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A harmonious image includes many important criteria. In particular, a modern fashionista must have neat and well-groomed hands with an attractive design of nail plates. Beautiful manicure 2018 allows young ladies to choose one of the many options that are relevant this season.

Beautiful manicure 2018 — trends

The fashion for the stylistic design of the nail plates is constantly changing. Although some trends, such as the classic jacket or solid red nails, remain relevant for many years, each new season brings with it new trends. Beautiful and stylish manicure 2018 can be both discreet and concise, as well as bright and catchy, using original decor, unexpected combinations of color shades and textures.

beautiful manicure 2018 trends

Beautiful manicure 2018 — trends

beautiful and stylish manicure 2018beautiful manicure 2018 trends

Beautiful manicure for short nails 2018

Owners of short nail plates need to be careful when choosing nail art, since some options can visually reduce the length of the claws, which should be avoided in this situation. Meanwhile, this does not mean at all that such young ladies will have to be content with the simplest ways of decorating plates. On the contrary, a beautiful 2018 manicure for short nails can be done using most modern techniques, however, some features inherent in a small length must be taken into account.

So, owners of short nail plates are not recommended to decorate all fingers. Masters of manicure art believe that in this situation it is best to decorate one or two accent fingers, and simply cover the rest with plain varnish or gel polish. At the same time, experts do not recommend giving preference to dark shades, since they can visually shorten the claws. In addition, large drawings should not be applied to small nail plates — they will look out of place and make the design tasteless.

beautiful manicure for short nails 2018

Beautiful manicure for short nails 2018

beautiful manicure 2018 for short nailsbeautiful manicure for short nails 2018

Beautiful manicure 2018 for long nails

You can create a beautiful manicure 2018 on long nails in a huge number of different ways. In this case, thanks to the impressive area of ​​the nail plate, fashionistas can apply any drawings, do airbrushing, depict on their claws a “sweater” that is relevant in the cold season, and much more.

Meanwhile, it should be borne in mind that in 2018, excessively long nails faded into the background, so stylists recommend filing them to medium length. If the young lady does not want to part with her long claws under any pretext, she should give preference to a laconic design that does not draw attention to her hands.

beautiful manicure 2018 for long nails

Beautiful trendy manicure 2018

Refined and beautiful manicure 2018, the novelties of which can please even the most demanding and fastidious young ladies, can be done in many different ways. At the top of popularity are both discreet and concise types of nail art that will be appropriate even in a work setting, as well as a bright and catchy design that can distinguish its owner from the crowd. A beautiful manicure in 2018 is so diverse that every girl will be able, at the first desire, to choose the option that suits herself and almost instantly make changes to the image.

beautiful manicure 2018 on long nailsbeautiful manicure 2018 for long nails

Delicate beautiful manicure 2018

For young romantic ladies, a beautiful gentle manicure 2018 is ideal, made mainly in pastel shades and not overloaded with excessive decor. Such a design will perfectly fit into the atmosphere of a romantic date with your lover and, moreover, will be appropriate in everyday wear.

To create the most beautiful manicure of 2018, you need to give preference to a soft pink, peach or beige shade of the coating. You can dilute it with the thinnest golden stripes, a small cell applied with white varnish or gel polish, a charming image on a floral theme, and so on. Particular attention in this case should be paid to the shape of the nail plates — to achieve the best result, it should be oval, almond-shaped or square, but with rounded corners.

gentle beautiful manicure 2018

Delicate beautiful manicure 2018

the most beautiful manicure 2018gentle beautiful manicure 2018

Beautiful red manicure 2018

Luxurious and sophisticated red color and all its many shades do not lose their relevance in the field of manicure art. With the help of a bright red coating, you can create a very beautiful manicure in 2018, which will distinguish its owner from the crowd and make her image as effective and memorable as possible. Among the whole variety of red-coated nail art options this year, the following have gained particular popularity among nail art masters:

