Red jacket — a stylish manicure for every day and for special occasions


Red jacket - a stylish manicure for every day and for special occasions

Using a bright color palette, a woman can show her individuality to the maximum. A red jacket is a win-win solution to stand out from the crowd. A minimum of a catchy shade makes nail art less aggressive, but at the same time its sexuality is preserved.

Red manicure french 2019

Many fashionistas prefer to use a red jacket 2019 to make stylish bows:

  1. When creating manicures, young girls turn to color options from blood scarlet to coral. Older ladies stop at burgundy or wine tones.
  2. Women often turn to oval and almond-shaped plates, which are complemented by unconventional smiles. These can be oblique lines, vertical stripes, asymmetry and complex textures.
  3. A red jacket can be created using scarlet sparkles, it will look elegant and elegant, sparkles are applied to the tip area. This manicure is often used for long nails, sparkles give a stunning shimmering effect.
  4. Scarlet sequins are much more difficult to lay out than crushed sequins, but with the help of such shiny elements, the smile of French nail art is also framed.
  5. Colorful broths look amazing on nails. They create a certain volume in the smile zone or a rough bulge.
  6. Granular foil will be an interesting solution. It has a hologram effect and will play with highlights on the nails, which makes women often turn to this option.

red manicure french 2019

Red manicure french 2019

red french 2019beautiful red french

Red jacket for long nails

Long nails have different design variations that can be used to create a red jacket:

  1. The most popular is the oval shape of the nail plates, and after it come square and almond nails.
  2. Sharp nail plates are considered a shocking form, but you need to select a suitable design for them in advance.
  3. The best choice for the base will be glossy and matte varnishes, but in addition, you can turn to magnetic, chameleon, temperature and mirror varieties.
  4. On long nails, there are trends such as focusing on only three or four fingers out of ten. You can use the game of contrasts of matte and glossy finishes.
  5. Pebbles, broths or shiny dots of glitter are added to the festive design.
  6. The design can be complemented by a pattern, but often it is applied only to the middle and ring fingers. White or black curls look great, which somewhat soften the severity of the color.
  7. A red jacket on nails with rhinestones looks expensive, while the stones can be located on the plate of one finger or laid out in a single form.
  8. The design with camouflages is interesting — bright red elements can be laid out in the smile zone, which are combined with white and black additions.
  9. Foil confetti helps perfectly beat the smile line, these details can be chosen in the form of hearts, hexagons, rhombuses, squares and circles.

red jacket for long nails

Red jacket for long nails

red french nail designred jacket with design

Red jacket for short nails

You can make a neat and elegant red jacket on shortened nail plates:

  1. Playing with shades of scarlet, you can muffle its aggressiveness and turn to pale varieties that are easily combined with a white palette.
  2. On short nails, traditional French nail art is common, this is a rounded smile.
  3. Often in this design they turn to the lunar design, and a single or multiple smile can be used.
  4. An inverted jacket is a great option for short nails. The smile is located not at the tip of the nail, but at the nail bed.
  5. The lace design looks very romantic — lace is drawn in the form of a smile, it looks extremely gentle.
  6. A red jacket manicure with a pattern looks stylish, often it is a flower or fruit design.
  7. On short nails, you can apply a textured design when the smile has a different volume or there is a combination of glossy and matte finishes.

red jacket for short nails

Red jacket for short nails

manicure red frenchred french nails

Red jacket on sharp nails

The red sharp jacket looks bright and defiant. This option is well suited for a festive celebration. Red nail art can be supplemented with all sorts of patterns. As an addition to the scarlet, you can choose light colors, the patterns of a golden hue look great. Such nails attract attention. On sharp nails, you can depict white or black curls.

red french on sharp nailsred spicy french

Red jacket ideas

Stylists suggest creating a red jacket on nails using a variety of ideas:

  1. Scarlet polish goes well with white patterns, dots, stains, patterns, which creates a cute and charming look.
  2. Another great combination is the addition of black gel polish.
  3. For a romantic look, the red jacket is complemented by lace, bows and hearts.
  4. Not only successful color schemes are intended to diversify the design, you can also play with a smile. It can be framed in black and red and complemented by small pebbles.
  5. The imperfect edge of the nail can hide such additions as drawings, sparkles, stones and rhinestones.
  6. If a simple smile is tired, you can turn to the options for patterns and colors, but you should not be too zealous here, the flowers should be discreet and neat.
  7. A non-standard solution would be a manicure, complemented by gold and silver glitter. To create it, elements with a shining effect in the form of foil, stickers, sparkles, rhinestones, stones or liquid mica are used.

red jacket ideas

Red jacket ideas

red french nailsred french 2019

Red jacket with a pattern

A red jacket on nails with a pattern will help to fully express your originality:

