Fashion summer 2019 - an overview of clothes, shoes and accessories for the hot season

The start of a new season is a great occasion for change. And if everything suits you in the environment, then updating your wardrobe is always a pleasure. And the latest summer 2019 fashion reviews will help every girl to remain original and attractive in practical, confident and functional looks for every day.

Clothes for summer 2019

The main element of the whole image is clothing. In the latest collections, designers have paid great attention to the choice of material. The most popular fabrics are delicate and flowing fabrics that perfectly convey the idea of ​​femininity and sophistication in the bow. At the same time, bright and saturated colors, pastel colors and contrasting prints have become actual colors, which perfectly matches the hot summer season. Let’s see what is included in the basic wardrobe for the summer of 2019:

  1. Fashion summer 2019 — top. This detail is considered an essential element that in the heat will provide complete comfort and at the same time emphasize sexuality and grace. Short tops with ruffles and spectacular cutouts are in fashion. Refined lingerie style does not go out of trend either.

clothes summer 2019

  1. Fashion summer 2019 — t-shirts. Another essential element for active everyday wear is simple t-shirts. And to make your bow unusual and attractive, stop at an asymmetrical cut, oversized style or lace products.

basic wardrobe for oeo 2019

  1. Fashion summer 2019 — shirts. For images for every day, stylists recommend moving away from the classic style. Original wrap-around shirts are in fashion, with a wide V-neck that opens the shoulders, and sleeveless A-line chiffon models.

trendy bows summer 2019

  1. Fashion summer 2019 — suits. A stylish set will become a win-win solution in your wardrobe. A variety of combinations with a short top are in fashion, where trousers, a skirt or shorts can act as the bottom. If you’re into a more formal style, a classic blazer with long shorts is a great choice.

summer trends 2019

Fashionable dresses summer 2019

The warm season is the most successful period for accentuating femininity in your bows. Therefore, the dress must be the main element of your arsenal. This season, beautiful flying products with a wide hem and a highlighted waist are in fashion. Add a contrasting wide belt or belt to this look. Fashion dress summer 2019 emphasizes the relevance and practical shirts. This style is presented in both short and moderate, and maximum length. An oversized fit in lightweight fabrics is also a stylish choice, which will provide complete comfort and functionality in the heat.

Sundresses for summer 2019

In the collections of stylish dresses, feminine sundresses are also presented in a separate line. The hot season is simply impossible without open bows with this comfortable and feminine element of the wardrobe. Fashionable summer sundresses 2019 are represented by beautiful products of maximum length with cascading flounces from the yoke to the hem. The trend is also short functional dresses that are perfect for urban and beach bows. Designers are experimenting stylishly with the cut of the top. Open shoulders are in fashion, complemented by an elastic band along the chest, as well as various types of straps.

sundresses for summer 2019

Fashionable skirts summer 2019

Another must-have item in your wardrobe should be a skirt. The most popular styles are universal midi. And to ensure comfort in the heat, stop at products from cool flowing fabrics — from chiffon, silk, satin, thin cotton or linen. Spectacular pleats remain in fashion, where the fold can be both large and small. Tight-fitting bandages are also considered an actual solution. Stylish and very practical skirts for the summer of 2019 are made of denim. This functional material will successfully fit into both romantic and casual bows.

Jeans summer 2019

This piece of clothing remains a versatile solution for any season. Jeans are the most practical and comfortable choice for active urban wear. And in the hot season, stylish models are presented from thin denim. Ragged decor and scuffs are in fashion — the finish is ideal for the heat. And the bigger and sloppier the hole, the more uncommon your image will be. Fashionable bows summer 2019 will perfectly complement the classic models, skinny skinny and loose shortened boyfriends. The trend is denim culottes, both straight and flared cut.

Pants summer 2019

Trousers are considered another relevant addition to the basic wardrobe. Today, the choice of women’s pants is very diverse. If you are mostly romantic style, then flying models, such as sails or palazzos, and a fitted 7/8 cropped cut are a good solution for you. Casual bows for the summer of 2019 will perfectly complement beautiful culottes. This style is presented from delicate materials — chiffon, silk, thin cotton. Sports-style products remain win-win for active urban wear, where comfortable joggers are considered the most popular.

