French manicure 2019 - fashion trends and trends of the season

French nail art has earned immense popularity among the fair sex. If the traditional variation of this design can rightfully be attributed to the classics that have not lost their relevance for many years, then other types of jacket can change their positions depending on the season.

French manicure 2019 — fashion trends

For many women, the French-style nail art technique has become a favorite and most preferred. Modern women of fashion make their own changes to the traditional variation of this design — they use bright colors, combine with other methods of decorating nail plates, complement nail art with all kinds of decorations, for example, rhinestones, broths, kamifubuki and so on.

Many ideas have retained their positions over the years, while some of the novelties of 2019 manicure, French, have just seen the light. However, most of the solutions created on the basis of this universal technique look very impressive and impressive, so the number of their fans is steadily growing.

french manicure 2019 fashion trends

Manicure 2019, French, for long nails

French nail art has many advantages, including its versatility — this design is perfect for owners of claws of any length and shape. Nevertheless, girls with long nail plates have a wide scope for realizing their fantasies — thanks to the sufficient area, any drawings and decorative elements can be placed on them.

Manicure 2019, French, for long nails can have a huge variety of variations, the most relevant of which are the following:

  • a classic that can be combined in one design with moon nail art;
  • French ombre manicure 2019, which can be bright and incredibly effective or discreet and muted;
  • design options that combine glossy and matte surfaces;
  • festive variations with glitter and sparkles;
  • gentle and romantic types of nail art with floral or lace patterns;
  • strict geometric manicure french 2019;
  • all kinds of pattern options.

manicure 2019 French for long nails

French manicure 2019 for short nails

A beautiful French manicure 2019 can also be created on short nail plates. In some cases, this type of nail art visually increases the length of the claws and makes the image as a whole much more interesting and attractive. Meanwhile, such a design on short nails does not always look advantageous, so the choice of decorative design for your handles should be approached with great responsibility.

For owners of short nail plates, it is best to choose a French manicure 2019, made using one of the following technologies:

  • colored jacket with a bright main surface;
  • inverted jacket;
  • design with rhinestones, broths or kamifubiki;
  • classic, made with pastel shades;
  • stylish matte French manicure 2019;
  • design options with a horizontal gradient transition;
  • plain coating with an accent in the form of a jacket on 1-2 fingers.

French manicure 2019 for short nails

Manicure ideas 2019, french

Masters of manicure art in the 2019 season will offer their clients many interesting design options based on French technology. So, for a romantic date or going out, a gentle French manicure 2019, created using gel polishes in pastel shades, is perfect.

Business women will appreciate the strict variations, made in black and white colors or complemented by geometric elements. In addition, in the coming season, bright and juicy types of jacket are at the top of popularity, capable of demonstrating to others the individuality of their owner.

manicure ideas 2019 french

White manicure 2019, french

The classic snow-white French manicure will never lose its relevance, because it not only looks great on any length and shape of nails, but also fits absolutely any outfit. Meanwhile, many girls consider this type of design to be banal and boring, so nail art masters try to diversify it in many different ways.

In the coming season, the winter manicure jacket 2019 will be very relevant, made in white and complemented by snowflakes or a knitted pattern. In the warm season, stylists advise considering a variation of a jacket with a snow-white surface and bright colored tips, or a gradient manicure in which the color changes from intense and saturated at the base of the nail to snow-white at the tip.

white manicure 2019 french

Color manicure french 2019

A stylish French manicure 2019 can be made in any color shades, and this applies to both the main surface of the nail plates and the smile line. Masters in the world of nail art advise not to be afraid to experiment with color and combine even those tones that rarely coexist with each other.

So, for example, a French manicure 2019 with a purple surface and a pink tip of the nail will look very impressive and interesting. In many variations, the smile line traditionally remains snow-white, while the translucent plate is covered with a bright color gel polish, such as pink, orange or intense blue. With the advent of warm spring, multi-colored French manicure 2019 will become especially widespread, in which all nails are painted in different colors that are in harmony with each other. For example, it can be a rainbow or pastel colors.

color manicure french 2019

Black manicure french 2019

In contrast to the traditional snow-white variation, the stylish French manicure 2019, made using black color, will be incredibly relevant. As a rule, in this design, the main surface of the nail plates remains unpainted or is covered with gel polish in a delicate nude shade, for example, pink or beige.

Black French nail art goes well with strict decorative elements — a small amount of rhinestones, geometric shapes and ornaments, perfectly even parallel stripes, and so on. You can create a festive variation of this design with the help of golden or silver sequins, foil or exquisite imitation of lace.

black manicure french 2019

Manicure 2019, french, geometry

One of the trends of the coming season was French nail art with geometric elements. This design looks very conservative and concise, but at the same time creates a very interesting and extraordinary image. Geometric French nail art can be made in any color scheme, however, preference is given to universal color shades that enhance its combinatorial abilities.

