Aquapark (Prague), Aquapalace Praha — Prague


  • Address: st. Prazhska 138, shopping area Pruhonice-Cestlice
  • Telephone: +420 271 104 111
  • Website:
  • Opening hours: Mon-Fri 10:00-22:00, weekends 09:00-22:00

Water park in Prague

Aquapalace is considered the largest water park in Europe. It occupies 9150 sq. m of area, and includes not only water attractions, but also saunas, a spa, a bar, a restaurant and a hotel.

Water activities

The territory of water attractions is divided into separate palaces, where you can ride from 3 open or 6 closed slides (toboggans) and try out one adrenaline descent Spacebowl, and then relax in the hot tubs.

Recreation areas in the Water Palace:

  1. Palace of relaxation. Relaxation space with a 19-meter pool surrounded by comfortable sun loungers. Those who like to go with the flow can try out the wild river that passes through several zones of the water park.
  2. Treasure Palace. Children’s entertainment area with a large pirate ship, a paddling pool and two safe slides. Here you can swim on the waves in a large pool. Waves go for 7 minutes every half hour on weekends and every hour and a half on weekdays.
  3. Children's area in Aquapalace

  4. Adventure Palace. An area with high slides designed for adults and teenagers. Of the 6 toboggans, you can choose both a leisurely descent and a very fast one, 140 m long. For the most fearless, the Spacebowl is suitable, in which you can spin in a spiral at great speed.
  5. Adventure Palace

  6. Undersea world. This is a beautiful and educational area with huge aquariums, which represent the coral reef with all its inhabitants. Most of all, visitors like a large reef shark 2 m long, which is called the Malgash nocturnal shark. To feel that you are in tropical seas, it is most convenient to watch the fish from a warm pool, the water in which is heated to +37 ° C.
  7. street zone works until the temperature drops below +15 ° C or it starts to rain. Outdoor recreation is represented by a large swimming pool, deck chairs where you can sunbathe, a playground with a «paddling pool». Also, a fast river runs along the street, along which you can travel almost all over the Water World.
  8. Diving hole. The deepest diving training site in Europe. The pit is divided into 3 depths:
    • 1.5 m — everyone is allowed on it;
    • 4 m and 8 m — diving experience is already required here.

sauna world

This private relaxation space is located on the 2nd floor of the Water Palace. Children are not allowed here, and adults enjoy peace and comfort. It is worth noting that it is not allowed to enter the sauna area in swimsuits: at the main entrance you need to take a sheet, towel or bathrobe. Unlike the model of saunas familiar to us, in the Czech Republic they do not make separate women’s and men’s baths, everyone relaxes here together, and this does not bother anyone.

The territory of the world of saunas is divided into Roman and Finnish, and on the street there is a real log house with a Russian bath. On the door to each sauna there is detailed information about the humidity and temperature of the air, as well as recommendations for the time spent. After steaming, you can wipe yourself with water from an ice barrel, soak in the Jacuzzi or relax on the sun loungers in the relax zone.

sauna world


Wellness center in Aquapalace is considered one of the best in Prague, it is often called a paradise for women who take care of their body and beauty. Spa lovers are ready to offer here:

  • massage;
  • Turkish baths;
  • wraps;
  • anti-aging programs for the face and body;
  • professional manicure and pedicure;
  • laser depilation;
  • balneotherapy.

Bar and restaurant

The water park bar is decorated in Caribbean style. The counter is decorated with a canopy with palm branches and flowers, and under the feet of visitors there is real white sand. The bar offers refreshing drinks and, of course, delicious beer. From food, only snacks, salads and sandwiches are presented here.

If you want to have a full meal, then it is better to go to the local canteen, which serves delicious Czech cuisine. You can choose soups, hot and cold appetizers, main courses and desserts, as well as a variety of drinks. The prices are quite moderate, the portions are large, and the food is hearty and varied.

Aquapalace Hotel

On the territory of the water park in Prague, you can stay for a few days in a modern four-star hotel. All its guests can visit the Water World without restrictions, entrance tickets will be required only to the Sauna World, they can always be purchased at the reception. It is convenient to enter the water park through your own entrance along the corridor, without using the common one intended for visitors.

Hotel Aquapalace

How to get to Aquapalace in Prague?

The most popular water park in the Czech Republic is not located in Prague itself, but in the nearest suburbs. You can get to the town of Cestlice by regular buses No. 328, 363, 385 from the terminal station of the metro line C «Opatov». There you can also take the free shuttle of the Aquabus water park itself, but you will have to wait for it, as it runs once an hour.

Motorists need to move along the D1 highway towards the commercial and industrial zone Průhonice — Čestlice. The parking of the aquatic center is designed for 1200 places, so there are no problems with tickets even on weekends.


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