Overalls summer 2019

This trend has not lost popularity for several seasons in a row. The main advantage of the jumpsuit is the absence of the need to select the top and bottom separately, but at the same time the image will always be harmonious and stylish. Open rompers are perfect for everyday looks. This element of the wardrobe is presented on thin or wide straps, with open shoulders or one shoulder, in the form of a T-shirt with a neckline or bare back. Summer 2019 trends also offer evening styles with wide or cropped trousers and an original yoke cut.

Fashion swimwear summer 2019

A bathing suit is an obligatory element in the hot season. And even if you do not live by the sea, then designers advise you to spend your vacation on the shore. Fashion swimwear summer 2019 suggests giving preference to the most outstanding and unusual models. Both separate and one-piece styles are in trend. Fashion designers also presented incredible solutions for a pool party. This design is distinguished by an abundance of trim and decor — rhinestones, sequins, embroidered with bright patterns, attractive curly cutouts and many frills, applied flowers and bows.

Shorts summer 2019

Shorts are an excellent solution for active everyday wear to the beach or to the city. Denim products remain the most popular and practical for every day, which are universal for an image in any style. Summer 2019 fashion trends are aimed at accentuating femininity and sophistication. Therefore, playful models made of silk or chiffon in delicate pastel colors, with floral prints or beautiful decor, such as embroidery, have become an actual choice. For active leisure, sports styles with an elastic band will be an excellent purchase. High-waisted ideas are also in fashion.

Fashion for fat summer 2019

For girls with a plus size figure, designers offer to emphasize femininity and sophistication in everyday looks during the open wardrobe season. Therefore, casual dresses for the summer of 2019 for full ones remain the most relevant choice. Given the variety of styles, every fashionista can easily pick up a successful model that will emphasize the advantages and hide the flaws. In fashion and stylish sets with shorts or a skirt. This option will always demonstrate your sense of style. You should not refuse comfortable trousers, especially shortened lengths.

Shoes summer 2019

An important role in the whole image is played by its completion. Shoes are often able to set the main style of the bow, provide practicality and functionality for the whole day. This detail can act as a bright accent, as well as a stylish laconic addition. Therefore, a wide variety of ideas for colors and finishes are in fashion. The actual choice this year was the combined design of materials of different textures. This option, even in a discreet color, will always attract attention. But let’s review — the most fashionable shoes in summer 2019:

  1. Slippers. Comfortable and comfortable flip flops are considered the most relevant choice for the beach. Such models are presented both from waterproof rubber and in leather design. Slippers are also great for urban looks with jeans, shorts, short skirts and sundresses.

shoes summer 2019

  1. Sandals. If you’re looking for an option that’s just as comfortable as flip flops, but a secure fit is important to you, open sandals are a stylish choice. Neat models with a bracelet clasp around the ankle, Roman styles, rough but very attractive tractors on the platform are in fashion.

fashion shoes summer 2019

  1. Shoes. Often, even in the hot season, you have to comply with a restrained and strict style, which involves finishing that closes the foot. In this case, classic pumps or ballet flats with beautiful cutouts on the sides remain the most popular.

fashion trends summer 2019

Sandals summer 2019

This type of footwear remains the most popular solution for the hot season. Sandals perfectly complement both a practical city bow with jeans or shorts, and sophisticated feminine combinations in a romantic style with flying dresses, skirts, trousers. Heels are in fashion. And the designers paid special attention to the block, emphasizing the relevance of a stable low shape, for example, a barrel or a cube. Fashionable sandals summer 2019 are also presented with a more stable base — a wedge. The idea of ​​an invisible heel made of transparent materials looks especially stylish.