Bright colors will help to add a touch of expressiveness to your look. For example, a green manicure jacket 2019, complemented by geometric shapes, is perfect for a business woman with green eyes who prefers elegant clothes in a classic style. This nail art will look good with both a black sheath dress and a beige trouser suit.

manicure 2019 french geometry

Manicure 2019 French with a pattern

Any kind of nail art can be supplemented with cute drawings that can be placed on all fingers or only on accent ones. Girls with long nail plates have more opportunities to choose images — almost all options look great on their nails. Owners of short claws, on the contrary, should give their preference to small flowers and other patterns that are not too striking.

The most popular image options this season will be the following:

  • all kinds of floral ornaments. Best of all, they are combined with a classic snow-white jacket and any pastel variations;
  • strict geometric shapes;
  • abstract motifs made with bright colors;
  • oriental hieroglyphs, which should be applied with black acrylic paint;
  • laconic polka dots and small hearts. For example, the latter can decorate a red manicure jacket 2019, which is perfect for Valentine’s Day;
  • images of the moon, stars and moon;
  • thematic drawings dedicated to the holidays — a New Year tree, candy canes, Easter eggs and much more.

manicure 2019 French with a pattern

Bright manicure 2019 french

An excellent choice for the spring-summer period of the year will be nail art with the brightest and most saturated base or stripe. In addition, this year it can be combined with the moon design of the nail plates. Such a design of claws will surely cheer up not only the young lady herself, but also all those around her. For example, a blue French manicure 2019 with a hot pink or raspberry stripe and a lunula area painted in the same shade will attract interested looks to a fashionista and emphasize her individual style.

bright manicure 2019 french

French manicure with rhinestones 2019

A 2019 French manicure with rhinestones or shiny pebbles will give luxury and elegance to the handles of a beautiful lady. The use of these decorative elements does not require any special skills, so every lady can stick them to her nail plates right at home.

In addition, rhinestones, which can be scattered in a chaotic manner or form a certain pattern, go well not only with the classic variation, but also with other trendy types of jacket. So, for example, rhinestones can be complemented with a stylish color manicure 2019, in which the main surface of the nail plates is covered with bright red gel polish, and the smile line is covered with snow-white or light pink acrylic paint.

french manicure with rhinestones 2019

Nude manicure 2019 french

Variations of French nail art, made using gel polishes in nude shades, are as close as possible to the classic snow-white jacket. At the same time, they add freshness and novelty to the image of their owner, without making it too catchy and sharp. These types of designs go well with a wide variety of wardrobe items and accessories, so they can be worn in almost any situation.

So, for example, a pink manicure jacket 2019 with a snow-white smile line will suit both a business woman and a young bride who prefers a traditional snow-white wedding dress. In everyday life, such nail art can emphasize the femininity, grace and accuracy of the fair sex.

nude manicure 2019 french

Unusual manicure 2019 french

Unusual French nail art, which attracts attention, will help to add a touch of originality to the image. You can do it in many different ways, for example:

  • separate a non-standard smile line — it can be in the form of a crescent or a star;
  • fill the smile area with an original print, rhinestones or kamifubuki;
  • apply drawings that are inextricably linked with the smile line. For example, the blue French manicure 2019 looks very unusual and original, in which the free edge of the nail plates is used to simulate a wave.

unusual manicure 2019 french

Manicure 2019, moon jacket

A manicure with French holes 2019 looks very original and stylish, in which the lunula area is neatly separated from the general surface of the nail plate and highlighted in a different color. A discreet and sophisticated version of this design is especially popular with beautiful ladies, in which the hole and the smile line are painted in the same color.

In addition, this year the masters of manicure art offer fashionistas not to be afraid to experiment with color. So, for example, a moon jacket can have a light pink base, a snow-white free edge and a purple hole — this combination looks very unusual, but at the same time spectacular and attractive.

manicure 2019 moon french

Wedding manicure french 2019

A young bride who plans to get married and thinks through her image to the smallest detail can choose a French manicure, a 2019 trend that has a huge number of variations. So, to complement the image of a happy newlywed, the following types of French design are suitable:

  • modeling variations;
  • nail art, complemented by stones or rhinestones;
  • design with a pattern, including floral motifs and lace imitation;
  • french millennium;
  • twist jacket, in which the smile line is painted in several colors at once.

bridal manicure french 2019

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