Delicate nail design - a selection of photos of a stylish manicure in gentle colors

Manicure is a vivid evidence of self-love. The current level of development allows you to create nail art expressive, catchy and even futuristic. But gentle nail design is still the leader in the preferences of beauties of any age.

Delicate nail design 2018

In the total desire for a bright manicure, a large part of the fair sex traditionally chooses a discreet option. Restrained and delicate nail design is ideal for office work, everyday looks and as a finishing touch to elegant evening sets. In addition, pastel nail colors are extremely popular this season.

Do not be afraid that the desire for naturalness and naturalness in manicure will show your lagging behind fashion trends. Modern nail design delicate tones, which seem boring to some ordinary people, gives extraordinary and stylish, according to the latest trends. Many classic options are presented with interesting modifications. The pastel range is extensive, it includes the following colors:

  • white;
  • pearl;
  • cream;
  • pink;
  • peach;
  • pale lilac;
  • sand;
  • blue;
  • pale green.

gentle nail design 2018

Delicate nail design 2018

delicate colors nail designsimple delicate nail design

Delicate design for short nails

Short length has more design restrictions than long nails. The fact is that dark and catchy tones significantly reduce visually the already small marigolds. But the pastel palette, on the contrary, contributes to the fact that this part of the palm visually appears a little longer. In addition, the delicate design on short nails looks unusually neat and always out of place.

Moderate length, when the free edge of the nail reaches 3-5 mm, may be oval, almond-shaped or square. A small correction: square nails are only nominal, since the corners of the shape that is relevant in the current season are slightly rounded. And don’t be afraid of the small area for nail art characteristic of short nails. Modern techniques allow you to significantly diversify manicure.

delicate design for short nails  delicate design on short nails

Delicate design on long nails

Some time ago, long nails were considered the height of indecency and a sign of bad taste. In our time, this prejudice has suffered an absolute collapse. Moreover, a simple delicate nail design significantly reduces the degree of pomposity of an elongated manicure. If we talk about the form, then the almond-shaped is considered the most acceptable. Although if the nails are of medium length, then you can leave the natural square, but, as mentioned above, with a neat rounding at the edges. Long nails give more space for the realization of various fantasies, coupled with the performance of the most complex techniques.

delicate design on long nailspale pink nail design

Beautiful delicate nail design

A natural palette as the basis of a manicure is a win-win option. Tones close to natural colors emphasize the beauty of the hands, harmoniously complement the image in a business, romantic and casual style. The nail design in light delicate colors can be easily combined with sets in almost any color, so you don’t have to rack your brains on how to combine clothes and manicure.

Delicate beautiful nail design is able to satisfy any requests of girls. It is not boring, because it stylishly embodies the latest trends that reign in nail art:

  1. An elegant jacket is preferred in a gentle range.
  2. Spectacular sparkles on a pastel background sparkle brighter. This is perfect for evening looks.
  3. The floral theme, as well as other delicate drawings, emphasize the femininity of the fair sex.
  4. Rhinestones are the fashion trend of the season, which has not bypassed nail art.
  5. Textured powder is suitable for lovers of experiments.

beautiful soft nail design

Beautiful delicate nail design

nail design in light gentle colorsstylish delicate nails design

Delicate french nail design

French is a classic version of manicure that adorns any hands. The popular option gives unsurpassed elegance, appropriate in the office and at a fun party. It all depends on how you decide to complement the unchanging classics:

  1. The pink jacket is extremely in demand. A gentle salmon tone can decorate the tip of the nail or its entire base. Pink is complemented by a transparent or white tone.
  2. A very delicate and elegant nail design is obtained if you combine a jacket with neat artistic modeling.
  3. An original option is when the so-called negative space is used in a colored jacket — elements with the natural color of the nail.
  4. The jacket is extraordinary, in which the traditional oval half-smile is replaced with a triangular version.
  5. A fashionable ombre reception as part of a gentle jacket will attract the attention of others.

gentle french nail design  very delicate nail design

Delicate nail design

Hand painting is a striking phenomenon in the world of manicure that can effectively and expressively diversify an unpretentious coating. A beautiful drawing is not just a decoration, and in some cases even the final point of the image, which reflects your mood, attitude towards others and towards yourself. If we talk about current trends, they give a considerable springboard for imagination.

