Today, when the Internet, the media and every gloss tells us about new fashion trends, it is very difficult to resist trying one of them for yourself …

And what? Everyone wants to be in style. True, we found 20 people who had a little sense of proportion, and they fell victims of this insidious fashion industry … In general, it’s time to save them before it’s too late!

1. When I put on the trends of spring, winter, autumn and summer at the same time!

put on trends

2. Mom confirmed — I’m the most beautiful!

I am the most beautiful

3. And granny, it turns out, is still that wild little thing!

wild thing

4. This is what love for fashion and social media does to people!

love for fashion and social media

5. Yeti, is that you???

Yeti, is that you?

6. The East is a delicate matter!

East is a delicate matter

7. Who do you think buys and wears those ugly shoes on the planet?

ugly shoes

8. People, stop!

People, stop

9. Well, if the designers themselves suggest wearing this…

designers suggest this.

10. Do not laugh, or maybe it should be?

Do not laugh

11. Because there are so few bright colors in life!

few bright colors

12. And in general, be glad that you are not in a dress!

be glad you're not in a dress

13. Lingerie style is now at the peak of popularity …

Linen style

14. Here’s how to dilute dull gray everyday life!

dull gray days

15. And what — Beyoncé and Rihanna can do this, but we can’t?

Beyonce can do it

16. I bet we can guess right off the bat what pattern her manicure has?


17. A little more, and against the background of it they will begin to take a photo! Well, out of habit…

start taking photos

18. And who said that being fashionable is easy?

being fashionable is easy

19. When the holiday is always with you!

holiday is always with you

20. But now we know what 50 shades of blue look like!

50 shades of blue

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Well, are you ready for this fashion?

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