Wedding fashion 2019 - fashion trends, trends, colors, novelties of the season

This is a special event in a girl’s life, and everyone’s natural desire is to look beautiful and fashionable on this day. Wedding fashion 2019 offers many options for dresses and jewelry that will help you create your bright and irresistible look.

Wedding fashion 2019 trends

Wedding trends 2019 are original – the image is centered on light drama, voluminous skirts, catchy and massive jewelry are in fashion. At the same time, elegance and restraint are present in the general style — there is no rich and lush decor on the dresses, the design is very concise. Traditional puffy dresses with voluminous skirts are back in fashion, featuring beautiful and bright layering. A bow that adorns the outfit has become a fashionable detail.

Wedding fashion 2019 trends

Wedding trends 2019

Every year brings something new, exclusive to the image of the bride. Wedding fashion trends 2019 are as follows:

  1. Lots of pearls. The fashion trends of previous years dictated such a trend as pearl jewelry, in 2019 this trend moved from jewelry directly to dresses. Dresses embroidered with beads are in fashion, giving a special shine.
  2. Wedding trends 2019

  3. In the cool season, the bride is unlikely to be comfortable in one dress, and beautiful outerwear for weddings in such cases is a must. This year, designers have offered fashionistas a stylish and delicate wedding jacket as an addition to the dress.
  4. Wedding trends 2019 jacket

Wedding colors 2019

Are you still of the opinion that the bride’s outfit should be exclusively white? Wedding trends 2019 will easily convince you otherwise, offering stunning stylish and trendy outfits in these colors:

  • blue;
  • Wedding colors 2019 blue

  • metallic;
  • Wedding colors 2019 metallic

  • champagne.
  • Wedding colors 2019 metallic

Incredibly popular in the 2019 collection was a wedding dress in blue, creating a gentle and light romantic look. The variety of shades is very wide, ranging from the most delicate, almost transparent, and ending with a bright color. The combination of a delicate blue base of the dress with beautiful white lace, which looks especially gentle, deserves special attention.

Wedding colors 2019 blue with lace

Wedding Collections 2019

The leading designers of the world fashion have prepared stunning outfits for brides, with which it is easy to create your stylish and bright wedding look 2019. The following collections were presented at the New York World Wedding Fashion Week:

  1. Vera Wang. The world-famous bridal designer breaks color stereotypes by offering bridal gowns with a long train in combined tones — beige and yellow, red and pink, purple and emerald green.
  2. Wedding collections 2019 Vera Wang

  3. Carolina Herrera. The collection, which includes many outfits of various styles, has a common feature — without exception, all dresses are made in traditional white, but with bright color decorations (scarlet, yellow, blue).
  4. Wedding collections 2019 Carolina Herrera

  5. Lela Rosse. The collection, which is in fashion in 2019, perfectly combines beauty with practicality. The collection includes comfortable dresses (and even a wedding trouser suit) in a laconic design, without long sleeves, trains and an abundance of decor.
  6. Wedding collections 2019 Lela Rosse

  7. Monique Lhuillier. A well-known star designer who presented a collection in 2019 in various styles — from minimalism to glamorous chic.
  8. Moniqur Lhuillier Bridal Collections 2019

  9. Andreas Kronthaler for Vivienne Westwood. The 2019 collection of famous designers will certainly be appreciated by fans of creativity and outrageousness. A distinctive feature of the dresses is the presence of lacing, crinoline, feathers, bright accessories.
  10. Andreas Kronthaler for Vivienne Westwood

Wedding dresses 2019

Fashionable wedding dresses 2019 will certainly appeal to supporters of conservative views — fashion trends offer outfits mainly in classic design — with corsets, puffy skirts and layering. A distinctive feature of this year’s trends is a minimalistic decor — there are no bright catchy decorations on the dresses, the design is beautiful and concise.

