Flowers on nails - 60 photo ideas for short and long nails

Flowers on the nails can be delicate, catchy, abstract and clearly traced; various paintings, both hand-made and stenciled, graphic-style patterns and plot drawings will be in fashion. Truly French charm will be added to the overall appearance by beautiful inflorescences of lavender and roses, and wild flowers will add laconic restraint.

Manicure with flowers 2019

Many fashionistas associate flower manicure 2019 with spring and summer, although beautiful floral patterns can be present on the nails all year round, even in winter it will add a touch of sophistication and grace to the intended image. This new season is a paradise for flowers. Almost all the ideas that the leading masters of nail art can demonstrate on the world podium are in fashion. Style legislators decided to spend the spring and summer of this year under the motto: “There are never too many flowers.” They are present not only on nails, but also on clothes in the form of embroidery and appliqués.

manicure with flowers 2019

So modern women of fashion, choosing flowers on any nails, both short and long, will immediately fall into the trend. What motives are at the peak of popularity?

  1. Orchids and roses are designed to add fatal beauty and absolute charm to the overall appearance, an undeniable leading pattern.
  2. Daisies and other wild flowers are a chic simplicity that will bring notes of coquetry, direct naivety and romanticism. Especially if the chosen design is diluted with insects and floral ornaments, for example, elements of tree leaves and tropics.

floral manicure 2019

Flower manicure on short nails

Do you want to make a modern and beautiful manicure with flowers on the natural length of the nail plate? Feel free to choose a graphic floral pattern, you can add abstractions so that your pens not only have a well-groomed look, but also get into the hot hits of the new season with rhinestones. Pink, gray, white, black and red bases remain in fashion. Green, blue, blue, brown colors and a pastel palette will also be popular, manicure flowers on nude nails have not left the world podium.

manicure with flowers on short nails

Even the flowers on the nails look great on the entire violet spectrum, from pale lilac to indigo. Especially if they are painted in white and red colors, diluted with rhinestones and small or large pebbles. On a black base on short nails, it is better to draw stylistic floral ornaments, and on white varnish and on non-sharp squares, you can multi-colored, but not large, so as not to visually burden the nail plate.

beautiful manicure with flowers

Manicure with flowers on long nails

Flowers look great on nails if the nail plate has a trendy shape: “ballerina” or sharp nails, or an almond oval. For summer, multi-colored nails with traced small flowers in the form of an accent on one or two fingers will be a chic choice, the middle of the flowers is highlighted with rhinestones. For spring, a wonderful solution would be a manicure with white flowers on black glossy or matte varnish, with small pebbles scattered over the flowers or in their center.

manicure with flowers on long nails

Volumetric flowers on sharp nails look chic if they are made in a single design, with one large flower, be it a rose, peony, tulip, gladiolus or orchid. Daisies, on the other hand, feel great in the company, the more of them, but the smaller they are, the better. Experienced craftsmen sometimes place three or even four flowers on one long nail, successfully complementing them with diverse other decorations in the form of rhinestones, gradient, glitter, 3D effect.

flower nail art

Flower Manicure Ideas

Given that floristry is a storehouse of inexhaustible ideas, then flower nail design will change from year to year. Some, the most successful solutions, smoothly migrate into the new season, the latter are replenished and changed, depending on the skill and skills of the manicure authors. So, now a drawing on a gradient basis is in demand, beautifully — blue-red and purple-white, red-black and green-yellow, where the flowers are applied in the form of single accents. The original idea is a lunar non-trivial jacket with flowers.

flower manicure ideas

What flowers on nails will be in demand?

  1. Delicate lilies of the valley and tulips, a sprig of mimosa and abstract plot drawings, especially on sharp nails and in combination with a nude or light pink coating.
  2. Unique three-dimensional flowers, stylized chamomiles, buttercups and dandelions on any jacket, both along the smile and all over the nail.

flower nail design

Delicate manicure with flowers

A nude manicure with flowers is an excellent solution for all occasions, given its conciseness, it can add a touch of romanticism to a business suit, and sophisticated restraint to an evening dress. If you want to make an elegant version, feel free to choose:

  • delicate flowers and plot drawings with them in light lilac or white on a pink or beige base;

gentle manicure with flowers

  • drawing in the style of Japanese painting — wild and other flowers on the nails with thin lines and contours, or a floral accent on one finger.

nude manicure with flowers

Red manicure with flowers

The classic of the genre is red nails with flowers, because the dominant color in itself is the basis of manicure, without it it is difficult to imagine both retro and modern nail art. Beautiful cornflowers and roses will successfully complement the main tone, and on sharp long nails you can create voluminous flowers, especially with additional designer decor in the form of kamifubiks, rhinestones, and even apply aquarium equipment. Stylish — black and red combination, cute — red and cream or beige combination.

red manicure with flowers

For lovers of catchy, but gentle manicure, leading masters offered flowers on nails in red-white and gray-red tones, where in the first case, flower branches, wreaths of wild flowers, or bouquets are drawn on a white background. This is done on several nails, resulting in a finished ornament. Very delicate design — accents on one or two nails in the style of Japanese painting.

