Nails - fashion ideas 2019 - for every day and for special occasions

Every girl who takes care of herself thinks about what kind of manicure is best suited to the outfit she has chosen, and what types of nail art are in trend at the moment. In the new season, any young lady can choose a variety of ways to decorate her nails — fashion ideas 2019 are incredibly diverse.

Nails — fashion ideas of the season 2019

Creating a fashionable nail design in 2019 is not difficult, because this season every nail art master can offer his clients a lot of interesting options. Actual nail art can be both bright and incredibly expressive, and restrained, concise and versatile. At the same time, most young ladies give their preference to the most natural form of the nail plates and refuse long extended claws.

The main trends of the coming season in the world of nail art are the following design options:

  • a combination of delicate pastel shades and bright saturated tones;
  • powdery textures;
  • monophonic coating, made in deep color shades;
  • combination of matte and glossy surface;
  • marble nails — fashion ideas 2019 could not do without this unconventional claw decoration technique;
  • broken glass;
  • original metal inserts;
  • stucco figures created with acrylic;
  • rhinestones and broths;
  • all kinds of images, including asymmetric ones;
  • classic variations of nail art that will never lose their relevance — French and moon manicure, as well as a plain coating with accent fingers highlighted with golden sparkles or a contrasting shade.

nails fashion ideas of the season 2019trendy nail design 2019

Manicure ideas for short nails 2019

In the coming season, stylists advise young ladies to give preference to the most natural and neat form of nail plates. At the same time, the 2019 manicure for short nails is unusually diverse — even with a relatively short claw length, you can choose for yourself unusually interesting and original ways to create nail art. Each young lady can beautifully decorate even the shortest nails — the fashion ideas of the 2019 season allow you to do this without much time and labor-intensive costs.

The most relevant solutions for claws of small length this year are the following:

  • classic french manicure with negative space. To diversify such nail art and make it more festive and elegant, the smile line can be highlighted not with traditional snow-white gel polish, but with an attractive shade of rose gold or a thin strip of sparkles;
  • in the same way, you can perform a moon manicure by decorating the lunula area with sparkles. In this case, the main surface of the nail plate must be covered with a solid dark gel polish of a deep shade;
  • an interesting solution for short nails would be to place plain light squares or other geometric shapes on a black surface;
  • short claws can be covered with snow-white gel polish, decorating it to your liking. Since the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe nail plates in this case is insufficient, you should not get carried away with large images — it is much better to give preference to miniature drawings. If you want to add more color and bright colors to the image, stylists advise turning to abstract motifs;
  • in addition, glossy and matte short nails look very stylish and attractive — fashion ideas 2019 allow you to combine these textures in different ways.

manicure ideas for short nails 2019manicure 2019 for short nails

Long nails — fashion ideas for the 2019 season

Manicure for long nails 2019 also does not give up its positions, however, only those girls who managed to grow long and strong nail plates on their own can do it. Extended claws, which seem vulgar to many young ladies, have faded into the background this season and have given way to more natural and natural solutions.

For those women who are lucky enough to have long nails, 2019 fashion ideas offer a huge variety of interesting options, among which the most relevant are the following:

  • dark monochromatic coating with highlighting accent fingers using broken glass;
  • rhinestones and kamifubuki of various shapes and sizes;
  • geometric nail art, which can be very restrained and concise, or, on the contrary, bright and festive;
  • all kinds of drawings and images. In the presence of long nail plates, massive stucco elements can also be used for decoration, which, however, should not be too much;
  • veil manicure, which is the effect of transparent nails with a light, almost weightless pattern, mostly black and white;
  • charming ombre manicure.

long nails fashion ideas of the season 2019manicure for long nails 2019

Manicure ideas for oval nails 2019

Beautiful nails 2019 can have any shape, however, most stylists prefer the most accurate and natural plates that resemble an oval in appearance. When choosing this form of claws, an unusually wide scope opens up for the fair sex to realize their fantasies — it is suitable for almost any type of nail art.

Owners of oval nails, both long and short, can do a French manicure, which can be traditional or extraordinary using bright and rich colors. In addition, moon nail art and its modern variation, which became a real hit in 2019, look great on the oval — claws “circled” with varnish or gel polish around the perimeter of each plate. The line in this case can be either single-color or multi-color.

You can decorate oval nails in a variety of ways, for example, using the following techniques and decorative elements:

  • cat’s eye;
  • kamifubuki;
  • rhinestones and broths;
  • glitter stretch;
  • imitation of lace and monogram;
  • geometric elements;
  • abstraction.

manicure ideas for oval nails 2019beautiful nails 2019

Manicure ideas for sharp nails 2019

Sharp claws are incredibly capricious, because with the wrong design they can look aggressive or even vulgar. Meanwhile, there are many ways to decorate sharp nails 2019 — fashionable ideas from the arsenal of skilled nail artists look very harmonious with this form of nail plates.

