Velvet sand manicure - fashion ideas for short and long nails

A beautiful and unusual velvet sand manicure appeared in the world of nail art several years ago, however, it not only does not lose its position, but also gains more and more fans every season. In 2019, this design has become one of the main trends, so you can often see it on the hands of young ladies.

Manicure 2019 with sand

In the coming season, fashionistas can give preference to a variety of variations of nail design, since the number of current trends in the world of nail art is simply amazing. One of the main hits of 2019 was a velvet manicure with sand, which attracts the fair sex with its unusual appearance and the ability to use it in different situations.

In addition, velvet sand manicure has a number of other advantages, for example:

  • suitable for any shape and length of nails;
  • almost universal — can be combined with both casual clothes and evening dresses;
  • can be used both to cover the entire nail plate, and to draw patterns and various images;
  • can be combined with other methods of decorating nails — moon and French techniques, gradient coloring, stretching with sparkles, and so on;
  • manicure, velvet sand, can be created using a glossy or matte top, as well as a combination of them.

manicure 2019 with sandsand manicure

Manicure for short nails with sand

Owners of short nail plates can safely choose a velvet manicure for themselves, however, they need to take into account some recommendations from stylists. So, in this case, preference should be given to lighter color shades and a monochromatic coating, while experts advise avoiding dark colors.

In addition, gradient coloring looks great on short nails, which can be vertical, horizontal or diagonal. If you want to add decor, it is recommended to choose small laconic rhinestones, glitter or foil, however, all these elements should not be too much.

sand manicure for short nailsvelvet manicure

Manicure for long nails with sand

A beautiful manicure with sand on nails of sufficient length looks great. In this case, you can give preference to absolutely any color shade, from snow-white to black. This decor looks great in burgundy or purple. In addition, owners of long claws can choose any technique and combine them with each other in different ways. For example, you can use one of the following options:

  • French nail art, the smile line in which is sprinkled with flock powder, and the main surface of the nail plates is covered with transparent gel polish. This design will look great in tandem with lace or monograms;
  • manicure, sprinkling velvet sand, with highlighted holes;
  • design with gradient coloring;
  • a combination of different types of decor — rhinestones, broths, kamifubuki. All these elements can be easily combined with velvet sand, if the area and length of the nail plates allow it.

sand manicure for long nailssand nail manicure

Velvet Sand Manicure Ideas

Since the use of flock powder for decorating nail plates is currently very popular, sand manicure ideas are extremely diverse. Masters of manicure art are able to offer their clients a variety of design options — from restrained and concise to incredibly spectacular, which will surely attract the attention of others to their owner.

velvet sand manicure ideassand manicure ideas

Black manicure with sand

A black velvet manicure is able to give the image of a young lady depth and richness. Unlike a monochromatic coating without decor, it does not inspire gloomy thoughts and looks incredibly impressive. This design looks especially interesting on long claws, which with it acquire a more accurate and feminine appearance. In addition, black manicure, velvet sand sprinkling goes well with any shiny decor elements — sparkles, glitter or transparent rhinestones will help make it more festive and elegant.

black manicure with sand


Pink manicure with sand

A gentle manicure with velvet sand, made in pink, will complement the image of a young and romantically-minded young lady. It can be appropriate even at a wedding celebration if a not too bright shade was used to create it. In addition, the design looks great, in which the light pink color scheme smoothly turns into snow-white or, conversely, into red or burgundy.

Pink manicure velvet sand has gained immense popularity among the fair sex. Among its possible variations, the most common are the following:

  • plain delicate nail art, in which all nails are decorated with sprinkles;
  • design with a combination of matte and glossy elements;
  • charming options with imitation of openwork lace;
  • decor with rhinestones, preferably in a single copy;
  • combination with a French or lunar design;
  • different types of nail art with ombre effect.

pink manicure with sand

Red manicure with sand

Incredibly spectacular red velvet manicure is not everyday because of its excessive brightness, however, it easily finds its place at special occasions. The shade of gel polish for creating such nail art should be selected taking into account the age of a beautiful lady — it is best for young ladies to choose a scarlet or bright red version, while burgundy is suitable for ladies of Balzac age, which is not so striking.

