Wedding in the Bahamas

If you dream of a romantic and unusual wedding, then go to the Bahamas, which have been holding the status of the most romantic place on the planet for a long time. Thousands of couples in love come here every year, dreaming of swearing vows of love to each other, starting a family and relaxing.

Why Choose The Bahamas For Your Wedding?

This country has a number of advantages that distinguish it from others and attract a large number of tourists, for example:

  • the local population is quite friendly to vacationers;
  • here you rarely meet thieves and beggars;
  • on the islands there are both secluded places and cities with developed infrastructure;
  • the Bahamas has the most beautiful beaches in the Western Hemisphere;
  • you can come to the country at any time of the year;
  • your wedding will take place surrounded by exotic nature, warm ocean and evergreen palms;
  • well-known wedding designers work here who will organize a chic ceremony for you;
  • After getting married in the Bahamas, you can have an amazing honeymoon.

Why choose Bahama for your wedding

What you need to know about having a wedding in the Bahamas?

You can hold the ceremony on an inhabited or uninhabited island, renting it entirely. Usually hotels are involved in the organization of the ceremony, while in many establishments for newlyweds who have arrived in the country for their honeymoon, a discount is provided. If your wedding in the Bahamas will be attended by friends or relatives, then you will need to take extra care of their comfort.

Wedding planners in the Bahamas take on the following responsibilities:

  • selection of a bouquet and boutonnieres for the bride and groom;
  • assistance in choosing a venue for the ceremony and its decoration (for example, an arch of flowers);
  • musical accompaniment;
  • preparing and serving the wedding cake;
  • photo and video filming;
  • transfer to the ceremony site;
  • holding a romantic dinner;
  • issuance of a symbolic certificate.

In many hotels, newlyweds are given a variety of gifts: fruits and champagne, souvenirs and T-shirts, they do manicures and make-up for the bride, they upgrade the room category or provide a visit to the spa, they can also organize a romantic walk or excursion. If you dream of a themed wedding ceremony (one color or a certain style), then the organizers will select everything you need for you, but you should agree on such nuances in advance.

What you need to know about getting married in the Bahamas

What are the types of weddings in the Bahamas?

Here you can hold 2 types of ceremony: official and symbolic. They differ from each other not only in the features of the preparation of documents, but also in the conditions for conducting them. In the first case, the wedding takes place entirely in the Bahamas, and in the second, you officially register your marriage in your homeland, and on the islands they simply organize a beautiful ceremony for you.

The official ceremony will cost the newlyweds 1.5-2 times more, and you need to prepare for it in advance. For this, you will receive a marriage registration certificate, which will be valid anywhere in the world. True, after arriving in your country, it will need to be translated into your native language and certified by local authorities.

Ceremony under water

Official wedding in the Bahamas

Citizens from any country can legalize their union here, since the rules of marriage are the same for everyone. Collect documents should begin 2-3 months before the expected date. To do this, you need to contact the hotel where you plan to stay. The hotel staff takes full responsibility for the legalization, timeliness of registration and compliance with all legal requirements.

In order to organize an official wedding in the Bahamas, the couple will need to collect documents such as:

  • passports of the bride and groom;
  • marital status certificates;
  • birth certificates;
  • civil passports.

You will also need to pay taxes and fees, fill out questionnaires, obtain permission (if the bride or groom is under 18) and notarize all photocopies. You can hold an official ceremony in the Bahamas no earlier than on the 3rd day after arriving in the country.

official ceremony

How much does organizing a wedding cost?

The price of the ceremony often depends on the hotels you choose, as well as on the quality and quantity of services provided. Usually the cost varies from $1500 to $5000, but these figures are arbitrary. If you want to save money, then discuss this issue with the organizers. For example, newlyweds will be able to refuse video shooting or sweet treats.

Where can you get married in the Bahamas?

The most luxurious hotels are located on the islands of New Providence and Paradise, while Harbor Island is considered the quietest and most peaceful. In the first case, the newlyweds are waiting for a fun nightlife, and in the second — a wild beach and picturesque bays. Interesting places for a wedding in the Bahamas are also considered:

  • cat island – the island attracts with its exotic nature and unique landscape, which blends perfectly with Indian-style hotels.
  • Mayaguana is a colorful island where you will find wild beaches and beautiful caves. This is an amazing place filled with romance and magic.
  • Eleuthera — here you get the feeling that time seems to have stopped, and pineapple plantations and colonial villages will take you into the atmosphere of a fairy tale.

Where to get married in the Bahamas

Themed wedding in the Bahamas

The most popular place for a wedding ceremony is considered to be covered with white sand and washed by the azure waters of the Atlantic Ocean. The bride and groom will pronounce an oath of love and fidelity surrounded by natural elements, which will become their main witnesses. It is especially beautiful here at sunset.

Also, a wedding in the Bahamas can take place in extreme conditions, for example, under water, in a botanical garden, an old church or in a national park. The organizers do not get tired of coming up with a variety of wedding scenarios, the most interesting of them are:

  1. Hollywood — everyone knows that movie stars often marry in the Bahamas, so the bride and groom are offered to follow their example. Here, the newlyweds will be provided with magnificent outfits, a huge number of flowers and an enchanting disco with a banquet will be organized.
  2. National character — This option is suitable for an exclusive wedding. The couple can be offered African costumes, and the ceremony will be held according to ancient rites that have been preserved in the culture of the population.
  3. sea ​​adventure — it can be a real pirate wedding, reminiscent of a romantic story from the legendary movie about robbers. The ceremony in this case will be held by the «sea wolf», and as a treat you will be provided with a roasted pig and fire rum. After the ceremony, the newlyweds will be able to arrange a disco on the deck, swim with dolphins, and then land on one of the uninhabited islands.

Wedding in the botanical garden

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