Masters use the following drawings this year:

  1. Geometric patterns are one of the most popular options. The symbiosis of lines, circles, triangles creates a bizarre pattern.
  2. Cute animal faces are another very popular design. Kittens, pandas, dogs are the prerogative of young fashionistas.
  3. If you want to be fashionable, pay attention to the design of nails in soft pink colors. Pink gamma is extremely in demand this season. It goes well with white, silver and gray. Gorgeous drawings in the form of butterflies, lace, hearts, bows.
  4. Do not forget about seasonal options: snowflakes, frosty patterns, bulk knitting are relevant for winter, greens and flowers for spring and summer, leaves for autumn.
  5. If you want to decorate your nails with a playful manicure, prefer stylish polka dots.

delicate nail design

Delicate nail design

pink nail designpale blue nail design

Delicate nails design with sparkles

To cheer up, add festive notes to everyday life, designs that use sparkles will help. The sparkling component will add luxury and chic to the most boring and inexpressive manicure. Therefore, when a social event or a friendly party is approaching, you should give preference to spectacular glitter:

  1. Pale pink nail design is beautiful not only in combination with silver, but also golden, silver sparkles.
  2. Glitter can decorate the lunula area or the free edge of the nail, creating a stylish jacket or moon manicure.
  3. Delicate nail design is popular, when the coating is traditionally in pastel colors, and one nail plate on each hand is completely decorated with sparkles.
  4. An extraordinary combination of matte finish and sparkling elements.
  5. Spraying in the form of golden sand is the fashion trend of the season.

delicate nails design with sparkleslight pink nail design

Delicate flower nail design

There is no more romantic and feminine theme than floral. The favorite theme of the fair sex of any age fits perfectly into the daily and festive bow, decorating it:

  1. Of the popular drawings — rose, tulips, chamomile, cornflowers, orchids, sakura.
  2. As part of the seasonal manicure, one or two nails are decorated with a floral pattern so as not to overload the image.
  3. Volumetric flowers made using the technique of modeling or casting are extraordinary.
  4. Often combines floral design of nails with delicate shades with expressive techniques — decoration with sparkles, powders, rhinestones.

delicate flower nail designdelicate colors nail design

Delicate nail design with rhinestones

Luxurious diamond sparkle can also appear on your nails if they are decorated with rhinestones. Someone considers them too flashy. But if you decorate the nail with one or three shiny pebbles, then there is no need to talk about bad taste. This laconic manicure is suitable for everyday bows. And if a festive occasion looms ahead, you can experiment by increasing the scope of rhinestones.

Nail art with rhinestones easily merges with popular techniques:

  1. Lunar manicure is interesting when the area at the base of the nail is laid out with sparkling particles. Another version is when the sidewall of the nail is decorated with small rhinestones.
  2. A fashionable geometric theme can be played with a triangle on a lunula, or with parallel or intersecting stripes of their sparkling pebbles.
  3. For special occasions, a design is shown where one nail is completely covered in rhinestones.
  4. If you want a stylish manicure, choose a pale blue nail design with a cross pattern of rhinestones of different sizes and colors.

delicate nail design with rhinestones

Matte nails — delicate design

The matte finish was a real discovery in 2016, and so far its popularity has not diminished at all. The demand for matte nails can be explained by an unusual laconic look, femininity and elegance. And although a matte manicure in a pure version without the use of any additional techniques is unique, the special charm lies in the combination with contrasting elements:

  1. The simplest option is a combination of matte and shiny coatings in one color.
  2. The combination with rhinestones and sparkles is just as effective.
  3. Often, manicure masters combine a matte finish with powder elements, for example, rubbing the cockchafer, northern lights.

matte nails gentle design

Delicate nail design with powder

A new word in nail art has rapidly gained popularity due to its unusual textured look. A scattering of round acrylic particles resembles the soft texture of velvet with a matte finish. Manicure delicate design on short nails is especially cozy, like a warm shawl warming in cold weather. Of the popular imitations — a warm winter sweater with patterns for wool knitting.

delicate nail design with powder

Delicate glitter nail design

The combination of delicate natural colors with glossy elements has an incredible appeal. Inconspicuous pastel everyday colors in tandem with rhinestones, sprinkles and rubbing form an ornate, but such a beautiful pattern:

  1. Broken glass is an original trend for extraordinary people.
  2. Kamifubuki, sparkling confetti, give a festive mood on gray days.
  3. If there is a desire to have stylish delicate nails, the design may include foiling.

soft glitter nail design

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