In addition, red toes with a velvety texture are often the main focus of fashion design. In this case, they can be adjacent to nails covered with a solid gel polish of other colors, with patterns of rhinestones or shiny pebbles, with gold pollen, a glossy finish and other decorative elements.

red manicure with sand

Nude manicure with sand

One of the most versatile options is a gentle manicure with sand, made in nude shades. With such nail art, you can go anywhere — for a walk, a romantic date, to the office or to a business meeting, to the theater or to an exhibition of contemporary art. In order for the design to look as restrained and concise as possible, in most cases flock powder is used to a minimum — it is sprinkled exclusively on accent fingers or used to decorate monograms.

nude manicure with sand


Blue manicure with sand

A charming manicure with granulated sugar can be performed in any color shades, including blue. This option looks great on any length of nails and can be combined with jeans and a knitted pullover, as well as an elegant summer dress. In addition, marine nail art is often performed in blue, which becomes especially popular during the summer holidays.

The velvet sand manicure on the theme of the sea can be complemented with a variety of decorative elements, for example, voluminous shells or starfish, drawing sea waves, seagulls, fish, algae or the sun. Footprints in the sand are also very interesting — one of the newest trends in the world of manicure art.

blue manicure with sand

White sand manicure

Snow-white manicure with sanding is invariably associated with innocence, freshness, tenderness and romance. Such nail art is ideal for the image of a young bride, however, it can also be appropriate as an option for every day. The only disadvantage of such a design is its impracticality — pollution quickly becomes noticeable on it, and it is extremely difficult to get rid of them due to the unusual velvety surface texture.

white sand manicure

Manicure with sand and rhinestones

Rhinestones in tandem with a velvety surface look very elegant, however, the creation of such a design should be approached with great care. With the wrong selection of decorative elements, the velvet effect manicure is very easy to make excessive, so it is better to use shiny pebbles for its implementation in a single copy. In addition, the decor is recommended to be placed on different fingers.

manicure with sand and rhinestones

Velvet pattern manicure

The sand manicure design looks incredibly stylish, beautiful and interesting, in which a certain pattern is laid out with the help of flock powder. To create such nail art, it is best to resort to the help of a qualified master, since it can be very difficult to apply a suitable image on your own. The technology for applying patterns with a velvety effect is as follows:

  • perform a hygienic manicure by treating the cuticle;
  • give the nail plates a suitable shape;
  • cover the nails with the base and the main layer of gel polish;
  • apply a top coat and dry all nails well. Only after that you can proceed to the application of patterns;
  • then you should draw the outline of the picture with a simple gel polish;
  • gently sprinkle the contour with sand, removing residues with a brush;
  • fix the pattern on the nails with a simple top and a semi-dry brush.

velvet pattern manicure

French manicure with sand

Fans of French nail art usually highlight the free edge of the nail plates with flock powder. In this case, the very surface of the nails, as a rule, is covered with a transparent gel polish. The traditional variation of this design has a snow-white smile line, however, modern fashion allows for a variety of color combinations. So, young ladies can choose a delicate manicure with velvet sand, made in pink, and sexy seductresses can choose a beautiful bright red design.

french manicure with sand

Matte velvet manicure

You can achieve the most impressive results using matte shades of gel polish, since the smallest particles of velvet sand are best attached to them. In addition, selected images are much easier to draw on them. Meanwhile, matte sand manicure has a very significant drawback, which makes many girls abandon this design. So, under the influence of external pollution, it very quickly loses its appearance. This is especially true for light tones, since pollution is not so noticeable on a dark surface.

matte velvet manicure

Manicure with velvet sand monograms

A beautiful and sophisticated manicure with a velvet finish, which uses monograms protruding above the surface of the nail plates as decoration, is perfect for a celebration or an evening event. Such a manicure, sprinkled with velvet sand, will look great in a wedding look, as it will emphasize the importance and value of the moment.

In dark color shades, this design matches perfectly with evening dresses. In addition, monograms can be very successfully combined with a jacket — as a rule, in this case, the surface of the nail plates is covered with transparent gel polish, and the monograms themselves and the free edge of each nail are drawn in a different color.

manicure with velvet sand monograms

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