Boho chic - the rules for creating a fashionable female image

Boho chic is a real fashion trend of recent seasons. It is represented by many wardrobe items, with which you can create a holistic and harmonious image. Such a bow is ideal for girls who value freedom in all its manifestations and prefer originality.

Boho chic clothing style

Boho chic is a brand new trend in fashion, which first appeared in the bohemian circles of show business and among movie stars. It intertwines several trends at once: grunge, hippie, vintage, military, ethnic themes and gypsy motifs. It has the following features:

  • layering, a certain color palette, clothing material and decoration;
  • boho chic style is filled with nuances, you can choose single accents or completely immerse yourself in this topic;
  • such clothes should have natural tones, for this natural materials are used: cotton, linen, velvet, chiffon, silk, leather and fur;
  • some young ladies turn to artificial fabrics in colors such as white, beige, brown, earth, red and dark green;
  • the presence of trim in the form of lace, ruffle, fringe and embroidery is welcome;
  • knitted and lace details can be present in dresses, tops, hats and bags;
  • floral and avant-garde prints are very popular in clothes of this trend;
  • outfits are flowing and loose on the body, because the clothes are multi-layered and consist of fabrics of different textures;
  • to complete the look, the outfit is decorated with bright scarves, chains, pendants and necklaces;
  • natural shades are chosen for shoes, leather and suede become the most popular material;
  • in the summer, you should turn to ballet flats, sandals, and in cool weather, boots and ankle boots.

boho chic clothing style

Boho chic clothing style

boho chic styleboho chic in clothes

Boho chic dress

An extremely original wardrobe item is a boho chic dress. It is characterized by such distinctive features:

  • many models have a free cut and flared sleeves;
  • the dress will focus on the waist with an expressive belt or lacing;
  • natural materials will help to give simplicity to the image, while it will remain colorful thanks to numerous patterns, ethnic patterns and bright prints;
  • for a solemn event, you can stop at an evening dress with a floor length, which is created from a plain flowing fabric;
  • a woman should approach the choice of a dress, focusing on the color type and the complete set of the figure. For obese women, it is better to choose a dress with a high waist and midi length;
  • summer outfits in boho chic style are complemented by drawings, draperies, folds, some products have ruffles;
  • summer dresses are made from light flowing fabric, a huge number of cuts can be present on the product;
  • certain outfits have a more voluminous silhouette, their bottom is decorated with fringe;
  • the knitted version often looks like a knitted top and a lace bottom;
  • tunic dresses are characterized by layered fabric, V-neck and length that reaches mid-thigh;
  • shirt dresses have straight sleeves with different lengths, they can be fastened with hidden buttons. This type of fastener is able to create small cutouts in the neck area or at the bottom of the hem;
  • boho is invariably associated with fringe, this element can be on the hem or sleeves, there are dresses completely decorated with fringe.

boho chic dress

Boho chic dress

boho chic dressboho chic image

Boho chic skirt

Feminine, but at the same time, the boho chic style skirt looks extraordinary. It is characterized by the following features:

  • many products are characterized by midi or maxi length, mini skirts can rarely be found on tap;
  • characteristic features of skirts are layering, multi-tiered, the presence of numerous frills and frills;
  • the presence of all kinds of decorative elements is welcome, it can be fringe, embroidery with threads or beads, appliqués;
  • in a boho chic skirt there is a casual style, bright and colorful motifs are combined;
  • the main thing in this direction is not to overdo it with the number of drawings and inserts;
  • different textures can be used to make a skirt.

boho chic skirt

Blouse boho chic

The direction of boho chic in blouses looks extremely organic. They are endowed with the following features:

  • the product often has an oversized cut;
  • in most models there is a belt made in the form of a drawstring;
  • wide flared sleeves predominate, they can be gathered at the wrist;
  • there is an asymmetric cut of the product, where ruffles and frills will prevail among the decoration;
  • the blouse is often layered;
  • the color scheme is similar to gypsy and ethnic motifs;
  • completely different fabrics can be combined in one product, for example, wool and satin, velvet and corduroy, lace and burlap;
  • fur, fringe and velor details may be present as decor;
  • on the blouse you can see knitted inserts, embroidered flowers and lace mesh. Such details create a very extraordinary image.

blouse boho chicboho chic in blouses

Boho chic coat

For the cool season in the direction of boho chic coats and fur coats occupy a significant place. Among their features are the following:

  • at the same time, romanticism and negligence, simplicity of details and chic appearance are visible in clothes;
  • distinctive features of the coat will be the use of different colors and textures;
  • often there are leather and fur inserts on the coat;
  • many models are complemented by a variety of embroideries and appliqués;
  • some models have a fitted silhouette, and the bottom has a loose fit;
  • in boho chic style products, the presence of shine in the form of lurex or rhinestones is excluded. Decoration in the form of knitted flowers is welcome;
  • in some cases, designers turn to the option with satin ribbons and embroidery;
  • a knitted coat has a large knit and knee length, but it is not intended for a cold winter;
  • a cape coat is a long outerwear that has an asymmetrical cut;
  • fringe or wrap can be used, these are extremely fashionable items;
  • The most unusual coat option will be the “blanket” model, it has a very loose oversized cut.