Wedding dresses 2019

Puffy wedding dresses 2019

Bridal fashion for puffy dresses is back in an updated design, and the most popular wedding dresses of 2019 are:

  • layered skirt;
  • translucent lace top;
  • lightweight fabric;
  • neat and delicate decor;
  • natural glare.
  • Puffy wedding dresses 2019

The decor that is welcomed by the world trends of wedding fashion in 2019 is:

  • delicate embroidery to match the fabric;
  • Puffy wedding dresses 2019 embroidery

  • pearl decor;
  • Puffy wedding dresses 2019 pearls

  • lush and neat flounces on the skirt.
  • Puffy wedding dresses 2019 flounces

Wedding fashion 2019 offers delicate pastel color options for long and puffy dresses:

  • traditional white;
  • Puffy wedding dresses 2019 white

  • pale blue;
  • Puffy wedding dresses 2019 blue

  • pastel pink;
  • Puffy wedding dresses 2019 pink

  • champagne.
  • Puffy wedding dresses 2019 champagne

Short wedding dresses 2019

For young brides with a graceful figure, wedding dress trends 2019 offer such an option as short styles. Such an outfit is attractive for its lightness — in the hot summer season it will be much more comfortable in it than in a long one. A short dress beautifully emphasizes a graceful figure, looks easy, stylish and youthful. Here are the styles that bridal fashion 2019 offers us:

  1. Lace dress with a puffy layered skirt.
  2. Short wedding dresses 2019 lace

  3. Outfit with long or short sleeves and skirt cut «sun».
  4. Short wedding dresses 2019 sunshine

  5. Wedding short dress in a discreet laconic design close to a cocktail dress.
  6. Short wedding dresses 2019

  7. Delicate and graceful wedding models of dresses with an open back.
  8. Short wedding dresses 2019 with open back

Wedding dresses 2019 with a train

Nothing will create a gentle and romantic image of a bride with a touch of classics so successfully as a dress with a long train. This style is made in traditional white or delicate pastel colors with a laconic and elegant decor. A dress with a train creates a stunning look for a romantic photo shoot, but it is important to choose classic wedding hairstyles for the integrity of the image, stylists offer many ideas that are fashionable in 2018-2019.

Wedding dresses 2019 with a train

Transformer wedding dresses 2019

Wedding fashion 2019 will allow stylish and fashionable brides to deviate from the classics a little, offering such a modern and practical option as a transformer model. For many, the idea of ​​buying a luxurious outfit to wear only once in a lifetime seems unreasonable. The essence of this novelty of wedding dresses 2019 is that a beautiful dress with a long multi-layered skirt can turn into a beautiful and delicate evening dress in a matter of minutes — the solemn bottom is removed.

Short wedding dresses 2019 transformer

Wedding hairstyles 2019

In creating a stylish and beautiful image of the bride, not only the dress plays a role. Of great importance is the hairstyle, which is important to choose taking into account the style of the outfit, jewelry, as well as the shape of the face, the length and color of the hair. At the head of the image is tenderness, elegance and conciseness, the same main line should be followed when choosing a hairstyle option. Wedding hairstyles for 2019 are mostly updos, curls, neat pearl or large floral decorations — fashion trends offer many options.

Wedding hairstyles 2019

Wedding hairstyles for long hair 2019

Long hair will allow you to realize beautiful ideas in a romantic style with notes of tenderness and lightness:

  1. The most fashionable wedding hairstyles 2019 are buns with curls, decorated with neat flowers or pearl jewelry. But this version of the hairstyle is not recommended for girls with short stature — it can visually disrupt the proportions of the figure.
  2. Wedding hairstyles for long hair 2019

  3. Wedding fashion 2019 offers such a popular trend as a hairstyle with original braids, decorated gently and concisely.
  4. Wedding hairstyles for long hair 2019 braids

  5. A win-win option for a wedding hairstyle that is popular in 2019 is loose hair, supported by hairpins, with beautiful large curls and neat decor. This hairstyle looks beautiful and gentle.
  6. Wedding hairstyles for long hair 2019 curls

Wedding hairstyles for short hair 2019

A short haircut does not give such space for fantasies as long hair. What can be done to create a beautiful and delicate wedding image? Much depends on the length — a beautiful and neat curl will look beautiful in combination with a laconic light wedding dress. If the haircut is very short, for a beautiful design, you can choose a headband or tiara with a bright decor.

Very short hair creates another inconvenience — in addition to the fact that the stylist is very limited in his ability to beautifully style the hair, it is very difficult, and sometimes even impossible, to fix the veil on such a haircut. To do this, you can use a beautiful hoop or diadem. Beautiful and fashionable wedding hairstyles 2019 with a veil look very gentle, neat and stylish.