  • chic and incredibly beautiful manicure 2018, which uses a tandem of red and black. It can be either a gradient transition from one shade to another, or any black patterns on a red background;
  • classic moon nail art with an uncovered hole. If you want to add expressiveness to such a design, this season it is allowed to cover the hole with varnish or gel polish in pink, gold, white or black;

beautiful red manicure 2018

  • beautiful manicure — the trend of 2018, can be done using the gradient technique. This season, experts in the world of nail art advise making sharp transitions, from red to a shade that contrasts strongly with it — white, black, yellow and others;
  • nail art in red and white colors has not lost its position for several seasons in a row. It looks great and can be appropriate in most everyday situations;

very beautiful manicure 2018

  • the original jacket with the use of red varnish, which can cover the main surface or the smile line, is rightfully classified as a classic. It looks elegant and luxurious, but at the same time not too pretentious, so it can be appropriate almost always. In addition, one of the main trends of the coming season was a beautiful 2018 French manicure with a pattern on the nails;
  • finally, matte nail art in red tones looks as if the claws of a fashionista were covered with noble and luxurious velvet. Girls and women appreciate it for this feature and more and more often decorate all or several fingers on their handles in this way.

beautiful red manicure 2018

Beautiful manicure with rhinestones 2018

The easiest way to create a beautiful manicure in 2018 is to decorate the nail plates with shiny rhinestones. This season they can be colored and transparent, small and large, the same or different. At the same time, as in previous seasons, it is highly not recommended to decorate all nails with rhinestones — it is much better to highlight only 1-2 accent fingers by placing shiny pebbles on them in a chaotic manner or apply a simple image with their help.

beautiful manicure with rhinestones 2018

Beautiful manicure with rhinestones 2018

beautiful manicure 2018beautiful manicure with rhinestones 2018

Beautiful manicure 2018 with rub

According to many fashionistas, the most beautiful manicure of 2018 is nail art using rubbing. With the help of the smallest shiny particles of powder, you can give your fingers a charming effect of overflow and gleam. With any light source, such a design creates an atmosphere of unique charm and some mystery around its owner, which is why young ladies appreciate it so much. This season, experts suggest combining it with matte nail art, achieving a bright and unusual appearance of nails.

beautiful manicure 2018 with rubbing

Beautiful manicure 2018 with rub

the most beautiful manicure of 2018beautiful manicure 2018 with rubbing

Beautiful french manicure 2018

To create a beautiful manicure with gel polish 2018, you can use one of the most popular and sought-after French techniques. Highlighting the smile line with a different color still has not lost its relevance, but, on the contrary, there are much more variations of such nail art this season than before.

So, girls and women can give their preference to a classic jacket, in which only a perfectly even smile line is covered with gel polish, a colored French manicure, which uses contrasting shades and combinations, or a combination of different types of nail art. So, for example, a beautiful 2018 manicure can be done by complementing the classic jacket with any patterns, rhinestones or stripes. All this gives it additional charm and unique femininity.

beautiful french manicure 2018

Beautiful french manicure 2018

beautiful manicure gel polish 2018beautiful french manicure 2018

Beautiful ombre manicure 2018

Although a beautiful 2018 manicure with a gradient is far from the only technique in demand this season, many girls give it their preference. Creating this kind of nail art is not easy, especially at home, so it is recommended to contact professionals to achieve a good result.

The color stretch on the nail plates, obtained using a gradient design, can be anything this season — both delicate options are popular, in which a light pink or beige color scheme gradually turns into white, and bright and intense, for example, when red gradually turns into black or gold.

beautiful ombre manicure 2018

Beautiful ombre manicure 2018

beautiful manicure 2018 with a gradientbeautiful ombre manicure 2018

Beautiful moon manicure 2018

Like the classic jacket, moon nail art this season can be safely combined with other techniques for decorating nail plates. So, this beautiful everyday manicure 2018 goes well with holographic effects, matte finishes, metallic sheen, craquelure and so on.

Although in the traditional variation of this design, the hole remains unpainted, this year it is recommended to varnish it, and the brighter and more contrasting its shade compared to the main tone of the surface, the better. Unusual holes became another trend of 2018 — in the coming season they can be given triangular, concave, trapezoidal and other shapes.

beautiful moon manicure 2018

Beautiful moon manicure 2018

beautiful everyday manicure 2018beautiful moon manicure 2018

Beautiful evening manicure 2018

While preparing for an evening or solemn event, each representative of the fair sex thinks through her image to the smallest detail. A beautiful holiday manicure 2018 turned out to be extremely popular among girls and women of different ages. This season, evening nail art is almost always built on the basis of the moon and French designs, as well as their many variations. To give the design a festive look, it is complemented with painting, rhinestones, sequins, acrylic powder or modeling — elements that make the pens as spectacular as possible.

beautiful evening manicure 2018

Beautiful evening manicure 2018

beautiful holiday manicure 2018beautiful evening manicure 2018

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