What to wear with a gray dress - 30 photos of fashionable images for every day and for special occasions

Some wardrobe items are so versatile that it is not difficult to create a stylish and fashionable look with them. So, there are a huge number of options for what to wear with a gray dress, and with what things it can be combined to create a spectacular look for different situations.

Fashionable images with a gray dress

Gray wardrobe items look great on almost any girl. In addition, they are perfectly combined with different shoes and accessories, so choosing the right components for a fashionable look is not difficult. So, for example, even the most ordinary gray noodle dress complete with black ankle boots and a simple leather bag will make a stylish look for a walk or everyday wear.

fashionable images with a gray dress

What to wear with a gray knitted dress?

Knitted patterns are perfect for the autumn-winter period of the year. As a rule, they are combined with tight tights or leggings, insulated shoes and outerwear. At the same time, shoes should be chosen taking into account the length of the outfit — a short gray knitted dress looks perfect with over the knee boots or high boots, and a long floor-length robe can be safely complemented with neat ankle boots or even classic shoes.

In addition, many girls are concerned about the question of what to wear with a gray knitted dress designed for summer? Such models in most cases are made of iris, cotton or viscose and are decorated with an openwork pattern, thanks to which they create a delicate feminine look. Such products go well with different types of shoes — light sandals, ballet shoes or shoes with heels, while you can choose both a matching model and bright shoes that will echo with accessories.

what to wear with a gray knitted dress

What to wear with a gray knit dress?

A simple and concise gray knitted dress is considered by many of the fair sex to be boring and inexpressive, however, if you wish, you can create an incredibly stylish and interesting look based on it. So, this little thing can always be diluted with bright accessories, for example, a bright red belt and a necklace with garnets. In this case, red lipstick will be an excellent choice.

Meanwhile, if the question arises of what to wear with a gray knitted dress decorated with a print, you should not get carried away with overly bright accessories. In this case, it is better to give preference to high boots made of black genuine leather, a wide belt made of the same material and a classic bag.

what to wear with a gray knitted dress

What to wear with a gray noodle dress?

A charming noodle dress looks very seductive, as it emphasizes all the feminine curves and roundness of the silhouette. Meanwhile, this product is far from suitable for all girls, since it is able to draw attention to all the flaws in the figure. In addition, not all young ladies know what to wear with a gray bodycon dress, and with what shoes and accessories it is best to combine it.

Depending on what image the fair sex wants to create, she can combine this wardrobe item with the following things:

  • to create a business image — with a strict jacket or cardigan;
  • in cool weather for a walk — with a light coat, leather jacket, trench coat or fur vest;
  • for a romantic date — with an original scarf or scarf;
  • to create a casual winter look — with insulated tights or tight leggings and a sheepskin coat or faux fur coat;
  • for going out — with high-heeled boots and a spectacular hat.

what to wear with gray noodle dress

What to wear with a long gray dress?

A spectacular and elegant floor-length gray dress should be combined with shoes and accessories, depending on the situation. So, black or brown ankle boots are perfect for a walk. To go out, it is better to wear shoes or sandals with thin high heels, which can be made in black, white, gray or red.

In addition, among all the possible options for wearing a gray floor-length dress, the combination with sneakers stands out clearly, which is relevant for slender girls without complexes. Accessories or jewelry are best chosen to match the shoes. So, for example, a matching necklace is perfect for red shoes, and a charming baseball cap is perfect for sports-style sneakers.

what to wear with a gray long dress

What to wear with a gray shirt dress?

Stylish and attractive, a gray shirt dress is one of those wardrobe items that will be appropriate in almost any situation. So, you can wear it to work, complementing it with nude tights and elegant black shoes with steady heels, or for a walk, picking up comfortable sneakers or sneakers for the image.

Another option with which to wear a gray shirt dress in cool weather is a combination with insulated tights, leggings or skinny jeans. Ankle boots with a flat sole or a small steady heel are perfect as shoes for such an ensemble, and in winter you can safely choose warm ugg boots or boots with fur trim.

what to wear with a gray shirt dress

How to wear a gray suede dress?

One of the most unusual varieties of such wardrobe items is an outfit made of suede. The style of such a product can be anything — mini-models are popular, demonstrating to others the slender legs of their owner, stylish sundresses in which you can safely go to work, and charming midi dresses that make the image of a young lady feminine and incredibly attractive.

