So that Moidodyr does not come to visit, it’s time to approach the cleaning process wisely. The best cleaning companies know what a competent cleaning is. Listening to their advice, you forget what it means to spend your weekends in the company of a broom and a vacuum cleaner.

In big cities, you can easily contact a cleaning company to have professionals clean your house. Many are sure that such organizations use various professional equipment and special expensive chemicals in their work, but this is not so. Cleaning company employees use quite common and affordable methods for removing various contaminants, which they have tested a huge number of times.

1. Correct scheme

correct scheme

Experts say that one of the main mistakes in cleaning is randomness, so, first people clean one thing, then they jump abruptly to another, and so on. It is correct to use the scheme — to move from top to bottom, that is, first the chandelier, the upper drawers are put in order, and then, already the appliances, the window sill and the floor.

2. Cleaning chrome surfaces

cleaning chrome surfaces

On which various stains, handprints and other contaminants are perfectly visible — a chrome surface. Cleaning company employees have a simple secret for keeping such products clean — take a soft cloth and apply olive oil on it, and then process it in a circular motion. Believe me, after that the refrigerator, stove and other products will shine gorgeously.

3. Ideal faucets

perfect taps

A familiar problem for many is whitish spots from dried water. You can quickly remove them with the help of vinegar, which must be added to the water. Remember that it is important to carry out the treatment with gloves so as not to irritate the skin. Vinegar solution can be used to add perfect clarity to glassware.

4. Parchment for the refrigerator

parchment for fridge

It is difficult and long to wash the refrigerator, because you will need to get all the products, shelves, and so on. So that the glass does not look dirty and there are no streaks, use a simple tip — cover the shelves with baking parchment sheets. It will absorb liquid, getting rid of sticky stains.

5. Anti-rust

rust control

Cleaning company employees say that lemon is often used in cleaning, for example, it can do a great job with rust. It is necessary to soak problematic items in lemon juice or diluted acid. The duration of soaking depends on the degree of contamination. At the end of the procedure, all that remains is to wipe everything thoroughly.

6. Nail polish stains

varnish stains

Doing a home manicure, accidentally knocked over a jar of varnish on a carpet or other surface? Don’t worry, cleaning company employees give simple advice on how to quickly remove the stain. Use vodka that will keep the polish from drying out and can easily remove the dirt. Peroxide, solvent and glycerin will help in this situation.

7. Traces of stickers

sticker marks

Almost every appliance, dishware and other products have stickers left by the manufacturer, which are very difficult to remove. Surprisingly, mayonnaise will help in this matter, which must be applied in a thick layer on the sticker and left to be absorbed. Due to the fatty consistency of the sauce, it will be possible to remove all excess easily and without consequences.

8. Cleaning the blender

blender cleaning

A handy assistant in the kitchen is a blender, but washing it is not an easy task, because you need to get all the elements and carefully process them, especially knives. To cut down on washing time, use a simple life hack — pour some water and dishwashing detergent into the bowl. Turn on the blender for 10-15 seconds and then rinse it.

9. Effective polish

effective polish

There are many things in the house made of metal, such as brass, silver and copper. To make such products clean and shiny, you can use ketchup, which must be applied to a soft cloth and processed. Surprisingly, it really works.

10. Clean microwave

clean microwave

Another of the dirtiest places in the kitchen is the microwave, which accumulates a layer of grease and dried food splatters. You do not need to try with a steel sponge to remove all contaminants with efforts, since you will only waste your strength. Put a plate of water in the microwave and turn it on at full power for a few minutes. Due to the evaporation of the liquid, all stains will soften, which means that it will be very easy to remove them. For additional disinfection, add lemon juice to the water.

11. Shiny forks and spoons

shiny forks and spoons

Forks, spoons and other utensils can be made shiny in seconds. They must be kept in a warm solution of ammonia. It is best to pour it into a bag, put the devices and seal it tightly. Use this solution to brighten bathroom tiles.

12. Transparent windows

transparent windows

Oh, many housewives sometimes postpone washing windows several times for later, because they know that this is a difficult task that requires not only time, but also nerves. Professional cleaners, as it turned out, do not use industrial products, but folk recipes. It’s very simple: add white vinegar and starch to a bucket of water, given that for every liter of liquid there should be 1 tbsp. spoonful of each ingredient. Washing with such a solution will not leave streaks behind.

For many people, the word “cleaning” spoils the mood, because you immediately imagine hours of torment with a rag. In fact, not everything is so problematic if you know a few simple and effective secrets that are used by employees of professional cleaning companies.

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