Sneakers for summer 2019

The basic wardrobe of every girl must include shoes in a sports style. Classic sneakers remain the traditional solution. In the hot season, such models are presented with a lightweight top made of breathable textiles or mesh. In fashion and open design with cutouts at the toes, heel or sides. Images for the summer of 2019 for girls are also presented with an alternative finish — sneakers. Light slip-ons, for example, with a lace top, and unusual design ideas — slip-on sneakers are considered a stylish choice.

sneakers for summer 2019

Bags summer 2019

No fashionista can do without a functional assistant — a stylish bag. The accessory not only acts as a practical addition to the bow, but is also able to add originality, attractiveness and originality to the whole appearance. Beach models are presented in a separate line in the collections of fashion bags summer 2019. And the most popular in this category are the ideas of transparent design. Classic styles in a business style are also in fashion — hand accessories of a strict geometric shape. If you’re looking for a little extra, opt for a simple mini or backpack.

Glasses summer 2019

This accessory is necessary for every fashionista in a hot period. Glasses not only play a functional role, helping girls not to squint, which eliminates the appearance of wrinkles, but also acts as an effective addition that can correct the oval of the face, add mystery and a touch of mystery to the whole image. This season, designers are highlighting the popularity of choices that may not suit your personal appearance, which often looks very creative, but must be in line with the latest trends. Let’s see fashion glasses summer 2019:

  1. Style futurism. An unusual, non-standard form always looks attractive and accentuates the originality of a fashionista. Asymmetric solutions are in fashion, where two eyepieces may not match each other in style.
  2. thick frame. An expressive wide lens frame will help to emphasize the upper part of the face or, on the contrary, hide imperfections. In a bright shade, this solution looks very expressive and attractive.
  3. Classic. Strict models without finishing, clear shape, with expressive, but moderate thickness of the frame remain a win-win choice. This season, classic white models are in fashion.
  4. Volumetric decorations. A touch of showiness and creativity will be added to the whole image by a catchy overhead trim. Metallic and bright decor is in fashion — chains, rhinestones, flowers, animal figures and even a veil.

Manicure summer 2019

The art of nail-art annually undergoes stylish changes, where not only the ideas of colors and decor change, but also the execution technique itself. In the hot season, it is especially convenient to focus on this detail of the image. Both soft and sharp contours are in fashion — square, oval, almond, sharp «claws» and graceful pointe shoes. In addition, designers stylishly experiment with both shiny and matte finishes. The trend is laconic ideas of minimalism or catchy extraordinary creativity. Let’s see the most popular nail design 2019 summer:

  1. In pastel colors. A touch of tenderness and romance will always add ideas in fresh and light colors. In the hot season, more saturated colors are in fashion — mint, lavender, raspberry and others.

manicure summer 2019

  1. Bright style. Contrast and acid solutions remain the most relevant. Especially effective choice in this case will be ombre techniques and abstract stains. Bright ideas look win-win in colorful drawings.

nail design 2019 summer

  1. marine design. If you want to fully comply with seasonality, then a marine-themed manicure will be the actual choice for you. And here the stylists added original novelties, using not only the traditional blue and blue palette, but also warm shades of yellow, orange, brown.

summer trends 2019

  1. Geometry. Ideas in a geometric theme remain a universal solution for any season. In the summer, complex combinations of figures in contrasting and bright colors are in fashion. Stylists offer such solutions both for all fingers and in Feng Shui style.

fashion trends summer 2019

Pedicure summer 2019

Given the relevance of open shoes, it is important to pay attention to the care of toenails. Stylists recommend following this detail all year round, but in the summer season, pedicure accentuation solutions are considered relevant. Therefore, the most fashionable colors for summer 2019 are catchy and rich palettes. At the same time, the trend is a simple monochromatic coating, which can be easily done at home, and original ideas in the ombre technique, a rainbow, and artistic painting. Well-groomed legs will effectively complement rhinestones and stones, shiny additions — foil, glitter, kamifubuki and more.

pedicure summer 2019

Haircuts summer 2019

During the period of open bows, it is important to pay attention to hairstyles. Given the hot weather conditions, the stylists in the latest reviews combined comfort and attractiveness as much as possible. And such qualities are ideally matched by a bob haircut. All interpretations of such styling are in fashion, but the ideas of asymmetry and messy shaggy remain the most relevant. Summer 2019 fashion trends are also aimed at creative hair coloring. In addition to natural shades, bold and non-standard solutions are in trend — bright colors of red, blue, green, pink. Any option is successful for coloring strands.

haircuts summer 2019

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