Airbrushing on nails — fashionable manicure ideas for nails of any length and shape


Airbrushing on nails - fashionable manicure ideas for nails of any length and shape

Every girl dreams of having her hands in perfect condition. Young ladies are constantly coming up with new ideas for decorating their claws, which will allow them to get a beautiful and stylish manicure. Often in the world of nail art there is also airbrushing on nails, which is relatively simple, but looks very interesting and original.

Airbrushing on nails 2018

Actual nail design 2018, airbrushing can be combined with various techniques, including French manicure and exquisite painting on one or two or three accent fingers. The combination of moon and French manicure also looks very good, in which the surface between the hole and the smile line is made in a soft gradient color. Meanwhile, such nail art requires a significant amount of time to create it, so not all young ladies decide to try this technique.

One of the main trends of the coming season is airbrushing on nails, made in pastel shades. This design is perfect for everyday life, goes well with different wardrobe items and is not too flashy or vulgar. For a meeting with friends or a club party, on the contrary, it is better to choose a multi-colored option that draws attention to its owner. In addition, in 2018, a gradient manicure made in wine, plum, burgundy and other colors will be incredibly relevant.

airbrush on nails 2018nail design 2018 airbrush

Airbrush manicure for short nails

A beautiful stretch of color requires a sufficient area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe nail plate, so making it on short nails can be very difficult. It is very difficult to place a suitable stencil on such a nail, so the use of an airbrush in this case is very limited. For this reason, a manicure with airbrushing on short nails very often represents color transitions made in the original horizontal technique — from one finger to another.

airbrush manicure for short nails

Airbrush manicure for long nails

Owners of long nail plates, on the contrary, can give their preference to absolutely any type of nail art. Long nails, design, airbrushing 2018 is incredibly diverse — the classic vertical gradient is popular, which is a color transition from top to bottom, all kinds of drawings and art painting applied using an airbrush. When creating such a manicure, it should be borne in mind that light shades can visually make the claws even longer, while dark ones, on the contrary, slightly shorten them.

Horizontal airbrushing on long nails will also look great if the nail plates are not too narrow. In addition, in 2018, girls with long claws can get airbrushed French manicures. In this technique, a white color is applied to the edge of the nail, which becomes transparent towards the base. Often this design is complemented by bright or delicate patterns that attract attention.

airbrush manicure for long nailsnail design airbrush 2018

Manicure Ideas — Airbrush

Stylish and attractive manicure, airbrushing, can be done in various ways. It looks great in various color combinations, however, not all of them are suitable for everyday life. So, with the help of an airbrush, you can create both a discreet and concise manicure, as well as a bright and catchy nail art that attracts attention. In addition, nail art masters actively combine the use of an airbrush with other methods of decorating nail plates, getting interesting and original ideas for all occasions.

airbrush manicure ideasairbrush manicure

Airbrush on nails — french

French manicure, airbrushing is a vertical color transition from the edge of the nail to its base with an accentuated smile line. Although modern manicure art does not imply a perfectly even edge, nevertheless, when creating such nail art, masters strive to bring the design as close as possible to the classic French manicure.

For this reason, in most cases, white and transparent varnishes are used in french airbrushing, which complement each other, creating a very interesting and original decor that suits even a young bride. This type of design goes well with rhinestones or charming patterns in the form of delicate twigs or flowers. When creating an image of a newlywed, this type of nail art can be supplemented with charming feminine lace.

In addition, special stencils can be used to apply a French manicure, separating a perfectly even smile line. In some cases, it is made relatively wide in order to be able to fill this area not with a monochromatic coating, but with a smooth color transition.

airbrush on french nails

Gentle manicure with airbrushing

Bright and catchy nail art is not always appropriate. For a business life or a romantic date, an airbrush manicure in gentle colors is perfect, which can have almost any design. So, the combination of white and pink looks very good, the transition from pale blue to purple, the combination of light yellow and gray and other numerous options, if necessary, supplemented by thematic drawings, monograms or three-dimensional elements.

gentle manicure with airbrushing

Airbrushing on nails — space

With the help of an airbrush, nail plates can be decorated in a huge number of different ways. Including, often with this method on the nails they draw the cosmic sky and other patterns on a space theme. As a rule, to create such images, dark blue and purple tones are used, complemented by a large amount of shimmering sparkles. Space manicure, airbrushing on nails looks great and will not leave its owner unnoticed.

airbrushing on nails space

Matte manicure — airbrushing

Beautiful and relevant manicure, airbrushing on nails 2018 can have both a glossy and matte surface. The latter looks very interesting and attractive, however, it has a significant drawback — any pollution appears on it very quickly, which gives the hands a sloppy appearance. To avoid this, experts advise young ladies to give preference to darker color shades and be prepared for the fact that the manicure will have to be redone in 10-14 days.

matte manicure airbrush

Red manicure — airbrushing

Bright persons who strive to stand out from the crowd and emphasize their individuality prefer red shades. Airbrushing on nails looks very interesting, red and white, however, this color scheme can be successfully combined with pink, burgundy, lilac, black and other colors.

In addition, airbrushing on nails, made in various shades of red, can be supplemented with sparkles, which will make it as attractive and solemn as possible. In all cases, choosing this type of nail art, it is recommended to observe moderation in clothing and accessories, since the main focus of the fashionable image will be on the hands.

red manicure airbrush

Black manicure — airbrushing

A black manicure is considered universal, although some young ladies consider it somewhat gloomy. Meanwhile, the airbrush effect on the nails using light colors adds a freshness and sophistication to this type of nail art, making it suitable for any occasion. The use of golden or red shades in such a design gives the whole image of a beautiful lady a luxurious and elegant appearance, which is why such options are overwhelmingly used at evening and special occasions.

black manicure airbrush

Airbrush on nails with stripes

A beautiful manicure, airbrushing, can be created from many multi-colored stripes that are slightly in contact with each other, but do not have clear boundaries. Many interesting designs can be applied to the claws using this method, but the most popular variation is the rainbow. Rainbow airbrushing on nails is almost always performed vertically, or horizontally, but from finger to finger. Since the standard width of the nail plate does not allow seven different color shades to be depicted at once, the horizontal gradient in this case is applied extremely rarely.

airbrush on nails with stripes

Airbrushing on nails with holes

Lunar nail art has become one of the main trends of the coming season, so airbrushing on nails in 2018 is often adjacent to highlighting nail holes with a different color or texture of the coating. The shape of the hole in this case can be almost any — not only the classic semicircular, but also triangular, square, heart-shaped or fancy. Lunar nail art is performed both with a negative space in the base area, and with multi-colored transitions that extend along the entire surface of the nail.

airbrush on nails with holes

Airbrush manicure with a pattern

Bright and stylish nail design, airbrushing, allows the use of various patterns on floral, animalistic, oriental, space and other topics. Geometric patterns are also very relevant, which are performed using perfectly even lines and clear shapes. In some cases, airbrushing is done on all nails, with the exception of accent nails, and 2-3 fingers are decorated with bright patterns.

Beautiful and original images can be applied with a brush or sponge, but perfectly even and neat pictures will be obtained if you use special stencils for airbrushing on nails. It should be remembered that the structure of the gel polish is such that it can flow under the stencil. Professional masters of manicure art have sufficient experience, so their work is unusually beautiful, smooth and attractive. Meanwhile, at home, girls may remain dissatisfied with the result.

airbrush manicure with a pattern


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