  1. Depending on the mood, you can pick up all kinds of drawings, these can be flowers, butterflies, animal silhouettes, bows and all kinds of curls.
  2. Many girls turn to minimalism, in this case, a thin twig is depicted on the nails.
  3. It is worth noting the geometric pattern, because the shape of the nail does not play a special role for it, the main thing is to make accents on the nails.
  4. Flowers look incredibly beautiful, such a composition will help to give tenderness. Flowers can be created using different techniques, such as watercolor painting, sculpting or a three-dimensional version.

red jacket with a pattern

Red jacket with a pattern

red french on nails with a patternmanicure red jacket with a pattern

Red matte french

The red jacket manicure, made in a matte version, looks extremely elegant:

  • the combination of matte and glossy finish looks beautiful, while you can choose the same color;
  • a smile can be drawn in a glossy version, it is incredibly stylish. Such nail art is often applied to short square-shaped nails, which is considered almost a classic;
  • a red matte jacket can be complemented by an accent pattern of powder on one or two fingers.

red matte french

Red jacket with gold

As a complement to a festive outfit, a red jacket with a design containing golden elements is perfect:

  • with the help of sparkles, you can make accents on only a few nail plates;
  • gold can create a variety of patterns in the form of geometric shapes, snowflakes, or one finger is completely covered with a shiny element;
  • Kamifubuki, applied in different directions, or golden glitter in the form of stripes can act as decorative elements.

red jacket with gold

Red jacket with rhinestones

In order for the red jacket manicure with rhinestones to look as harmonious as possible, it is important to take into account certain features of the appearance:

  1. Blondes should opt for rose-red hues.
  2. Dark red-wine shades are more suitable for brunettes, which will favorably emphasize swarthy skin.
  3. In any design, it is better to keep restraint, so it is worth choosing pebbles in small quantities.
  4. Stones can be placed in different sequences, for example, it can be a line — diagonal, wavy, vertical or horizontal.
  5. A point version of applying rhinestones is also used, for example, in a checkerboard pattern.
  6. Shapes can be created from rhinestones, for example, hearts, a circle, a rhombus or a flower. The most common options are: a golden heart, a hole at the base of the nail framed with rhinestones, matte nail art with rhinestones, the use of elements of several sizes.

red jacket with rhinestonesred manicure with rhinestones

Red jacket with flowers

The original red jacket nail design goes well with flowers:

  1. To draw them, a neutral white shade is often used, a yellow, purple, black and green palette will look beautiful.
  2. There are different options for applying flowers, it can be a brush, spraying with an airbrush, flowers can be transferred to the nail using stamping, sticker or glue.
  3. From creative options, you can turn to flower modeling, an additional thematic pattern, for example, a berry or fruit design is suitable for the summer season.

red jacket with flowers

Red jacket with sparkles

A shiny jacket with red lacquer looks extremely festive and elegant:

  • a bright accent can be present in any part of the nail;
  • a traditional smile may consist of a shiny element;
  • a triangular brilliant smile will be a good solution. This option can be used for square, sharp or almond nails;
  • with sparkles, you can simultaneously highlight the edge of the nail and the crescent at the root. Such gloss is created using varnish or powder;
  • sparkles applied with a rub will look beautiful and stylish. This option has become a great alternative to glitter.

red jacket with sequins

Red jacket with foil

One of the most popular decorative elements of recent seasons has become foil:

  • it can successfully complement both soft coral and rich wine options;
  • a combination of several shades can be used, for example, red with a white jacket looks win-win;
  • a concise design option with foil will be the decoration of one or two fingers;
  • a manicure with colored foil looks catchy and defiant;
  • the base can be black, white or nude varnish, and the decoration can be done in a red tint.

red jacket with foil

Red jacket with black

A bold option would be a red and black design. However, you need to be able to evenly separate the colors in order to smooth out the causing effect:

  • for example, you can turn to nail art with a gradient effect, this will be a smooth transition between colors;
  • the red jacket on almond-shaped nails looks extremely elegant;
  • the design can be complemented by a pattern in the form of lace on a transparent basis;
  • add sharpness to the image will help geometric shapes in black and red.

red jacket with black

Red jacket with black

red french nailsmanicure red french

Red jacket with silver

You can make an incredibly beautiful red jacket if you use silver decorative elements for its design. It can be foil applied in a variety of ways, large or small sparkles, silver iridescent rhinestones, large stones lined with foil. A mirror polish will help add shine.

red jacket with silver

Red jacket with geometry

A white jacket with a red pattern or the opposite color containing geometric shapes looks extremely impressive:

  • a simple option to embellish a red geometric jacket is to create an even smile in the form of a horizontal line;
  • geometry can also appear due to the triangular hole;
  • a smile can become unusual with the help of intersecting lines at the edge of the nail. This is the so-called «sharp» smile.

red jacket with geometry


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