Beach fashion 2018 - the main trends and trends for girls and women

With the onset of hot days, every young lady thinks about what to wear and how to look stylish and attractive during a beach holiday. Stylists annually develop options for spending time on the banks of water bodies. Beach fashion 2018 has prepared many surprises, among which every fashionista will find something of her own.

Beach fashion 2018 — trends

In each season, stylists and fashion experts advise girls to pay attention to different trends and fashion trends. In 2018, almost all current trends come down to brightness, intensity of colors and shades, an abundance of decor, and so on. Everything that can draw attention to its owner and make her a real queen of the beach is in fashion. So, beach fashion, summer 2018, the main trends of which are listed below, allows young ladies to look stylish, seductive and original.

In the coming season, stylists and designers recommend that the fair sex give preference to wardrobe items, shoes and accessories in the following areas:

  • boho style. in 2018, she showed herself in details such as fringe and tassels. The fringe can be located along the edge of the bodice of the swimsuit or on the belt of the swimming trunks, and the tassels often decorate the lacing on the bodice or are attached as pendants on both sides of the swimming trunks. In addition, tassels and fringe are also actively used to decorate beach sundresses, dresses, tunics, pareos and other items. Beach fashion 2018, complemented by tassels, fringes and other elements of boho style, creates a playful, flirty look;
  • open shoulder. In the summer 2018 season, one-shoulder swimwear is incredibly popular, as well as asymmetrical dresses, tops, sundresses and much more. Bathing suits with an open shoulder can be either one-piece or separate. The strap on them can be both wide and narrow. Such asymmetry emphasizes the beautiful shoulder, collarbones and décolleté, which emphasizes the unique femininity and charm of the image;
  • beach fashion of the 2018 season brought with it a trend that had previously lost its relevance — lacing. This detail in the coming season can decorate bathing suits, dresses and sundresses, pareos, bags and even hats. In most cases, it carries with it an exclusively decorative function, although in some models it can be used for its intended purpose. Although lace-up swimwear is at the peak of popularity this year, stylists and designers do not recommend wearing them at the beginning of the beach season, as these products do not allow you to get a beautiful and even tan;
  • suspenders, the need for which is very doubtful, became a bright and original novelty of the coming summer. However, beach fashion 2018 does not always fully adhere to the criterion of functionality. On the contrary, this year’s suspenders serve only as a decorative element, which in most cases connects the top of the bathing suit with the bottom. There are also closed models of swimsuits, where suspenders were used. In addition, in some wardrobe items, the visual effect of suspenders is created, although in reality they are not;
  • does not give up its position and high waist. This trend has remained at the top of popularity for several years now and extends not only to swimwear, but also to shorts, dresses and other wardrobe items;
  • beach fashion 2018 has prepared many options in a sporty style. This direction is popular with those young ladies who prefer to relax actively, and not just sunbathe;
  • In addition, this year knitwear, which look very bright, colorful and original, takes a separate place among the current fashion trends.

beach fashion 2018 trendsbeach fashion summer 2018 main trends

Beach dresses 2018

Almost every fashionista, going on vacation, takes with her several bright and beautiful dresses. These products emphasize the tenderness, femininity and romanticism of their owner, making her look truly charming. Fashionable beach dresses 2018 are mainly represented by the following styles and colors:

  • summer sundress, with bright and original prints;
  • dressing gown with short sleeves or without them at all;
  • bandeau dress;
  • jumpsuit dress;
  • all kinds of pastel shades;
  • products with prints on a floral or geometric theme. Especially popular options with asymmetric figures.

beach dresses 2018

Beach tunic 2018

Fashionable beach tunics 2018 are represented by a huge variety of variations, for example:

  • knitted tunics made from the finest and lightest yarn using a crochet hook. Very often they are decorated with embroidery and various patterns;
  • mesh tunics. So that such products do not look trite and boring, they are supplemented with original design and embroidery;
  • models with long sleeves. Such options are ideal for girls with pale skin who are afraid of getting burned;
  • tunics with a hood, eliminating the need to wear a panama or other headdress;
  • tunic shirts. Another model that is at the peak of popularity in 2018 and can have a huge variety of variations.

beach tunic 2018

Beach sundresses 2018

A stylish beach look 2018 can be made with a light summer sundress, which emphasizes the fragility, tenderness and femininity of its owner. This year, models on thin and wide straps with a high waist or flared hem are relevant. The optimal length dictated by the beach fashion of the 2018 season is just above the knee. Excessively short models, as well as too long ones, faded into the background this year and gave way to other products.

beach sundresses 2018

Beach Pareo 2018

Actual options for the coming season are bright prints and original colors in the Haitian style. Any palm trees, bananas, leaves and juicy beautiful flowers on the canvas are in fashion today. Stylish and attractive options from the 2018 collections represent a wide range of these elements.