Wedding hairstyles for short hair 2019

Wedding makeup 2019

An important aspect in creating a delightful image of the bride is makeup, the main task of which is to emphasize the tenderness, sophistication and elegance of the girl. Therefore, bridal fashion stylists recommend abandoning bright and catchy colors of cosmetics and giving preference to soft tones. Wedding makeup trends 2019 offer make-up using pink, cream, beige, peach tones.

Wedding makeup 2019

In addition to soft and gentle, the make-up option with pronounced eyes is also trendy — catchy arrows, accented tones. This idea also requires an emphasis on the lips — you should choose a lipstick or gloss that visually increases the contour. Unlike the first, this type of makeup is not suitable for every girl, and it is important that it is combined with the overall color scheme of the outfit and jewelry.

Wedding makeup 2019 bright

Wedding manicure 2019

Thinking through the wedding look, you can not ignore the nail design, which is also covered by the wedding fashion of the upcoming 2019. A variety of ideas will allow you to choose the perfect manicure option for any length of nails, from absolute minimalism to a real work of art on the nails. Wedding trends in 2019 offer brides the following manicure options:

  1. The classic version of a wedding manicure is everyone’s favorite jacket, decorated with rhinestones, bows or lace patterns. One of the options that is very popular is the moon manicure.
  2. Wedding manicure 2019 french

  3. Beautiful and delicate manicure in nude shades. The main advantage of this nail design is that it is also suitable for short nails. You can decorate your nails with a neat pattern, rhinestones, pebbles. For a more original design, you can add a bright color, combined with an outfit or jewelry.
  4. Wedding manicure 2019 nude

  5. Pastel shades. Not necessarily the color of the nails should be 100% combined with the outfit. Delicate pastel colors — pink, cream, blue, will look beautiful in combination with a light wedding dress.
  6. Wedding manicure 2019

  7. Bright manicure. One of the popular ideas dictated by the wedding fashion of the upcoming 2019 is the color of the manicure to match the bouquet. A delicate pastel outfit in combination with a bright raspberry or scarlet manicure and a bouquet of the same color will look beautiful and unusual.
  8. Wedding manicure 2019 bright

Wedding bouquet 2019

An integral part of the image of the bride is the wedding bouquet, which is in the center of attention in all photographs, and its design should be given maximum attention. When choosing, it is worth considering both fashion and personal preferences, as well as other factors:

  1. For slender girls, a round or teardrop-shaped bouquet is more suitable, for full girls — lush or in the form of an arc.
  2. For a tall girl, it is better to choose a bouquet of an elongated or cascading shape; a round one is more suitable for a short one.
  3. It is better for fair-haired brides to refuse white bouquets in favor of peach, purple, pink, brunettes should choose bright colors.
  4. Wedding bouquet 2019

Wedding bouquets of 2019 are neat and delicate, fashion trends offer the following floral design options:

  • pastel shades and their beautiful combinations;
  • Wedding bouquet 2019 pastel

  • monophonic bouquets;
  • Wedding bouquet 2019 plain

  • multi-colored bouquets — when creating a design, it is important to choose colors that blend well with each other.
  • Wedding bouquet 2019 plain

Wedding decorations 2019

The final touch of creating a wedding look is well-chosen jewelry, selected taking into account the style of the dress and fashion trends of the coming year. As relevant as ever in 2019, pearl threads look amazing on hairstyles, regardless of the length and color of the hair. This decoration brings a touch of tenderness and lightness to your wedding look.

Wedding jewelry 2019 pearls

An excellent alternative to the veil, which is becoming more and more popular among young brides, wedding wreaths of delicate flowers in light pastel colors are back in fashion. Such an accessory will be a beautiful addition to a romantic look. Another option is a beautiful and unusual lace bandage embroidered with pearls or rhinestones. It is in perfect harmony with a vintage or retro look.

Wedding decorations 2019

An indispensable accessory for a bride with both beautiful and lush long hair and a short haircut is a sophisticated tiara in a laconic design. This little detail will draw maximum attention to a beautiful hairstyle, and with its help you can easily fix a veil on a short haircut. You can use the tiara both as an addition to the veil, and as an independent accessory.

wedding jewelry 2019 tiara

Wedding earrings 2019 are tenderness and conciseness. Simple form, miniature design — this is how you can briefly describe the jewelry. Graceful long earrings in white and silver are welcome, pearls are especially popular in 2019 wedding fashion. It is important that the earrings are designed to be combined with other jewelry — a diadem, necklace, gloves.

Wedding earrings 2019

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