Matte burgundy manicure - fashion trends for long and short nails

Matte burgundy manicure is designed to complement luxurious bows. This is due to the special structure of its coating and an incredibly rich shade. This color is self-sufficient and looks chic on its own, but its combination with other decorative elements is also welcome.

Matte burgundy manicure 2019

In 2019, matte burgundy manicure is designed to embody a variety of design ideas:

  1. Simplicity and conciseness are strongly welcomed, which is expressed in the uniform application of a monochromatic coating on the nail plates. It looks rich and deep due to the juiciness and richness of this tone, so this stylistic device is reasonably recognized as a win-win. This design will harmoniously decorate burgundy matte short nails.
  2. Such a background is a favorable basis for applying all kinds of decorative elements. It can be rhinestones and sparkles, drawings made on floral, geometric, floral, animalistic motifs. In this case, the images can be applied both to the main coating and applied separately, for example, to cover a certain finger covered in front of this transparent varnish.
  3. This color has a wide range of shades, it can be brighter or muted, varying from light to dark, almost turning into dark brown tones.
  4. If a combination with other shades is used, then pastel colors, universal black and white tones look extremely organic.

matte burgundy manicure 2019

Matte burgundy manicure 2019

matte burgundy manicureburgundy matte manicure ideas

Burgundy matte manicure for short nails

Girls with neat shortened nails will be able to apply a burgundy matte manicure on short nails:

  1. You can get by with a minimalist style and just cover the nail plates with plain varnish. It is worth considering that this tone attracts attention, so nail art should be decorated with great care.
  2. It is allowed to have discreet, discreet jewelry that will harmoniously fit into the overall bow and will not overload it. These can be rhinestones used in a single copy, laconic geometry applied to one of the fingers.

burgundy matte manicure for short nailsburgundy matte manicure for short

Matte burgundy manicure for long nails

Lovers of catchy bows will be able to stop at such an option as a matte burgundy manicure for long nails:

  1. Due to the richness of tone, it can serve as the main decoration and does not require any additions.
  2. The imagination of stylists may not be limited in any way, the large area of ​​​​the nail plates makes it possible to apply whole pictures on them. For example, a crown can be lined with small rhinestones on one of the fingers.
  3. All kinds of overflows can be used, which are created using the ombre technique, drawing openwork patterns or applying them using elements resembling modeling.
  4. The shape of the nails can be chosen depending on individual preferences, these are pointed nails, and those with square edges, and made with the help of a fashionable “ballerina” shape.

matte burgundy manicure for long nails

Matte burgundy manicure for sharp nails

One of the original varieties of nail art, made on elongated nail plates, is a matte burgundy manicure, which is applied to a sharp shape:

  1. When designing, general principles are used that are also characteristic of other types of design: the choice is made either in favor of simplicity and conciseness, or preference is given to an abundance of bright decorative elements.
  2. Sharp burgundy matte nails will look great in this tone. Due to its saturation and depth, this color will most organically emphasize the eccentricity of the pointed shape.

matte burgundy manicure for sharp nails

Matte Burgundy Manicure Ideas

Stylists, creating matte burgundy nails, are guided by numerous ideas, among the most popular and original of them are the following:

  1. The combination with marble nail art that covers one of the fingers looks very interesting. The background is often a snow-white or cream color, and the veins on the marble match in tone with the main coating, which is present on the rest of the nail plates.
  2. The drawing made on the “wine” theme looks original, when one of the nails shows a glass filled with pomegranate wine.
  3. This tone looks incredibly organic in combination with gold, which can be applied to nails in a variety of ways.
  4. The combination with black is one of the most harmonious combinations. These two shades complement each other perfectly. If white is used, then the nails acquire an indescribable fresh note.
  5. A deep dark background is favorable for applying all kinds of shiny elements, among which you can list rhinestones, foil, sparkles. Another way to add shine to your nails is to use a mirror polish.
  6. Matte burgundy manicure can be combined with gloss, these two coatings will make a spectacular contrast with each other.
  7. A very interesting variation of the traditional nail arat is the French. It can be made using transparent elements, gold or silver.

matte burgundy manicure ideas

Matte Burgundy Manicure Ideas

burgundy matte nailsbeautiful matte burgundy manicure

Matte burgundy manicure with rhinestones

Burgundy matte nails with rhinestones look truly luxurious:

  • pebbles can go in combination with the main tone if they are applied to its surface;
  • another placement option would be the location of the rhinestones separately, on a specific finger, while they can be placed on a transparent coating or varnish of any other color;
  • rhinestones can be laid out in longitudinal or transverse stripes, depict thematic drawings, for example, a crown.