Since suede products are more suitable for the autumn-winter period of the year, it is best to combine a gray dress with black tights — this accessory will make the look fashionable and stylish, and will help keep your mistress warm. As for shoes, it is best to choose simple and concise black leather boots, rough lace-up masculine-style boots or elegant wedge or flat ankle boots for such a wardrobe item.

how to wear a gray suede dress

What to wear with a gray flared dress?

A stylish gray dress with a flared skirt will allow you to create a truly unforgettable look in which every girl will look incredibly feminine, charming and romantic. The most suitable shoes for such a look are lace-up shoes with rounded toes, and in cool weather, ankle boots can become an alternative to them. In addition, a coat with a flared skirt or a sleeveless cape will be a great addition to this look.

how to wear a gray flared dress

What to wear with a gray straight dress?

One of the simplest and most stylish options are straight toilets that go with almost any situation. Such products are ideal for work, creating a strict, elegant and, at the same time, seductive look. The most common style of such outfits is a gray sheath dress, which goes well with black accessories — a belt, a bag, a scarf around the neck, and so on.

what to wear with a gray straight dress

What to wear with a gray sports dress?

Models in sports style are intended for girls leading an active lifestyle. Such products can have many varieties, for example:

  • direct loose items;
  • a tight-fitting gray dress, usually with a hood;
  • a charming tank top or t-shirt dress.

When wondering what to wear with a gray dress in a sporty style, it is worth first of all to note the appropriate shoes — sneakers, sneakers or sneakers. In the hot season, it can also be combined with textile ballet flats, flat sandals or moccasins. In addition, a small backpack or fanny pack is very well suited to such an image.

what to wear with a gray sports dress

Shoes for a gray dress

Every girl who thinks about what to wear with a gray dress should decide on the choice of shoes that are suitable for this piece of clothing. In winter, stylists advise giving preference to insulated ankle boots or boots, while in the warm season or indoors, each young lady needs to pick up beautiful shoes. According to most fashion experts, a gray midi or mini dress pairs perfectly with purple, red or black suede shoes. For a maxi dress that reaches the floor or ankles, you can choose charming matching shoes.

gray dress shoes

Gray dress accessories

To liven up a gray short dress or a similar maxi or midi outfit, you should choose bright accessories for it, which, however, should be combined with the chosen style and image as a whole. You should not overload the product with catchy objects too much — if the girl gave her preference to a bright neckerchief, then the belt and handbag must be matched to match the shoes.

gray dress accessories

Jewelry for a gray dress

Although gray outfits can look a bit dull and inexpressive, this is not a reason to overload them with too many bright and catchy jewelry. It is much better to opt for feminine and charming beads, a pair of bracelets and elegant earrings. In this case, it is best to give preference to products made of white gold or silver with pearls or turquoise. Jewelry for a gray dress is only suitable if the young lady has chosen a casual model — she does not look with evening dresses.

jewelery for gray dress

Makeup under a gray dress

Since this piece of clothing is relatively neutral, makeup for a gray dress can be almost anything. According to stylists and cosmetologists, the best choice in all cases is the classic smokey ice, made in restrained and calm colors. In addition, taking into account your own color type and the situation for which the make-up is applied, you can use the following tones:

  • beige, taupe or sand;
  • exquisite «bitter chocolate»;
  • elegant navy blue and dark green;
  • gentle «dusty» pink and peach;
  • bright neon colors;
  • red, fuchsia;
  • turquoise, sky blue, purple.

gray dress makeup

Manicure under a gray dress

The design of the nail plates should be in harmony with the outfit or, on the contrary, contrast sharply with it. To achieve harmony, it is better to choose soft colors, for example, nude tones or delicate pastels. Such nail art will be especially appropriate at a gala event, for example, a gray cocktail dress will look great with a nude manicure made in a beige shade.

To make an impression, you should use bright colors or catchy designs. So, for example, an incredibly sexy image will be made up of a gray tight dress and bright red nail art or a stylish manicure made using neon shades. The design of the plates can be applied using foil, rhinestones, broken glass technique or charming drawings.

gray dress manicure

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