Office manicure - fashion trends for short and long nails

Beautiful nail art can not only complete a beautiful evening look, but also play a decisive role in business events. Office manicure is a design option in which there should be restraint, but at the same time, you can express your originality and irresistibility with its help.

Office manicure 2019 — fashion trends

Stylists apply numerous ideas when creating office manicure 2019:

  1. The novelties are still on top, which are filled with notes of naturalness and naturalness in color design, they can ideally fit into the business atmosphere.
  2. The actual length of the nails will be medium or short, while the shape of the nail plates can be rounded, almond-shaped and oval, made in delicate or natural shades.
  3. A fashionable office manicure can be created using well-known techniques — this is a jacket, ombre, moon design, which can be complemented by minimalist motifs, «negative space» or other design solutions.
  4. The design depends on a certain dress code, which will give accurate ideas of what the nail art should be.
  5. The most suitable color options are pastels, skin tones, beige, cream, powder, white and black.
  6. As a design, geometric patterns will look advantageous, minimalist patterns look great — small flowers, twigs, lines, zigzags and dots.
  7. Glitter and rhinestones can be used in a minimal amount.

office manicure 2019 fashion trends

Office manicure 2019

office manicure 2019stylish office manicure

Office manicure for short nails

With a shortened length of options for decorating nail plates, in which business manicure 2019 is presented, there are a lot:

  1. This is the natural length of the nails, which can be complemented by images that are close to naturalness, which is achieved through the use of pastel colors.
  2. Chess nail art is relevant, this is a combination of black and white, which can be demonstrated with the help of gel polishes or stickers-blanks in the form of a chessboard.
  3. Triangular jacket with rhinestones — perfectly demonstrates business style. An unusual style, made in the form of a triangular French smile, looks elegant and direct.
  4. A design with a pattern is popular — painting can only be on some nails, for example, on the ring and middle fingers, this option is acceptable for business style. In this case, you should not turn to bright shades or volumetric patterns.
  5. On nails, you can combine a matte design with gloss, such a coating should be done in one color.
  6. A knitted office manicure is a braided pattern in the form of a pigtail on a soft base; it would be appropriate to choose a background in a blue or cream shade.
  7. In the form of decoration, you can choose a thin adhesive tape, while you should adhere to the opposite in the design, if the strip is dark, then the base should be light.

office manicure for short nails

Office manicure for long nails

Business style does not welcome too long nails, so owners of sharp elongated nail plates should give up extravagant nail art. However, there are options that will help visually shorten the nails or remove the aggressiveness present with the help of well-chosen elements:

  1. The classic jacket looks very suitable and is the most versatile option for any occasion.
  2. Such a 2019 manicure to the office as pastel-colored shellac is welcome, this is a plain coating made in light shades that will look natural and natural on the hands.

office manicure for long nailsmanicure 2019 in the office

Office Manicure Ideas

An original and stylish manicure for a business woman is represented by numerous design ideas. Among them the following can be mentioned:

  1. A gradient gel polish is an ombre made of cream and white shades, a subtle transition from one color to another will look restrained and concise, while maintaining a business style.
  2. The mother-of-pearl option for the business version is applied in one layer, it looks incredibly gentle. A mother-of-pearl varnish is used, which is designed in nude style.
  3. Lunar office manicure is a great option for being in the workplace or at business meetings. The hole remains in a transparent form or is painted white, this design looks aesthetically pleasing and inconspicuous against the background of a cream or soft pink coating.

office manicure ideas

Office Manicure Ideas

stylish manicure for a business womanbeautiful business manicure

Solid manicure for the office

When creating a business manicure, you should avoid bright flashy colors. The ideal solution would be a plain discreet nail art:

  1. Pastel colors are perfect, it is worth stopping at pale pink, almond, sand, turquoise and lilac.
  2. You can turn to wine, milk chocolate and khaki.
  3. Monochrome nails will look great, where accent fingers stand out. They can be embellished with matte varnish in the same color, or you can use such decoration options as painting, rhinestones and sparkles.
  4. Solid nails with powder on the ring finger will look stylish.

plain manicure for the office

Matte manicure in the office

Matte office manicure looks extremely elegant:

  1. It can be combined with glossy, gradient and velvet designs.
  2. There is a variety of matte gel polishes, so every woman can choose a color that she likes.
  3. You can embellish an office matte manicure with rhinestones, small beads, powder and voluminous stones.
  4. On the ring finger, you can demonstrate a drawing of a higher level of complexity. Women often began to turn to landscapes, flowers, geometric and animal prints.

matte manicure in the office

Red office manicure

In a business style, bright shades are unacceptable, but you can turn to deep tones of red and create a rich manicure for the office:

  1. You can use pomegranate, burgundy, cherry, which, with the right combination, will give a unique style to your hands.
  2. However, it is worth remembering that red nails still remain bright, so you need to choose an outfit in calm and soft colors, for example, a suit can be made in black or dark blue.

office manicurered office manicure

Dark office manicure

Dark colors are ideal for creating a strict manicure for the office:

  1. Shades of brown (chocolate), black, blue can perfectly complement the business design in dark colors.
  2. A dark shade can be embellished with golden geometric patterns, for example, a crescent-shaped image can be applied on the index finger.
  3. So that the office manicure does not look very gloomy, it is worth turning to painting several fingers in two colors, for example, four nails can be burgundy, and one is divided into two spaces, one of which is burgundy and the second is beige.

dark office manicure

White business manicure

The white manicure of a business woman looks extremely elegant and sophisticated:

  1. A monochromatic coating looks very stylish and feminine, but for a business option, it is better to make nails of medium length.
  2. Matte white will never go out of style.
  3. For decoration, the design may contain laconic drawings, openwork weaves, geometric patterns, such options would be appropriate for a business setting.
  4. In winter, a strict business manicure is incredibly relevant, which looks like a knitted embossed pattern.

white business manicurebusiness woman manicure

French manicure for the office

If you make a harmonious manicure, the business style will turn out to be truly irresistible. A win-win solution will be a jacket, which can be made in different variations:

  1. French is the best match to the established dress code and external etiquette.
  2. Together with it, it would be appropriate to apply basic decor, such as rhinestones, beads and a plain pattern.
  3. Office French manicure looks extremely stylish. The smile line can be made extremely thin, and the main part can be done in a neutral shade.
  4. Innovations can be made to the traditional design, for example, changing the shape of a smile, this is a V-shaped version, wavy, jagged, jacket, which is located under a slope.
  5. The option with a double smile looks interesting, where one border is white and the other is made in pink, chocolate, blue or burgundy.
  6. If the office has stricter rules, you can turn to muted shades, such as coffee, marsala, navy and marsh.
  7. On the ring finger, you can turn to delicate drawings made in the tone of a smile, these can be graceful curls, peas, openwork motifs or a geometric ornament.

french manicure for officebusiness style manicure

Nude office manicure

Beautiful nude manicure office style 2019 conquers with its simplicity and elegance:

  1. Nude design on short nails can lengthen their shape. The shade should be selected based on skin color, it can be coffee and milk, beige, peach, flesh, yellowish, pink tones of varnishes.
  2. When applying such nail art, you can play with the texture of the design. If a nude solid color variation seems boring, you can turn to techniques such as jacket, ombre, patterns, drawings and simple modeling options.
  3. Metallic stripes, stamping, themed stickers will look great with a nude finish.
  4. To give a nude tone of shine, you can use such decorative details as rhinestones, glitter and microbeads.

Nude office manicuremanicure office style 2019

Office manicure with stickers

You can bring originality to the design and make a beautiful office manicure with stickers:

  1. Stickers can decorate such classic options as French, moon design, actual geometry or minimalism.
  2. Flowers are one of the design options that will bring tenderness and sophistication to a business style.

office manicure with stickers

Business manicure with a pattern

You can bring originality to a stylish office manicure if you decorate it with drawings:

  1. Such decoration should be treated with caution, because the style of a business woman does not tolerate excess. For example, a drawing can repeat the ornament of a costume, it can be a stylistic symbol that personifies the company in which the owner of such nail art works.
  2. Flowers such as irises, lavender are capable of giving an image of femininity, while they will not look too catchy.
  3. Geometric print looks interesting and fresh, especially if it is applied only to the ring nail.

business manicure with a pattern

Business manicure with a pattern

stylish office manicurebusiness manicure 2019

Office manicure with rhinestones

In the absence of an overly strict dress code, you can make a beautiful business manicure with rhinestones:

  1. Pebbles can embellish very different design techniques.
  2. Tenderness and showiness can bring an ombre, which is complemented by pebbles.
  3. You can combine completely different directions, this is laconic minimalism with contrasting colored rhinestones.
  4. Holes made of rhinestones will look very attractive.
  5. Delicate nude can become a fashionable solution if complemented with rhinestones.

office manicure with rhinestones

Office manicure with rhinestones

beautiful business manicureoffice manicure 2019

Office manicure with stripes

One of the popular variations in which a fashionable business manicure 2019 is presented is decorating with stripes:

  1. Minimalist nail design can be complemented by certain motifs in the form of stripes and lines that are placed in different directions.
  2. With stripes it is worth combining such colors as pale pink, beige, milky, black colors.
  3. Stripes can be combined with French, moon design, matte effect on nails.

office manicure with stripestrendy business manicure 2019

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