matte burgundy manicure with rhinestones

Burgundy matte manicure with gold

A stylish and luxurious design solution will be burgundy matte nails with gold:

  • golden elements may look like a scattering of sparkles, large kamifubiki;
  • foil looks very original, which can be applied in even stripes or attached using a special method, creating extraordinary openwork patterns;
  • rubbing is another way to design. In this case, the finger that she decorates becomes a stylish accent of the image.

burgundy matte manicure with goldburgundy matte nails with gold

Matte burgundy manicure with a pattern

From the past season, such a trend as burgundy matte nails with a pattern has passed into the new one:

  1. This color fell in love with fashionistas for the simultaneous severity and passion. Nail art with decor goes well with any look and style. By choosing it, you will be able to be in trend and look appropriate in all cases.
  2. The pattern can be done on all nails or selectively. For example, on the ring and middle, ring and little fingers.
  3. To make the drawing spectacular, it is recommended to use acrylic, gel paints. Avoid stickers. They don’t make any special claims to the color of the picture, but it is important to stick to one style.
  4. Whatever drawing is made, it will be fashionable. If you need a discreet matte burgundy manicure, you should choose a pattern in a minimalist style, such as stripes, dots, a small twig or a flower.
  5. Large and bright drawings are also welcome, but it is better to make them on one or two fingers.
  6. Monograms and lace patterns are well suited for evening design.

matte burgundy manicure with a patternburgundy matte patterned nails

Matte burgundy manicure with black

One of the most popular combinations are black and burgundy matte nails:

  • The gradient looks amazing. The main thing is to make a qualitative transition from one color to another;
  • Nail art looks great on medium to long nails. It is suitable for everyday and festive bow;
  • the design can be anything — from geometric patterns to French.

matte burgundy manicure with black

Burgundy matte glitter manicure

For decoration, various ideas of burgundy matte manicure are used. One of the most popular variations is glitter decoration:

  1. The decor captivates with its festivity. Glitter looks great with marsala and other shades. They can become a border between two colors on one nail or become a pattern, taking up most of the plate.
  2. Matte burgundy shiny manicure is suitable for the autumn-winter period. Sequins can be located exactly in the middle or dotted.
  3. Glitter is often used to create holiday designs. Since the burgundy color is solemn in itself, it is important to choose the right shade and not overuse the decor.

burgundy matte glitter manicure

Burgundy manicure matte with glossy

The burgundy manicure gloss with matte looks extremely stylish:

  1. Drawings on a matte surface can be done with glossy varnishes. Light curls, French or trendy droplets look best.
  2. A spectacular stylistic decision will be a maroon matte manicure. The glossy finish in this case should also be a dark color, for example, dark blue, green, purple or black.
  3. Textures can be combined as follows — a matte base and a glossy edge (hole), resulting in an extraordinary French manicure.
  4. You can apply a glossy coating on a couple of marigolds.

burgundy manicure matte with glossy

Burgundy matte French manicure

If natural shades are used for a traditional jacket, then a beautiful matte burgundy manicure allows the use of original design solutions:

  1. The tip is even decorated with gold or silver rubbing, sparkles or foil tape.
  2. A glossy finish of the same tone can be used to decorate the «smile».
  3. Matte burgundy French manicure is often decorated with painting and rhinestones.

burgundy matte french manicure

Burgundy matte manicure with rubbing

A shiny finish is often used to create spectacular nail art. Matte manicure in burgundy tones with a rub looks elegant and appropriate in all situations:

  • wine and ruby ​​shades can be combined with a pearl rub;
  • one of the most luxurious options is to create a diamond effect. Such a rub is used to create vertical and horizontal stripes;
  • with warm tones close to the chocolate palette, rich overflows of another type of rubbing are suitable — the “Maybeetle”.

burgundy matte manicure with rubbing

Burgundy matte manicure with white

One of the trends of the season and a great combination that has become a classic is a matte burgundy manicure with a design containing a snow-white shade:

  • with the help of such a combination, you can make a lunar, French design;
  • you can draw snow-white geometric patterns, abstraction, flowers on the nail or make a painting;
  • a white shade is applied to all nails or only one;
  • white polish goes well with any shade of burgundy. At the same time, it is recommended to apply a stylistic solution in which the burgundy color should dominate.

burgundy matte manicure with white

Burgundy manicure with silver

Burgundy matte nails decorated with silver look festive and elegant:

  • you can use sequins, sequins, rubbing or foil of the corresponding color;
  • silver is best combined with cold shades, for example, with the color of marsala;
  • silver varnish can make a thin web or draw a triangle near the base of the nail.

burgundy manicure with silver

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