Emotions are poorly studied and are understood by different scientists in different ways. They can be controlled, but often they, like a litmus test, reflect your true attitude to what is happening.

1. When the boss inadvertently dropped in to check on how the work was progressing.


2. When you come to work with a hangover, but pretend to be a «cucumber».

With a hangover

3. When a colleague you hate is laughed at across the office.


4. When the boss hires a new kid and considers him/her a «star».


5. When you suddenly realize that you have been plowing like a damn for the second year, although you originally planned to «stay a little longer.»

2 years

6. When a rumor comes that Katya and Max still had one, but they did.


7. When you got a new job. In the busiest part of the office.

New table

8. When you make faces in front of a mirror with your favorite colleague during a break.

The same

9. When at the end of the month you are waiting for the settlement in the accounting department.

For salary

10. When you lose all shame and have a snack right at the workplace.


11. When the desktop is too small for all the accumulated papers.

Small table

12. When pay day came.

sn day

13. When you’re waiting for your co-workers to check out a trendy new haircut.


14. When you just got settled and can’t remember anyone by name.

First day

15. When they argued for money and won.

free lunch

16. When you click «send» an email to a friend and suddenly realize that you haven’t unchecked «send to everyone».


17. When you remember that this letter had the following content: “If I were the boss of my boss, everything would be very sad with the boss” …

black and white

18. When you realize that the letter was not sent, and you just escaped the death penalty … Yeeeeeee!


19. When you have time to get a manicure during lunch, because you are a glamorous professional.


20. When your boss asks if you would like to work on weekends.


21. When nerdy colleagues keep up with their endless questions.


22. When some asshole of some dick sits at your workplace.

On your chair

23. When he explains to you how to do your own work.

Oh well

24. When colleagues leave dirty cups after a coffee break, and you, like the cleanest, wash them.

dirty mugs

25. When a colleague who got drunk at a corporate party and said all sorts of nasty things crawled to work on Monday.


26. When you were caught red-handed — stealing someone else’s yogurt.


27. When you were interrupted at a meeting.


28. … and began to say what you were supposed to talk about.

Meeting 2

29. … and deprived you of bonuses.

Meeting 3

30. When you are forced to participate in team building exercises.

team building

31. When there are newcomers in the team and they are so cute!


32. When you sleep during dinner.

in a salad

33. When a colleague touches you.


34. When, waking up, put on the first things that came across, but only at work did you realize that you look, to put it mildly, like an idiot, but continue to work, since you are a master of your craft.


35. When you spent the whole evening watching TV shows, and in the morning your eyes want to sleep.


36. When everyone at the party is happy from the moment that you, unfortunately, missed.

in the shower

37. When you can’t remember the last time you finished your work day.


38. When they are ready to hang themselves from the idleness of colleagues.

With a girl

39. When you quarreled with a colleague in the body and “naturally” regret it.


40. When you’re the only one left at the office late at night.


41. When the boss finally praised.


42. When you made the stupidest mistake in the annual report and look like an idiot in front of the whole team.


43. When you didn’t make a single mistake in your annual report, but didn’t get what you thought was due praise.


44. When you got a promotion and feel your own power.


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