Depending on where the pareo will be used, it is worth choosing a style from a suitable fabric with the appropriate color. It is not necessary to choose a matching swimsuit this year. On the contrary, in the current season of beach fashion, a mixture of styles is popular. So, beach bow 2018 may consist of a knitted pareo adjacent to the marine style of a swimsuit and a straw hat.

beach pareo 2018

Beach skirts 2018

Fashionable beachwear 2018 includes not only dresses, pareos and swimwear, but also beautiful and elegant skirts made of different materials. In this category, the following models are considered the most trendy and relevant:

  • products made in black and white;
  • transparent and translucent chiffon models;
  • options with lace inserts;
  • ultra-short mini, barely covering the buttocks;
  • long pleated skirts.

beach skirts 2018

Beach fashion for obese women 2018

The current beach fashion for obese women in 2018 is no different from a similar trend designed for thin women and slender young ladies. Meanwhile, plus-size girls, when choosing suitable wardrobe items, should take into account the features of their figure and build. So, stylists and designers recommend that fashionistas adhere to the following rules:

  • All items must be sized. They should not fit the silhouette too much or hang in a bag;
  • «Dumplings» should abandon things that taper to the bottom. Only straight or flared cut, the latter should hide massive hips;
  • in 2018, full ladies are not recommended to pay attention to bright and shiny wardrobe items. Only restrained and muted shades and a minimum number of decorative elements;
  • in addition, curvaceous beauties should avoid large prints. The best choice is a vertical strip, which in 2018 is at the top of relevance.

beach fashion for obese women 2018beach fashion for obese women 2018

Beach accessories 2018

You can add beach bows 2018 with appropriate accessories, which also follow certain fashion trends. As a rule, women of fashion add an exquisite headdress, sunglasses, beautiful and stylish jewelry to their image. This season, boho-style accessories are very popular, although other trends are not losing their positions.

beach accessories 2018

Beach shoes 2018

Women’s beach shoes 2018 should be as convenient and comfortable as possible, so stylists and designers have focused on a variety of models of slippers, slip-ons, sandals and flip flops. This year, the beach should forget what a heel, platform or wedge is. In general, preference is given to products made of rubber and genuine leather, although interesting textile options are presented in the collections of some manufacturers.

beach shoes 2018

Beach bags 2018

Going to the beach, every young lady has to take with her a lot of necessary items. It is best to place them in a convenient and roomy handbag, which, moreover, can perform other functions. This season, stylists and designers have developed many interesting options, among which it will not be difficult to find the right model. The most popular fashion beach bags 2018 are listed below:

  • rug bag;
  • bag-lounger, often with an inflatable pillow;
  • bag-transformer;
  • bag-bag;
  • mesh bag;
  • reticule;
  • braided accessory.

beach bags 2018

Beach hats for women 2018

During a beach holiday, hats become not just a stylish accessory, but a very important element of the image. They reliably protect from the scorching sun, allow you to feel comfortable even in the hottest weather and, moreover, prevent the possibility of heat stroke. Among the wide variety of hats this year, the following stand out:

  • a variety of fashionable beach hats 2018, among which the most popular model is a hat with a lowered brim and a ribbon tied under the chin;
  • stylish panamas, which this year should have too wide or, on the contrary, narrow fields;
  • peaks, caps and baseball caps in sports style;
  • beach hats 2018 and afro turbans;
  • square scarves.

beach hats for women 2018

Beach manicure 2018

A self-respecting fashionista, even while relaxing, thinks through her image to the smallest detail. In particular, attention is always paid to the condition of the handles and nail design. So, nail art should match the chosen outfit, the mood of the young lady and the hot weather. In most cases, beach images 2018 for girls are complemented by the following types of manicure:

  • nude nude manicure;
  • nail art with negative space;
  • design with geometric shapes and elements;
  • gold and silver sequins;
  • flower and berry design;
  • assorted bright colors;
  • neon manicure.

beach manicure 2018

Beach fashion trends 2018

Beach trends 2018 are incredibly diverse, but among them are the main trends that will be especially relevant this season, for example:

  • tassels and fringes;
  • thong;
  • stripe, both horizontal and vertical;
  • color block;
  • marine and predatory print.

beach fashion trends 2018

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