red nails with flowers

French manicure with flowers

Do you want to make a jacket with flowers on your nails? Stylists recommend diversifying the classic version, for example, making a red smile on a transparent base on sharp nails, or dark on a multi-colored varnish. A beautiful option is to highlight several fingers with an indigo tone, the rest are pink or white, depending on personal preferences, and draw the jacket itself with a black tint, complement the flowers with rhinestones.

french manicure with flowers

One hundred percent choice of brides — French classic manicure and flowers on nails of any shape, both scattered over the entire nail plate, and located on the contours of a smile. Gentle and romantic, with a true charm — an excellent solution for diverse images of urban chic, not only for a holiday, but also for every day. With such a design, your fingers will always be in the spotlight and emphasize the impeccable taste of your hostess.

french with flowers on nails

Black manicure with flowers

Who decided that dark nail polish is not for spring or summer? An excellent choice for those who love a black base would be a manicure with flowers, both on several fingers, or even all, and with an emphasis on one or maximum two. A black and white combination, or a jacket, will also look great, where the flowers attract the eye with their expressiveness and are a bright accent on a catchy base.

black manicure with flowers

If you decide to make flowers on nails on black lacquer, then it will look best on it:

  • abstract multi-colored compositions with large peonies, asters, chrysanthemums and roses;
  • clearly traced flowers in the spirit of ethnic Slavic painting, for example, Khokhloma and Zhostovo.

manicure with flowers

White manicure with flowers

Red, yellow, green, blue and white flowers on nails look great on a light base. So, if the dominant color is white, then feel free to make red poppies, roses or other flowers in bright colors. An excellent choice would be a monochrome manicure, in a black and white combination, where the pattern is made with dark varnish and screen painting on short or long nails, depending on personal preferences.

white manicure with flowers

Light flowers on nails in white design look great on a transparent base. When diverse floral patterns are applied to a natural color, or a nude base, it is better not to be voluminous, but delicate and even concise. Such a design will always suit any urban chic image, it can fit into business officialdom, and even under a wedding dress, if it is impeccably executed, both with and without additional decor.

white flowers on nails

Volumetric flowers on the nails

Do you want to make a festive manicure with flowers on your nails? Then experienced craftsmen will tell you that you will not find a better solution than a three-dimensional drawing. Modeling is a traditional choice of brides, because flowers emphasize naivety, spontaneity, youth and femininity, the natural beauty of a girl or a mature woman. The volume is made with acrylic, it lasts for a long time, but the only case, according to stylists, where this design would not be appropriate is a business official with a strict dress code.

voluminous flowers on the nails

In other cases, even in street style, for every day, modeling, flowers on nails, will add a touch of romanticism. Do you like layered bows? No question, the three-dimensional pattern will bring softness to grunge, glam rock and hippies, enrich it with interesting boho ideas and create the desired truly spring effect in other cases, for example, in military bows and sport chic. Do not forget that a woman is always a woman, even in the «tag».

manicure with flowers on the nails

Manicure with flowers and rhinestones

Another festive design is a floral manicure, successfully complemented by rhinestones and other additional decorations. As a decor, small and large rhinestones can be used, which can act not only as small patches in the middle of the flowers, but also as a separate pattern. For example, highlight the moon, the line of a French smile, be located asymmetrically along the oval of the nail, combined with droplets or glitter.

manicure with flowers and rhinestonesfloral manicure

Flowers on nails minimalism

Something that even suits business style, if you can’t refuse the use of flowers — a pink manicure with flowers with elements of Japanese painting, where the flowers are more stylized and graphic. Delicate tulips or lilies of the valley, dandelions and field daisies, daffodils and abstract invented floral motifs are allowed. A pink manicure in combination with gray, sky blue and white varnishes will also look great.

flowers on nails minimalismpink manicure with flowers

Manicure with flowers and stones

If you want to create a summer manicure, feel free to choose a story floral nail design in pink dominant color, complemented by all shades of the rainbow and pastels in one set. Where the main pattern is combined with floral ornaments, tropics or slices of fruits, watermelons and citrus fruits. A wonderful holiday option, successfully diluted with yellow or shiny small pebbles. Chic nails with abstract flowers and plot drawings, inscriptions, for example, on the French theme, do not lag behind him.

manicure with flowers and stonesflower nail design

Manicure with flowers and butterflies

They occupy a separate place and come to the fore flowers on the nails in combination with insects, the most beautiful option is with luxurious butterflies. Patterns can be applied to a jacket, or to a transparent surface. The drawing itself is so saturated that it is better to take a neutral base. Stylists recommend opting for a pink, blue, white or red plain polish, without a gradient and a cat’s eye, and combine it to your taste with a pattern.

manicure with flowers and butterfliesflowers on nails 2019

Lunar manicure with flowers

Another seasonal trend is Hollywood manicure with a moon smile, where simple flowers on the nails are designed to reveal all its beauty and attractiveness. You will get a special charm and sophistication if you complement the main pattern with rhinestones along the moon, or inlay them with flowers and the main lines of the pattern. A wonderful and interesting solution will turn out in white and gray, black and white, creamy blue and blue and white. It can be slightly diluted with shine, in the form of a single accent or drawing the contours of flowers.

moon manicure with flowerssimple flower nails

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