Dubai Marina Beach, Dubai Marina Beach

  • Location: Dubai, Dubai Marina area
  • Entrance: free

Dubai Marina Beach

Marina Beach in Dubai is located in the western area of ​​the city of Marina Beach on the shores of a sandy bay, created by artificial means. Bulk white sand, transparent waves of the Persian Gulf and a high level of infrastructure have made this beach the best not only in this emirate, but in all the UAE.

Features of a beach holiday

The beach overlooking the skyscrapers offers a comfortable stay not only for lovers of sunbathing and swimming. There are paths for joggers and rollerbladers, there are convenient small cafes, toilets, showers, changing cabins all along the beach. Here you will find always clean, white sand, a gorgeous view of the artificial island of Palm Jumeirah, a gentle entrance to the sea and always a calm bay. The waves are light, do not interfere with swimming and do not frighten children, they are considered the most comfortable in the region.

The bay was created specifically for vacationers. The sand here is very fine and white, and it is laid in such a way that it is comfortable to walk along the shore and in the water. Even at the entrance to the sea, the bottom is rammed so that the sand does not rise from the bottom with your feet, this makes the water clean and transparent, with visibility several meters deep. In the photo of Dubai Marina Beach stands out with the most turquoise water.

In addition, this is the longest sandy line with a large number of restaurants, beauty salons, souvenir shops and other recreational facilities. The length of the coast allows tourists not to accumulate in one place: on any stretch of the beach you will be comfortable relaxing, doing water sports, running or just walking along the beach. It will take you at least an hour to completely walk the entire line of Marina Beach in Dubai and return.

Skyscrapers at Marina Beach

What to do at Marina Beach in Dubai?

Wherever you live in Dubai, Marina Beach is worth visiting in any case. This is one of the most original beaches on the planet, which combines the modern world and the beautiful clear sea, connecting them with a strip of white sand. Visitors are presented with a large number of entertainments, which can be explored for more than one day:

  • camel riding;
  • shopping in coastal boutiques along the entire line of the beach;
  • a comfortable beach holiday on comfortable sunbeds under a large umbrella, which will hide from the scorching sun. The price for a sunbed and an umbrella will be only $7 for the whole day;
  • coastal beauty salons offer tourists massage, manicure, hairdressing services and skin cleansing with «magic» fish;
  • a walk along the coast, during which you can admire the large beautiful yachts standing in the bay.

Entertainment at Marina Beach

How to get to Marina Beach in Dubai?

If you come to Dubai for a beach holiday, then the most convenient place to live is the Jumeirah Beach residence in the Marina Beach area. It will be convenient for residents of other areas to come to the beach by metro: on the one hand, there is the Dubai Marina station, and on the other, the Jumeirah Lake Tower. In addition to the metro, you can use the tram, and, of course, a taxi that will take you to any convenient point.

Map of the Marina Beach area and beach

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