summer dresses are another stylish choice for creating a spectacular and original look. Ethno-boho style has become a particularly popular solution, where layering, fringe trim and asymmetric patterns are relevant features. Designers note that maxi or mid-calf length is considered characteristic. However, young women of fashion can easily pick up beautiful short dresses with a flying hem, which will focus on slender legs. A fashionable addition was the corset lacing of the coquette instead of the fastener, ornaments and geometry, decorative ties.

sundress in ethnic style

Tribal style coat

A bright direction in the demi-season period will help to remain attractive and original against the backdrop of gloomy and restrained closed bows. One of the stylish solutions in this case would be beautiful outerwear. Fashionable ethnic style — this coat is not only comfortable, but also unusual in its design. In addition to traditional wool, fashion designers use knitwear, soft leather and suede, which are often combined in one product. At the same time, the emphasis is on the functionality of the cut. Such styles always cover the body well and provide protection from the cold in the chilly period.

ethnic style coat

Cardigan in ethnic style

Long warm sweaters became an alternative to coats in dry weather. The ethno-style cardigan is presented both in knitwear and one-piece clothing made of pressed wool, thick knitwear and cotton. Such elements of the wardrobe always attract attention due to the contrasting catchy colors. Ornaments and geometric patterns are integral details in design. The stylish cut is distinguished by a straight silhouette or a fitted solution with a belt. The trend of recent seasons has become a sleeveless poncho style, asymmetrical cut, with a button closure, often with a fringe decor.

cardigan in ethnic style

Tunic in ethnic style

One of the elements of the wardrobe characteristic of the national trend is a casual, light blouse with an elongated cut. Such models perfectly provide comfort and practicality throughout the day. And the stylish loose design looks great with skinny pants, jeans, shorts and short skirts. Ethno-style tunic is distinguished by bright colors with ornaments or prints of geometric, animalistic, abstract themes. For these clothes, puffs at the waist, asymmetric patterns, fringe, loose sleeves or a wide leather belt are relevant.

ethnic style tunic

Swimsuit in ethnic style

This fashion trend has also affected the collections of bathing suits. Choosing swimwear in ethnic style, you guarantee an original and attractive look on the beach. Stylish styles are presented in both separate and one-piece designs. In the latter case, these are interesting monokini with a figured connection of bottoms and top. A feature that corresponds to the direction is the printed coloring. Separate suits are presented with slim bottoms and top in the form of a short top, complemented by lacing, fringe, tassels and characteristic patterns.

ethnic swimsuit

Ethnic shoes

An important choice in the image of the national direction is its completion. This detail is never a catchy accent, although it is often presented in a decorated and bright design. The main feature of shoes is practicality and comfort. Therefore, fans of high pads will not find the best option for themselves here. Products are always made of natural fabrics — leather, suede, breathable textiles. Let’s see what shoes correspond to the fashionable ethnic trend:

  1. Ethnic style sandals. Such models are always presented on a flat course. A low platform is considered an acceptable solution. The top of the shoe is made in the form of many straps or ties, often decorated with fringe, coins or tassels.

ethnic style sandals

  1. Boots. Such accessories have a low shape to the middle of the calf. The shaft is often free or wide. Shoes are decorated with beautiful ornaments or abstract geometric patterns, fringes, puffs that create a wrinkled texture.

ethnic shoes

  1. Boots. Neat, low-cut closed-toe shoes are the only acceptable option with heels. But the block here is always stable, often beveled and low. Boots often have a wide ankle style.

ethno style

Ethnic style jewelry

Fashionable images are always complemented by stylish jewelry. At the same time, accessories have a massive and expressive shape, catchy design using materials of different textures. Particularly popular are products made from natural stones, wood and inexpensive metals — copper, tin, low-grade silver. Coins, textile brushes and chains are considered characteristic additions. Let’s see the most popular ethnic jewelry:

  1. Rings. In a stylish look, metal rings with carved patterns, engraving or openwork weaving are often present. Such accessories often come in a set of several pieces, decorating all fingers at once. Ethnic Indian style has become especially popular in fashion collections.

ethnic style jewelry

  1. Earrings in ethnic style. Products on the ears have an elongated shape. These can be metal coins, textile brushes or beaded models of the original weaving with a pattern in the form of an ornament.

ethnic style earrings

  1. beads. This type of jewelry always has a long and massive shape. The trend is multi-level beads and large chains with pendants. Accessories with natural stones have become especially popular.

ethno style in jewelry

  1. Bracelets. Hand jewelry is also considered an integral element of a stylish bow. Such models can decorate both the wrist and the elbow and forearm area. Particularly popular are wide cast metal models.

trendy ethnic style

Ethnic style bags

A bag is not just a beautiful addition to a practical and original look, but also a convenient assistant, without which no bow can do. The most popular are roomy textile backpacks. Shoulder carriers are often complemented with many straps, drawstrings, embroidery, and ornamental or geometric patterns. Ethno-style bags are also represented by cross-body models with a long strap. This option often has a round or bag-shaped shape. Roomy hobos with short wide handles are also considered a popular choice.

ethnic bagsbags in ethno style

Manicure in ethnic style

Beautiful bohemian, African, Indian and other ethnic motifs are often used in modern nail art. This design is relevant at any time of the year. However, such solutions are considered an appropriate addition to beach and city bows. Ethno-style manicure is always geometric patterns, ornaments, abstract animal prints. And in order for the patterns to be symmetrical, stickers or sliders are often used. Overhead decor is excluded here. The only acceptable finish was a matte top.

ethnic style manicureethno style manicure

Ethno style in hairstyles

Laying, corresponding to the fashionable ethnic direction, always emphasizes femininity and sophistication, but at the same time lightness and emancipation. Such hairstyles are not appropriate in an evening bow, as they are presented in a careless and even slightly disheveled form. Ethno-style 2018 is beautiful weaving. Braids can frame the head, picking up the hair completely, or combined with loose strands. For such hairstyles, ribbons and Greek braids or ribbons are relevant. Loose curls are also considered a fashionable solution, laid in chaotic waves.

ethno style in hairstylesethno style 2018

Wedding in ethnic style

Unconventional weddings are in vogue. This is a stylish way to emphasize your originality and originality. Rustic and boho elements are typical for ceremonies in the traditional direction. Ethno-style in jewelry is distinguished by many natural attributes — arches made of trees, stumps instead of chairs and other things. The clothes of the bride and groom can also deviate from the classic styles. For girls, long dresses made of natural fabrics are popular — cotton, stitching, linen with characteristic inserts of ornamental embroidery. Such models often have a loose, comfortable cut without frank trim.

ethno style dresswedding in ethnic style

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