boho chic coat

Evening dresses boho chic

For a grand entrance, you can pick up evening dresses in the style of boho chic. When choosing them, it is recommended to consider the following:

  • for an evening look, you should choose easily flowing fabrics, such as silk;
  • these will not be very voluminous dresses with a floor length;
  • the bottom and cuffs of the dress can be decorated with fringe, which will add an even more original look;
  • to highlight the waistline, you should use a belt made of suede or snakeskin;
  • The image must be complemented with long jewelry.

boho chic evening dressesboho chic evening dresses

Boho chic wedding dresses

Brides can successfully choose boho chic wedding dresses for themselves, which are characterized by such details:

  • the dress looks unsurpassed due to the femininity and spontaneity that it carries;
  • the dress may have a semi-fitted silhouette, which is complemented by various ruffles and frills;
  • such a dress is not worn with a veil, it is complemented by discreet wreaths;
  • for a wedding dress, white color is suitable, which carries innocence and femininity;
  • there may be embroidery and all sorts of finishes.

boho chic wedding dresseswedding dresses boho chic

Boho chic for full

Owners of magnificent forms will also be able to use boho chic in clothes. Outfits have originality, but you should carefully create an image so as not to look ridiculous:

  • a variety of correctly selected drawings can gently adjust the figure. Fat women should choose vertical patterns and prints, because they visually stretch the silhouette;
  • as for the length, the choice should be midi or maxi models, they will help you feel free and relaxed;
  • canopies are definitely not suitable for overweight women, you need to stop at dresses with an A-line or trapezoid style;
  • it is better for overweight women to stop at more monophonic models;
  • asymmetry is able to attract attention, in addition, a disproportionate figure will be hidden.

boho chic for full

Boho chic bag

A well-chosen bag can organically complement the image in the boho chic style. She can emphasize individuality and express her inner world:

  • characteristic features are comfort and layering;
  • beads and dense fabrics are used as decor, all kinds of small details, such as baubles, key chains, pendants, ribbons and bows;
  • boho style chic bags have baggy and free volume;
  • products are worn and worn;
  • the colors of such bags are varied, each of them is distinguished by its bizarre pattern or multi-color lines;
  • the messenger bag, which has a wide belt, has become popular bags;
  • a hobo bag is a shapeless product, but very roomy.

bag boho chicboho chic look

Boho chic hairstyles

To harmoniously complement the bow, you can choose boho chic hairstyles in everyday life:

  1. They mean styling, where there is a slight negligence and numerous weaving from a variety of braids.
  2. These hairstyles are used to create a gentle and romantic look.
  3. The popularity of careless hairstyles has increased not only among young fashionistas, but also among respectable adults.
  4. Such hairstyles do not require much time for styling, but they attract with their naturalness.
  5. Many styling consists of messy braids, soft waves and stylish accessories.

boho chic hairstyles

Boho chic hairstyle short hair

For owners of short strands, boho chic short hair styling is intended:

  • hair can be twisted a little and laid in light waves;
  • a careless curl of different thicknesses is relevant;
  • hair can be gathered over the temples for comfort and fixed with invisible hairpins;
  • you can add a hairstyle with small pigtails that will organically complement loose strands.

boho chic short hairboho chic short hair styling

Boho chic hairstyle long hair

Great scope for the manifestation of fantasy gives boho chic styling for long hair:

  • a popular option is styling with several braided elements;
  • to make the image more office, you can braid a thick braid around the head;
  • for a walk, side weaving in the French version or a fishtail is perfect;
  • to feel comfortable, you can braid the braid in front and create the appearance of a rim;
  • side braids look incredibly romantic and gentle.

hairstyle boho chic long hair

Boho chic jewelry

Jewelry and bijouterie are an integral part of this style, which emphasizes the individuality and originality of the image:

  • jewelry is often taken from leather, suede and various stones, wooden products and gems;
  • massive jewelry can be used in the image, for example, it can be boho chic earrings;
  • accessories with fur details, with fabric or metallic colors will look beautiful;
  • different fabrics can be used in decorations, such as linen, denim and organza.

boho chic jewelryboho chic style

Makeup boho chic

Makeup is designed to organically complement the image of boho chic:

  • any stylist tries to achieve the effect of naturalness;
  • the main features of makeup: eyebrows should not be thin, lips can have a light or rich shade, darkened eyes are allowed.

boho chic makeup

Boho chic manicure

Boho chic manicure looks extremely catchy and original. It is characterized by the following elements:

  • there is ethnicity, gypsy motifs;
  • manicure can be filled with bright and rich colors;
  • nail art made in Moroccan motifs looks extraordinary;
  • you can refer to images of dream catchers, peacock feathers, all kinds of ethnic motifs;
  • when applying a bright pattern, neutral varnishes are used to create a background.

boho chic manicureboho chic manicure

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