So, those solutions that help to visually “smooth corners” and make the hands of a beautiful lady more feminine and attractive look best on sharp claws — a classic jacket, a soft ombre transition from one shade to another, which does not contrast too much with the first, and technique «cat’s eye».

manicure ideas for sharp nails 2019sharp nails 2019 fashion ideas

Manicure for square nails 2019

In the case of choosing a square shape, making a beautiful nail design 2019 is also not difficult. Classics look great on such claws — a monochromatic coating in red colors and a classic snow-white jacket with a transparent surface. In addition, this season, translucent textures are at the peak of popularity — they look especially charming on the square tips of the marigolds.

manicure for square nails 2019beautiful nail design 2019

Nail Design — Best Ideas 2019

In each new season, nail art masters offer their clients many different ways to decorate nail plates. Some of them remain relevant for many years, while others become a novelty that all young ladies want to try without exception. So, stylists can offer beautiful nails 2019 — new ideas are incredibly diverse, attractive and interesting.

nail design best ideas 2019beautiful nails 2019 new ideas

French on nails 2019

French nail design 2019 has ceased to be as elegant and concise as before. This season, French manicure can be incredibly bright, colorful and amazing, however, it has not become less attractive or interesting. An amazing classic jacket with a snow-white smile line and a transparent surface of the nail plates has also not lost its position — it is also in demand among the fair sex of different ages and very often becomes the subject of choice for young brides.

In addition, the following options are popular this season:

  • french ombre manicure;
  • a combination of French and moon nail art;
  • jacket with gold;
  • black french.

french nails 2019

Geometry on nails — ideas 2019

Stylish nails 2019 can be decorated with geometric elements, both large and miniature. A very interesting decision this season was the placement of white or silver squares, rectangles, triangles and other shapes on a black background. In addition, there is a trend to apply geometric elements with sparkles. Geometric or graphic manicure can be both discreet and concise. So, simple dots and stripes look good — decor elements with which you can decorate your nails, fashion ideas 2019.

geometry on nails ideas 2019

Lunar manicure ideas on nails 2019

Some of the fair sex will choose an interesting nail trend 2019 — moon manicure, which can be varied in many ways. This season, stylists advise giving preference to the following variations of moon nail art:

  • negative well uncoated;
  • geometric hole in the shape of a triangle or square;
  • snow-white hole in combination with a bright coating of the main surface;
  • rhinestones in the hole area;
  • hole filled with golden glitter or shimmer.

moon manicure ideas on nails 2019

Bright manicure — fashion ideas for the season 2019

Many girls who like to stand out from the crowd choose a bright manicure for themselves that draws attention to its owner. The most popular option for the new season was red nails 2019, which can rightfully be attributed to the classics. Bright red claws should not be overloaded with decor — it should be a solid color coating, which, however, can be supplemented with a negative hole, 1-2 patterns, a small amount of rhinestones, or a combination of matte and glossy top.

In addition, bright nails, fashion ideas for the 2019 season, can be completely different. So, the rainbow gradient is popular, in which all the shades of the rainbow gradually turn into each other. In the summer, you can turn to juicy fruit motifs — yellow lemons, orange oranges or emerald green kiwi on the nail plates will look very tempting.

bright manicure fashion ideas of the season 2019

Manicure with a pattern — fashion ideas 2019

The most beautiful nails of 2019 are decorated with all sorts of drawings that can make the image of their owner incredibly interesting and memorable. Depending on the time of the year, thematic events and individual preferences this season, young ladies may give their preference to the following options:

  • floral motifs;
  • fruit and berry theme;
  • images of all kinds of animals. Especially popular are drawings of cute pigs, which are a symbol of the coming year, and Teddy bears;
  • sweets — lollipops, cakes and ice cream;
  • abstract motives;
  • drawings combined with text, for example, a heart pierced by an arrow and the inscription «Love»;
  • imitation of lace;
  • thematic drawings for various holidays;
  • Marine theme.

patterned manicure fashion ideas 2019

Nail design with rhinestones — fashion ideas 2019

Rhinestones are used everywhere this season, including when creating nail art, especially its festive and evening variations. Girls and women may be interested in the following nail design ideas 2019, which were not without rhinestones, for example:

  • jacket with a strip of rhinestones that separates the smile line from the main surface of the plates;
  • rhinestones in the lunula area;
  • flowers lined with rhinestones on accent fingers;
  • rhinestones mixed with kamifubuki;
  • single rhinestones on each claw;
  • openwork monograms in combination with rhinestones;
  • on the eve of the New Year — laying out the corresponding numbers with the help of rhinestones.

nail design with rhinestones fashion ideas 2019

Matte manicure — fashion ideas for the season 2019

Stylish and eye-catching nail ideas 2019 could not do without the use of a matte top, which creates an incredibly neat and elegant manicure for different occasions. This year, the matte top can be used both to cover all nail plates, and exclusively to highlight accent fingers. It looks especially interesting in red and blue colors, although many girls choose delicate pastel nail art for themselves.

matte manicure fashion ideas of the season 2019

Ombre manicure — fashion ideas 2019

The best nail design ideas 2019 can be created based on soft and sharp transitions from color to color using a gradient technique. So, a gentle stretch of light shades in combination with a classic jacket looks charming, deep dark tones that turn into each other, for example, black and dark blue, or unusually bright iridescent tints. Ombre manicure in 2019 can be safely combined with rhinestones, foil strips or broths.

ombre manicure fashion ideas 2019

Wedding nails — fashion ideas 2019

For many young ladies, 2019 will be the happiest year as they look forward to their marriage. As a rule, young ladies begin to prepare for the celebration in a few months, carefully considering their image to the smallest detail. Including, the manicure is not left without attention, which should correspond to the situation as much as possible and, in addition, fit the newlywed’s dress. For a girl getting married this year, such beautiful nails 2019 as:

  • classic jacket with monograms or imitation of lace;
  • caviar manicure;
  • options with broths;
  • nude nail art;
  • glitter and floral design;
  • moon manicure with glitter;
  • marble;
  • drawings in sweet bloom technique.

wedding nails fashion ideas 2019beautiful nails 2019

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